Those Who Knows How to Lat Spread They Know It Showcases the Width & Thickness of the Back Muscles

Usually, people lag in building back muscles or latissimus dorsi muscles. However, if you’ve built the back muscles or have a keen interest in bodybuilding, you may know that lats spread is a classic bodybuilding pose showing the width and thickness of your lats or latissimus dorsi muscles. Similarly, if you’re wondering how to Lat spread, keep reading as we will cover the same.

how to lat spread

How to Lat Spread – Step-by-Step Instructions

Once you build a substantial set of lats, you can pose them like any other muscle. Further, here below are the steps to follow to Lat spread properly:

7 Reasons for Your Question – Why Am I Not Sweating When I Workout

There could be many reasons why you’re not sweating during a workout, and some of them that you shouldn’t ignore is:

1. Squeeze Shoulder Blades Together & Place Your Fists on the Hips

Pull your shoulder backward, thinking you’re holding a pencil between your shoulder blades. Next, place both fists on your sides, leveling with your belly button and palms facing downward. Similarly, hook your thumb behind your waist, and your arm should form a 90-degree angle at the biceps and forearm.

2. Drive Shoulders Down

Now do the opposite of the shrug movement. Get your shoulders as far from your ears as possible. If you’re doing it correctly, you’ll start feeling your lats are getting tensed.

3. Keep Shoulders Down & Lats Tensed, and Roll Your Shoulders Forward

Keep your shoulders as down as possible and let the lats get tensed. Now, try moving your shoulders forward and slightly in the upward direction. Your chest & ribcage should stay lifted in front of you. Imagine spreading your lats apart as wide as possible.

What’s a Lat in Lat Spread?

The massive V-shaped muscle, latissimus dorsi, is called the lats. It’s linked with your arms to the spinal column. It supports and stabilizes your spine while strengthening your shoulders and back. Similarly, your lats are also helpful for your proper posture by assisting with shoulder and arm mobility.

To Master Lat Spread, You Need to Improve Physique

The Lat spread is among the iconic bodybuilding poses showcasing the back muscles’ breadth and thickness. Hence, those who are looking to master the Lat spread pose or wondering how to Lat spread in a bodybuilding competition to impress the judges then, you should have the following:

1) Developed Latissimus Dorsi Muscles at Their Full Potential

The lats, or latissimus dorsi muscles, are one of the main muscles of the lat spread pose. Hence, you must have developed lats to perform this Lat spread pose. Similarly, you can achieve this by lowering your overall body fat percentage and incorporating exercises like Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown, 1 – Arm Dumbbell Rowing, Bent Over Barbell Rowing with Underhand Grip, Straight Arm Rope Pulldowns, and Pull – Ups.

2) Improve Overall Posture

Good posture is needed for nailing the Lat spread pose. Similarly, to achieve good posture, you must keep your shoulders back & down, chest up, and spine straight.

3) Practicing the Pose

Like any other bodybuilding pose, you should practice the Lat spread to master it. Start by performing Lat spread before the mirror and practice the pose. Go for the different hand positions, grips, and angles to find what’s best for your body. Similarly, it would be best to practice holding the pose for longer to build endurance.

4) Focus on Your Flexibility

Flexibility is the main part of doing the Lat spread pose. However, tightness in the chest, upper back, and shoulders can hinder your ability to perform the correct Lat spread pose. Hence, it would be best to do stretch exercises for the chest, shoulders, and back as it’ll help improve the flexibility and make it easier to do Lat spread pose.

5) Engage Entire Back

For performing the Lat spread pose like a bodybuilder, you should be able to engage your back muscles, not only your Lats. It means you should be able to squeeze your rhomboids, teres major, and trapezius muscles to create a complete and impressive pose.

6) Use Proper Breathing Technique

Proper breathing technique is equally important. It helps to maintain your Lat spread pose for a longer period and helps achieve an impressive pose. Before you do Lat spread pose, take a deep breath, hold it, and then exhale slowly while spreading Lats.

7) Work to Make Your Presentation Impressive

Presentation is essential for bodybuilding, and the Lat spread pose is no different. Ensure you’re confidently presenting your pose and showing off your hard work and dedication to achieve your perfect Lat spread pose.

Our Closing Thoughts on Lat Spread Pose

Mastering the Lat spread pose like an IFBB Pro bodybuilder requires a combination of strength, flexibility, proper technique, and a well-developed overall physique. You can showcase your hard work and dedication towards your physique by including back exercises that target Lats, improving your overall body condition, and practicing the Lat spread pose.

Nonetheless, if you’ve questions about how to Lat spread properly, we’ve mentioned step-by-step instructions on how to perform Lat spread. We hope it proves helpful.

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