What Is Proper Gym  Etiquette:  11 Unwritten Rules  You  Should Follow

Follow These  Unwritten Rules  of Iron Mecca  Besides Those  Grunting  Weights Dripping

Rerack the Weights at Its Right  Place.

Treat Gym Like Your Home. For Example, Don’t Spit  Chewing Gum  in the Gym

Don't  Flirt or at Least Don't Be a Creep.

Never Block Mirror. When Someone  Is In  Between  the Set.

Never Distract Anyone Doing  Their Set.

Don't  Drop  Weights on the  Floor.

Avoid Talking Loudly on the  Gym Floor or Occupying  Gym Space for Texting  Someone.

Don't Use the Gym Floor for Eating Food  Like You're for Enjoying Picnic.

Use Towels  Deodorants.

Maintain Spacing to Not  Get Hit by  Someone Doing Their  Heavy  Weight Session.

Don't Do Supersets  or Circuits When Gym Is  Crowded.