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Here’s How Your Support Is Important to Maintain & Fund the SPCFiTZ

Disclosure: We’re thankful for your continuous support. It’s helpful for us to stay online! Whenever you purchase any product from our website SPCFiTZ.com, we earn a referral fee from some of them.

SPCFiTZ.com gets a commission whenever any site visitor goes to a third-party website from our affiliate partnership link.

Posts and pages visited by website visitors may contain third-party affiliate links of Dietary Supplements, Gym Apparel, Gym Equipment, or any other that may generate a referral commission whenever visitors go to the listed providers through our affiliate partnerships.

Below is our complete disclosure of affiliate that complies with FTC (Federal Trade Commission’s Guide), which helps avoid any issue or misinterpretation with our site visitors.

Whenever you visit SPCFiTZ.com and purchase any recommended product list by clicking on the provided link, in return, we may get the commission. So, for example, you came to our website, went through the review of any dietary supplement, and purchased it by clicking the link mentioned on the review page of that supplement, we’ll get a certain commission on that.

How Much Commission Does SPCFiTZ.com Get?

The commission we receive here at SPCFiTZ.com entirely depends upon what you purchase from our website. Generally, the products provided through our site have affiliate links. So, once you purchase that product, we’ll get a certain percentage of commission. Nonetheless, the commission we receive depends upon the price of the product you purchase.

Work Principles of SPCFiTZ

We publish blog posts, articles, reviews of different products from different brands, and more. Similarly, the links you find within the article written here mainly contain affiliate links. Also, our staff’s articles, blog posts, and reviews are written here are completely unbiased.

The links we keep don’t change content or track any site visitor’s personal information. However, it does help us provide you with free content.

In addition, if you think this website is helpful to you in any form, please support us by purchasing dietary supplements, home gym equipment, or gym apparel through our given affiliate links. So, we can continue to provide you with free content without worrying about maintenance costs, which is needed to keep the website running smoothly without issues.

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, affiliate marketing is the performance-based marketing method that provides revenue to businesses from one or multiple affiliates for each client that came with the help of affiliate marketing.


In other words, it’s one of the marketing methods by which an affiliate-based website earns a certain amount of commission for advertising third-party products or companies. Similarly, the website that runs affiliates looks for the product they’re interested in and promotes it on the website, and in return, they earn profit from each sale made by it.

Disclosure: SPCFITZ appreciates your support. It helps us to stay motivated and thrive. Here all the given affiliate links will help us earn a certain amount of referral fee. For more information, read the complete affiliate disclosure.