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Those who have started going to the gym may have come across many new words like a gym rat, 1 Rep Max, and similarly to it, there’s also one more term that many don’t come across often, but it’s usually used “Natty.” Especially those who’re scrolling through bodybuilding-related YouTube videos or Instagram Reels may have come across the word “Natty” in the comment section, such as – No way he’s natty. Is he natty? Nonetheless, if you’re wondering what does Natty mean in the gym culture, don’t worry; we will cover it in detail.

what does natty mean in the gym

“Natty” also called natural athletes or bodybuilders, avoid using performance-enhancing substances such as anabolic steroids and improve their performance or increase muscle mass with dedication to diet and training. Also, being natty is a badge of honor in the gym as natural weightlifters get their results solely based on their effort and hard work, without using artificial lab-made substances.

What Does Natty Mean in the Gym Culture?

Put simply, Natty is the slang term used often in the gym to tell that someone is a Natural bodybuilder. It means the aesthetic and muscular body achieved by the bodybuilder, who’s called natty, is all-natural, and the person has never used performance-enhanced drugs like anabolic steroids in their lifetime.

In other words, athletes use anabolic steroids, hormones, and performance-enhancing drugs to achieve fitness beyond what is naturally possible for humans. Hence, Natty or natural bodybuilders or athletes are the ones who avoid using such substances and rely solely on their training, diet, and natural abilities.

Are You Still Called Natty if You Use Pre-workout & Other Bodybuilding Supplements?

Yes, bodybuilding supplements are dietary supplements that are made from the food we eat. For instance, pre-workout supplements include vitamins, caffeine, beta-alanine, and more, which are found in our food resources.

However, these dietary supplements are extracted and manufactured to make them available on the shelf. Nonetheless, that bodybuilder won’t be considered natty if anyone injects testosterone, HGH, or other hormones.

Will I Be Still Natty if I Take Creatine?

Yes, you’ll be natty even if you take creatine. Creatine is one of the most researched dietary supplements you buy online from Amazon or fitness stores near you. It’s a natural compound that you get from food that you eat daily. Hence, getting it in supplementation form is entirely safe.

Also, Creatine enhances your performance slightly by allowing you to do a few extra reps, which helps in enabling you to become stronger. However, it doesn’t dramatically increase your strength or muscle mass like anabolic steroids.

Here’s How Natural Bodybuilding Works

If you’ve read till here, we hope it’s clear what does natty mean in the gym terminologies. Now let’s find out how does this natty bodybuilding works:

Natty Bodybuilders Relies on Their Hard Work

Those who’re natty solely rely on their diet, workout, and dietary supplements. They track their workout & diet and adjust according to their results and goals. For instance, they’ll calculate macronutrients, where they know how much protein, fat, and carbohydrates they consume daily to ensure they’re getting the right amount of food, which is essential for muscle growth.

Natty Bodybuilding Is Safe

Performance enhancement drugs like Anabolic steroids have a negative impact on the body. For instance, anabolic steroid users may face side effects like sleep problems, acne, abnormal hair growth, change in libido, mood swings, nerve damage due to needles, and at worse, even damage your organs like the liver. However, natural bodybuilders don’t have to worry about such side effects and can workout like a daily normal activity.

Natural Bodybuilders Don’t Get Big as Much as Steroid Users

Without anabolic steroids, natty gym-goers won’t be able to pack on muscles as professional bodybuilders. However, natural bodybuilders and weightlifters can still achieve excellent physiques and superior strength by staying consistent with extensive training and a healthy diet.

For Experienced Natty Lifters, It Becomes Difficult to Gain Muscles

New gym goers may gain muscle rapidly in their initial phase, also called beginner gains. However, it doesn’t continue forever, and over the period, a natty will hit the plateau, and additional muscle gains may take months or even years.

Why Does It Matter if You’re Natty or Not?

After knowing what does natty means in the gym-related terms, you might be questioning whether it matters whether you’re natural or not.

Put simply, it doesn’t matter at all. If someone is using performance-enhancing drugs, it’s their personal choice. However, even after using it, muscle doesn’t appear magically. It requires the same amount of dedication and hard work towards diet and workout as much natural bodybuilders need to do. Though, the amount of muscle steroid users gain will be much more.

But, the main issue is that nowadays, many opt for performance-enhancement drugs like anabolic steroids before reaching their full potential naturally. In other words, someone chooses steroids before even testing how much muscle they can gain muscles without steroid usage. Also, many lifters use it, like taking dietary supplements without doctor supervision, which worsens the situation.

Here’s How to Spot if Someone Is Natty or Not?

Below are some signs that will help you find if someone is using anabolic steroids or not:

Massive Upper Chest, Shoulders & Traps

Some areas of the body have a high concentration of androgen receptors compared to other parts of your body. Similarly, Androgens receptors are specific types of proteins contained in cells that respond to anabolic steroids such as testosterone.

Hence, if someone starts taking steroids, these receptors go into overdrive mode, which causes these muscle groups to develop faster than others. Therefore, if you see sudden growth in these muscle groups, which looks like they’re wearing football shoulder pads under their skin, then there’s a high chance that person is using anabolic steroids.

Shredded, Dry & Muscular With Muscle Separation

It’s possible to get extremely lean and dry as a natural athlete. But, if someone’s muscle is giving a 3D appearance, they might be on steroids, as it’s common among those who use it.

Extremely Lean, Full & Dry Throughout the Year

You can get lean and dry with amazing muscle separation with proper training and diet. Still, it’s not longer because you will have many restrictions like eating the minimum number of calories, training, and sleep suffers, which results in decreased energy levels.

But, with the usage of drugs, your body can get shredded even when you’re eating food like crazy and sleeping less than recommended.

Amazing Overall Muscle Development & Proportions

Usually, people have some degree of muscle imbalance. Finding the perfect size of your muscle groups, definition, and symmetry is difficult. In other words, almost all fitness freaks have one or more muscle groups that lag in strength and size. But, for steroid users, it becomes easier to overcome this shortcoming, and they can quickly achieve symmetry & definition of every single major muscle.

And the reason behind this is that:

  • Every cell of your body has androgen receptors, and by raising androgen levels artificially forces even the stubborn muscle groups such as shoulders & arms to grow.
  • Secondly, steroid users can easily sculpt their body by working on their weak points as it grows rapidly.

Our Closing Thoughts on What Does Natty Mean in the Gym Culture

Being a natural/natty weightlifter or using performance-enhancement drugs is an individual choice. And, if someone wants to use it, no one can stop them from using it. However, one thing is sure: the muscles you gain using anabolic steroids are like staying in a rented apartment. Once you come off from anabolic steroids cycle, all the muscle mass you gained during the steroid cycle will disappear.

Hence, your best bet should be to stay natural and work your ass off, at least to find out what your body is capable of naturally with a strict diet plan and workout routine. And those seriously into bodybuilding competition for the long haul know how to use it. However, it’s recommended that competitors or anyone who plans to use steroids do it under the doctor’s supervision, as solely you’ll be responsible if you go through any side effects.

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