Ed Corney’s Workout Routine

Two Time Mr. Olympia Ed Corney Was One of the Greatest Lightweight IFBB Bodybuilder & Master of Bodybuilding Posing

Ed Corney (November 9, 1933 – January 1, 2019) was among the greatest lightweight golden-era IFBB athletes famous for his bodybuilding posing. Like other popular bodybuilders, Franco Columbu, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ed was also considered one of the icons within the bodybuilding industry. Likewise, his legacy has also been registered forever, when in 2004 he got inducted for IFBB Hall of Fame.

Similarly, he was also famous for his crucial role in the movie “Pumping Iron.” Many might not know, but Ed Corney’s picture was used as the poster on the DVD and the book cover.

About Ed Corney

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ed Corney started his bodybuilding career quite late compared to other Pros. In fact, he competed at the age of 33 for the first time in the 1967 Mr. Fermont show, organized by his friend which, also helped him realize to pursue bodybuilding as a career. After that, for the next 21-year, he competed in around 49 bodybuilding competitions, including Mr. America and the IFBB Mr. Universe & MR. Olympia.

Nonetheless, let’s dig into IFBB Pro Ed Corney’s workout routine and understand his training philosophy. For instance, how many exercises he selected, what body part workout he used to go for first, etc.

ed corney workout routine

Ed Corney’s Mr. Olympia Workout Routine

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: Chest, Shoulder, Biceps & Abs Workout Routine

Exercise Sets Reps
BB Benchpress 5 8 – 10
Incline BB Bench Press 5 10
DB Flys 5 10
Cable Crossover 5 12
1 – Arm Side Lateral Raises 5 10
Shrug Superset W/ Half Side Lateral Raises 5 8
DB Press 5 8
Side Lateral Raises – Lying 5 10
BB Biceps Curls 6 6 – 8
DB Concentration Curls 6 10
Alternate DB Curls 5 6 – 8
Close Grip BB Curls 5 10

Circuit – 6 Times

Leg Raises – Hanging








20 – 25

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday: Legs, Back & Triceps Workout Routine

Exercise Sets Reps
Parallel BB Back Squats 6 10 – 12
Leg Extensions 6 15 – 20
Leg Curls – Lying 6 15 – 20
Bent Over BB Rowing 5 10
Lat Pulldown – Wide Grip 5 10
T – Bar Rowing 6 8
Chin – Ups 5 Till Failure
1 – Arm DB Triceps Extensions 5 10
Triceps Pushdowns 5 10
BB French Press 6 8
BB Bench Press – Close Grip 6 10

Physical Statistics of Ed Corney

  • Height – 5 Feet 7 Inches (170 Cm)
  • Weight – 185 to 195 Lbs (83.9 to 88.5 KG)

Olympia Results

  • 1975 – Placed 2nd (IFBB – Mr. Olympia Lightweight)
  • 1976 – Placed 3rd (IFBB – Mr. Olympia Lightweight)
  • 1977 – Placed 2nd (IFBB – Mr. Olympia Lightweight)
  • 1977 – Placed 3rd (IFBB – Mr. Olympia Overall)
  • 1978 – Placed 4th(IFBB – Mr. Olympia Lightweight)
  • 1978 – Placed 7th(IFBB – Mr. Olympia Overall)
  • 1980 – Placed 11th (IFBB – Mr. Olympia)
  • 1981 – Placed 13th (IFBB – Mr. Olympia)
  • 1983 – Placed 14th (IFBB – Mr. Olympia)
  • 1994 – Placed 1st (IFBB – Mr. Olympia – Masters 60+)
  • 1995 – Placed 1st (IFBB – Mr. Olympia – Masters 60+)
  • 1996 – Placed 11th (IFBB – Mr. Olympia)
  • 1995 – Placed 2nd (IFBB – Mr. Olympia – Masters 60+)

Supplementation Stack of Ed Corney

  • Minerals
  • Kelp
  • Desiccated liver
  • Multivitamins
  • BCAA

Ed Corney’s First Competition

For the bodybuilding competition, Ed Corney came very late. His first competition was at the age of 33, in which he won the trophy and realized that he could make his career in the bodybuilding industry. After that, he competed for 21 years, where he took home 12 trophies, and some of his most notable winnings were of the 1972s Mr. America (IFBB) and the 1972 Mr. Universe (IFBB).

Ed Corney took a break after the 1989 Super Bowl of Bodybuilding and stayed away from the stage. And after five years of break, he made a comeback through 1994s Mr. Olympia Masters and competed at the age of 6, which proved he hadn’t lost his ability to compete. Continuously four years, he competed in the Olympia Masters regularly, and in between, he also placed 1st and received the trophy. However, in 1988, at the age of 65, Ed retired forever from the bodybuilding competition.

Wrapping Up – Ed Corney’s Workout Routine

Though now he’s not present between us, he’ll be remembered as the finest bodybuilding poser to date.

Nonetheless, he used to train six times a week and split his workout between upper & lower body. So, if you’re his fan or know about him and want to find out Ed Corney’s workout routine, then here we’ve covered one of his Mr. Olympia workout routines, which you can look at or even give a try to it. Good luck!

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