How to Delete Workout on Apple Watch – A Quick Guide

Here’s How to Delete a Workout on an Apple Watch Quickly in a Few Steps

Among many amazing features of the Apple watch, they offer the ability to record your workouts, making it possible for fitness enthusiasts to meet their personal fitness goals. However, sooner or later, everyone alters their workout or switches to an entirely different workout, and you may consider deleting the workout from your apple smart watch. Hence, if you’re wondering how to delete a workout on an apple watch, you’re reading the right article.

Here we are sharing step by step process on how to delete a workout on an apple watch. First, ensure your Apple Watch data syncs to your iPhone. Further, you’ll require to use an application like the Fitness and Health app on your mobile phone to delete workouts.

how to delete workout on apple watch

How to Delete Workout on Apple Watch Using the Fitness App

Let’s go through this 5-step process and find out how to delete workout on an apple watch:

First, open your Fitness application from the iPhone.

open fitness app in apple iphone

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Go to the Workouts section and tap on Show More option.

tap on show more in apple iphone

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Swipe left on the workout you wish to delete from your Apple watch.

tap on workout in apple iphone

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Tap the option Delete

tap delete in apple iphone

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Confirm whether you’re looking to delete the workout & the recorded data or you’re looking to delete only your workout.

delete workout in apple watch

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How to Delete Workout on Apple Watch Using the Health App

It’s also possible to delete workouts on apple watch with the help of the Health App. But, the only difference you’ll find is that you’ll not be able to see detailed information about your workout like in the Fitness App. You’ll only get the date and time of the workout and for how long it lasted.

Once you tap on the workout, you can see what type the workout was and what data was recorded. Similarly, it’s recommended that because of the simplicity of the “Fitness App,” you choose that application if you wish to delete your workout. However, if you don’t have that option, then you can go with this Health app too:

Open your installed Health app

open health app in iphone

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Tap on Show All Health Data in the Summary option.

tap show all health data in iphone

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Scroll and go to Workouts and tap on it.

tap on workout in iphone

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Scroll to the bottom and tap on the Show All Data option.

tap on show all data

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Tap on the workout to know what type of data is recorded.

tap on workout data recorded

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Tap Back

tap back in iphone

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Swipe left on the workout you wish to delete.

swipe on workut you want to delete

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Tap on the Delete option.

tap on delete

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Confirm whether you want to delete the workout along with the recorded data or want to delete the workout.

confirm delete

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Wrapping Up

Normally, you would like to delete the stored workout once you’ve completed or stored multiple workouts. Here we’ve shown two different ways through which you can delete the workout. We hope this article on how to delete workout on Apple watch may prove helpful.

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