Here’s a Quick Guide on How to Get Jacked Without Using Any Substance & Stay Ripped

Most of the time, gym enthusiasts go to the gym to get their dream physique or obtain a physique that looks muscular and ripped. Similarly, questioning how to get jacked as fast as possible is an obvious question that most gym freaks have in their mind.

how to get jacked

From buying supplements to hopping into workout routines, whatever you can do, you’re willing to do. Sadly, the mystery of obtaining a muscular body for many remains a mystery. So, is there more to simply lifting heavy weights and chugging down protein powders? How much time it actually takes to build muscle mass? Should you be focused on strength training or go for any other workout routine? These are some of the common questions that you might be asking yourself.

However, staying focused on your diet, body composition, exercise, and, most importantly, consistency would be more helpful. Similarly, if you’re an intermediate or an advanced lifter, you should also consider calculating your macronutrients. Nonetheless, let’s find you can get jacked.

Here Are 7 Tips to Get Jacked

Below are some tips to help you gain muscle mass and lose body fat.

Track Body Composition

Before finding the answer to getting jacked, you should focus on tracking your body composition. In other words, try to find your comparative fat and muscle mass percentages. For instance, if you’ve more fat and less muscle weight, then you’ve been eating whatever you want. Hence, you won’t be able to get jacked without losing the extra body fat that you’ve accumulated due to bad dieting.

Hence, it would be best to get your maintenance calories and then reduce around 500 calories from it. And, if you do it correctly, you’ll start losing body fat, which is essential to get jacked and looking muscular.

Go for High Protein Diet

Protein helps feeling full, and it also burns more calories for the digestion process. Hence, a high-protein diet and a proper workout routine are excellent ways to start losing body fat and gain or maintain muscle mass. Eating protein helps maintain a positive nitrogen balance in your body and repair damaged muscles through workouts.

Make sure you’re getting enough steady supply of protein. For example, you should eat a small meal containing plenty of protein every 2 to 3 hours to avoid muscle loss.

Know How Much You Should Be Eating

Those who’re seriously having questions like how to get jacked, look ripped, or muscular should focus on long-term goals and be consistent and dedicated to their workout program and diet. You should eat what needs to be eaten according to your goals to get jacked and ripped and not whatever you want to. You’ll require to adjust your calorie intake every 2 or 1 week according to your body composition changes & personal appearance. Hence, if your lean mass remains maintained, and you’re dropping your body fat, then you’re going right.

Cut Only Bad Carbs

A high-carb diet isn’t recommended for those questioning how to get jacked or ripped. The amount of carbs you consume is very restricted because an overdose of it will be stored as fat. However, you should also ensure you’re eating enough carbs to help you stay energetic during heavy workout sessions, and don’t use protein as an energy source.

In other words, make sure you’re eating carbohydrates, but it’s coming from the right sources, like legumes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, grains, and oats. And you’re avoiding processed carbs like bread, burger, and pizzas.

Go for Healthy Fats

You must eat healthy fats like olive oils, avocados, fresh nuts, and fish oil instead of completely avoiding them. It’s used as an alternative fuel when you’re low on carbs. Similarly, it’ll also help prevent unwanted hunger pangs, which helps limit your sugar intake.

Also, fats are beneficial for your skin, nails hair and increase your testosterone, which is essential for building muscles.

Don’t Forget Post Workout Protein

Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Similarly, your post-workout meal that has sufficient protein is equally important. When you’re following a diet, especially to get muscle mass, you must ensure you’re not going into a catabolic state.

For finding an answer to your how to get the jacked question, you may get involved in heavy workout sessions, but forgetting to have your post-workout meal right after exercise, will backfire, and your body may get catabolic, which means you burn muscles.

Go for a protein shake such as a whey protein and casein blend. Whey will act fast and will provide all the rich amino acids needed for speedy recovery of your muscles. Similarly, casein will keep you full and burn slowly, releasing amino acids steadily for 2 to 3 hours.

Drink Plenty of Water

You must hydrate your body tissues properly by drinking adequate water. All might not know, but it’s true that the less you drink water, the more your body tries to store water. Hence, even people with lean physiques and low body fat may still look bloated as their body holds the fluids.

However, if the body gets enough water and stays hydrated, it will know they’re going to get water, so your body doesn’t try holding water, which helps give a lean appearance once the body fat percentage gets low.

Here’s Sample Circuit Workout to Make You Jacked & Ripped

If anyone is wondering how to get jacked as fast as they can, then we would say that if you’re a man under 12% body fat and a woman under 20% body fat, then it’s possible to make certain visible changes within three weeks

For instance, in training, you can go for lifting heavy to maintain lean muscle mass & preserve strength. Similarly, here’s one sample circuit workout routine that you can follow for 2 – 3 weeks, along with a proper diet:

  • A1 – Chin Ups – 4 x 8
  • A2 – DB Push Press – 4 x 10
  • A3 – DB Goblet Lunges – 4 x 10 / Leg
  • B1 – 1 Arm DB Rowing – 3 x 10 / Arm
  • B2 – Push Ups (Feet Elevated) – 3 x 15
  • B3 – Romanian Deadlift – 3 x 15
  • B4 – Crunches – 3 x 25

Take 1 minute rest and repeat for 2 to 3 times.

And if your body fat percentage is above the mentioned ones, like more than 12% for men and more than 20% for women, then you can go for carb cycling while dropping carbs or else follow a fat loss diet while consuming enough protein to maintain muscle mass.

Closing Thoughts

Those who’ve read till here, we hope you’ve got an answer to your question of how to get jacked. Here, we’ve mentioned some tips to help you lose body fat and look jacked. We hope you’d like to work on these given tips. Have a good lifting session!

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