Leroy Colbert’s Training Philosophy

Leroy Colbert Was the First Man of 1950s to Develop 21″ Arms.

He Was a Firm Believer of Full Body Workout.

He Had His Own Full Body Workout Training Philosophy.

Here Are Leroy Colbert’s 8 Training Philosophy.

Every Alternate Day Train Your Entire Body.

Keep Repetition Between 6 to 10.

Increase Weight After Getting Comfortable With 10 Reps for All Sets.

For Better Results Go for 6 Sets per Body Part.

Try to Make Mini Push-Pull Workout Within Same Session.

Avoid Training Chest After Arms Day.

Go for Routine Like Thighs, Shoulders, Back, Triceps, Biceps, & Calves.

Perform 6 Sets per Body Part & Total 42 Sets.