The Greatest of All Time & Most Underrated Egypt Born IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

Born on 29th August 1943, Mohamed Makkawy is an Egyptian IFBB pro bodybuilder with exceptional mesomorph genetics but a little height of 5 Ft 4 inches. Being popular for his outstanding confidence and physique, he is known as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Held in similar regards with IFBB legends like Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, and Lee Haney, he’s also popular for defeating them 5 times out of 8.

Early Life of Mohamed Makkawy

Having a successful bodybuilding career, winning several competitions, and getting the highest sporting accolade in his home country, Egypt, he has cemented his name as a bodybuilding icon. Since the age of 14 years when he started lifting, his main goal was to increase strength, but he soon realized he started making serious progress in the gym. Wondering about where he would end up with his passion, Mohamed naturally had a competitive nature that led him to become a powerlifting champion.

mohamed makkawy workout routine

Mohamed Makkawy’s Workout Routine

His workout routine was quite intense. He liked following an intense workout routine to sculpt his physique, where he would do numerous reps. Likewise, he used to train 6 days a week, focusing on one muscle group each day. And one such Mohamed Makkawy’s workout routine is below:

Mohamed Makkawy’s Chest Workout Routine

Flat BB Bench Press58
Incline BB Bench Press To Neck (20 Degree)58
Incline BB Bench Press (40 Degree)58
Bent Over DB Pullover58
Wide Grip Dips (Gironda Dips)58
Straight Arm DB Pullover510

Mohamed Makkawy’s Back Workout Routine

High Bench Rowing58
Pull Ups To Waist58
Wide Grip Chin–Ups (Behind The Neck)58
Wide Grip Pulldowns to Chest58

Mohamed Makkawy’s Legs Workout Routine

Hack Squats (45 Degree Hack Squat Machine)58
Seated Pulley Leg Squeeze510
Leg Curls510
Leg Extensions58
Roman Chair510
Flat Thigh Extensions58
Calf Raise (Seated)515
Calf Raise (Standing)515

Mohamed Makkawy’s Abdominals Workout Routine

Lying Leg Raises515 – 25
Leg Raises (Hanging)515 – 25
Knee–Ins (Hanging)515 – 25
Sit Ups (Bent Knees)515 – 25
Twisting Sit–Ups515 – 25
Crunches (Crossed Ankles)515 – 25

Mohamed Makkawy’s Shoulders Workout Routine

Wide Grip Rowing58
Side Lateral Raises (45 Degree)58
Cable Raises (Kneeling)58
Bent Over Deltoid Cable Raises58
DB Side Lateral Raises58
Cable Side Lateral Raises58

Mohamed Makkawy’s Biceps Workout Routine

Incline DB Curls58
EZ Bar Biceps Curls58
Seated Cable Curls510

Mohamed Makkawy’s Triceps Workout Routine

Parallel Bar Triceps Dips58
Bent Over DB Triceps Kickbacks58
Triceps Rope Pulldowns58

Mohamed Makkawy’s Diet Plan

  • Meal 1 – Chicken
  • Meal 2 – Liver Tablets & Amino Acids
  • Meal 3 – Fish
  • Meal 4 – Same as Meal 2
  • Meal 5 – Any meat

Influences & Idols of Mohamed Makkawy

Mohamed is undoubtedly the inspiration to many stars of the modern bodybuilding era. But, he mostly got inspired and influenced by his trainer like, Bob Kennedy and Vince Gironda, who pushed him towards success.

Mohamed Makkawy – Early Years & Becoming Powerlifting Champion

Born in Egypt, Mohamed started lifting from the age of 14, and very soon, he got passionate about it and fascinated by the realms of fitness. Initially aiming to increase his strength, he got so involved that he started making some serious progress within the gym.

Further, being competitive by nature, he soon started getting into powerlifting. And within 2 years, by the age of 16, his intense training started paying him off. For instance, he walked into the first contest as Egypt’s New Junior Middleweight Powerlifting Champion and achieved 135 Kg Clean & 110 Kg Snatch.

Nonetheless, his passion didn’t stop here, and further getting inspired by bodybuilding legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he continued working on building his dream physique. And from this point on, he began his bodybuilding journey.

Mohamed Makkawy Getting Into Bodybuilding & Becoming IFBB Pro Card Holder

After Powerlifting, he got seriously involved with bodybuilding, and next 3 years, he realized his ambition and soon started working towards it to build his physique. And in 1972, he entered his first bodybuilding competition, the IFBB Mediterranean Championship.

Though he was placed 3rd but gained experience in the sport and got more determined to get placed first and win the trophy, and, from 1972 till 1976, he made exceptional improvements in his physique. Further, he even got higher in every competition he participated in, which helped him build a reputation for having a perfectly symmetrical body.

Similarly, within this period, he got placed 3rd in the Mediterranean Championship of 1974, and after one year, he competed in Mr. International (1975) and Mr. Universe (1976). And, later in 1977, he earned his Pro Card at the Mr. Universe show, which helped him realize his dream of becoming a pro bodybuilder.

Further down the road, he became one of the successful competitors of his time between 1982 to 1983. He took 6 trophies and beat legends like Lee Haney in the process, because of which he also became popular as one of the world’s greatest bodybuilders.

Wrapping Up – Mohamed Makkawy’s Workout Routine

Like many other IFBB professionals, Mohamed also got into lifting weights from a young age. The retired legendary bodybuilder Mohamed has a competitive nature that helped him achieve what he achieved in his days. Nonetheless, it taught us that you’d be required to sacrifice to get what you want in your life. Similarly, determination and commitment have helped him achieve a name as a bodybuilding legend.

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