9 Grass Fed Whey Protein Benefits You Should Know

Grass fed whey comes from grass fed cows.

Cows are raised on organic pastures and eat natural, plant-based diets — not the corn or soy diets filling the troughs of conventional farms.

Hence, whey protein made using their milk is called Grass Fed Whey Protein, and it has many benefits compared to Whey Protein.

Here are 9 Grass Fed Whey Protein benefits you might not know about.

1) Grass fed whey contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. It's the same healthy fat that's found in fatty fish like salmon.

2) Grass fed whey contains more conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) than the grain-fed varieties.

3) Grass-fed whey protein has fewer saturated fats.

4) Grass fed whey protein helps reduce body fat and improve overall metabolism.

5) Omega-3s found in grass fed whey protein may help to improve brain functions like mood, memory and reduce inflammation.

6) Grass fed whey may help to reduce inflammation caused by any number of issues and may even help to speed up exercise recovery.

7) As grass fed whey is produced in a more natural setting, it has fewer additives.

8) Grass fed whey is free from hormones, GMOs & antibiotics, as cows are fed natural grass.

9) Grass fed whey protein powder has a superior taste and texture compared to conventional whey protein powders.