Terms & Conditions

SPCFiTZ provides services and products to its Customers under specific Terms and Conditions that are mentioned below. These Terms and Conditions work as an agreement between the SPCFiTZ and their related Customers. It is proposed for protecting the integrity and liability of both SPCFiTZ itself and its Customers. For the reliability of the SPCFiTZ products and services, these Terms and Conditions must be satisfied. These Terms and Conditions are also liable to change at any given time.

By reading Terms and Conditions mentioned here, Customers understand and agree that SPCFiTZ will not take any responsibility for the mis-delivery, timeliness, deletion, or failure of its products and services.

No Unauthorized Use

According to rules and regulations mentioned and followed at the SPCFiTZ, Customers are requested not to use any of the products or services for any illegal purpose, or else these mentioned Terms and Conditions are allowed to prohibit its usage. The Customer should not try to make any unauthorized access to other accounts, products, or services which are connected with or operated under SPCFiTZ, through any illegal activities such as hacking, password mining or any other means.

Further, SPCFiTZ reserves all rights to disclose any information, if any need arises, or asked for cooperating with any applicable legal process, regulations, and law or requested by the government, without any warning.


Any deal with third parties, including the SPCFiTZ website, and the delivery of payment regarding any services or products or any other representations, warranties, terms, and conditions associated with those dealings are solely between that Customer and that third party. The SPCFiTZ will not take any responsibility for such transactions.


The Customer agrees that the SPCFiTZ has the right to terminate the password or account of any Customer if they violate any Terms and Conditions or according to any other significant reason.

Customers Responsibility

Using any of the services or products offered by SPCFiTZ should not be utilized for any illegal things like pyramid schemes, spamming, junk email, or unsolicited messaging for commercial reasons.

You are responsible for maintaining or updating us immediately to keep registration, sign-up form, or any other information to keep it complete and updated with the latest data. If any of the provided information found not to be accurate, inaccurate, and incomplete or due to any reasons or suspect that given information is incorrect, then SPCFiTZ has all the rights to terminate or suspend such accounts.

It’s Customer’s responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and sensitive information related to it, such as password and the activities that happen through that account.

Any Customers found guilty or suspicious for the involvement of network security is subjected to civil liability. Also, there’s a possibility of instant termination of account or service – for instance, authorized usage of data, traffic, or access to it. Interference in any use like email flooding, bombing, attempts to system overloading, or any other activity like these.

SPCFiTZ will NOT accept or allow any Customer who offers any links or content to websites that.

  • Invade or tries to infringe the third party’s intellectual property or rights of publicity or privacy.
  • Violate any law or regulation.
  • Threatens, abuse, or pass obscene comments.

Other Terms & Conditions

Moreover, as a website visitor or Customer, you agree that services or any product provided under SPCFiTZ have their Terms & Conditions, which could be different from what’s mentioned here. Further, by purchasing or using that service or product, you agree to abide by those Terms & Conditions or any other agreement which may be made by them.