12 Benefits of Drinking a Gallon of Water Daily

1)  More Energy.

2)  Fewer Headaches.

3)  Clear Up Skin Problems.

4)  Improved Brain Function.

5)  Reduces Bloating Problem.

6)  Lighten Under-Eye Circles.

7)  Help Digestion & Constipation.

8)  Maintain the Balance of Bodily Fluids.

9)  Lessens Stiffness & Pain While Lubricating Joints.

10)  Manages Metabolism, & the Fat-Burning Process Gets Faster.

11)  Water Makes Up 80% of Muscle Mass, So Drinking a Gallon of Water Daily Helps to Expand Muscle Cells in Size.

12)  Fuels Your Training Sessions, Maintains Higher Heart Stroke Volume, and Delivers More Oxygen to Your Muscles.