Follow These Full Body Workout Plans of the Bodybuilding Legends

Full body workout for beginners or newbies comes into mind when we hear or imagine the word full body workout routine. It’s right to a certain extent because most people begin with full body workout routines to get familiar with the weights and get adapted to muscle training.

The internet is loaded with information such as try this full body workout at home or full body workout with dumbbells. If you’re someone who’s beginner, it’s recommended and even okay to go with that.

golden era bodybuilding legends

Though, gym rebels might not like it and even suggest that they shouldn’t do full body workouts and should go for splits. And, you should indeed lookout for other training aspects too when you start gaining experience, but it would be good if you don’t start from the beginning itself.

Nevertheless, have you ever thought about how those golden era bodybuilders started their workout in the beginning, did they follow full body workout routine or else straight went into the split training or any advanced methodologies.

Even if you try finding and couldn’t find it, don’t worry. Here we’re going to talk about the same. We’ll share with you’ll those full body workout plans of great bodybuilding legends of the Golden Era who’re still respected and loved by fans from all over the world.

Who Goes for Full Body Workout?

In today’s date, you might not find many being fans of full body workout routines. But, there was a time when full body workout plans were quite famous, even among the experienced lifters.

If you’ve asked who likes to follow a full body workout routine, the answer might have been something different, especially 50 to 60 years early, which is also called the Golden Era of the bodybuilding. Many use to do it, and some of the famous names that use to include these plans were like Leroy Colbert and Reg Park, whose photograph was easy to find in bodybuilding magazines.

Some of Those Bodybuilding Legends Who Followed Full Body Workout Routines

Here below are some of the golden era bodybuilding legends who use to believe in the full body workout, at least as a beginner.

  1. George Eiferman
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  3. Steve Reeves
  4. Reg Park
  5. Vince Gironda

Let’s look into each one’s full body workout plans so that you can understand it or else, if you would like to try your hands on it, you can do so:

1. George Eiferman – Bodybuilding’s Notable Figure

george eiferman

A multi-talented person of his time, George Eiferman was a stuntman, actor, and even Mr. Universe winner who traveled throughout the USA teaching young high school students how valuable physical training can be.

He was a massive fan of full body workout routine, and similar to other bodybuilding legends of his time, he always gave first preference to it. One of his favorite full body workout plans, which he used to follow, was three times a week routine.

Here below is one of his favorite full body workout plans:

Sr.Exercise NameSetsReps
145 Degree Hack Squats37 to 10
2Barbell Bench Press37 to 10
3DB Chest Flys37 to 10
4DB Side Laterals37 to 10
5Alternate DB Press37 to 10
6Cheated One Arm DB Rowing37 to 10
7Cheated BB Curls37 to 10
8Concentration Curls37 to 10
9DB Wrist Curls37 to 10
10Side Bends37 to 10
11Sit-Ups38 to 12

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s the Austrian Oak

Arnold Schwarzenegger is pretty well known for his body part split workout routine, even been known as the split king of his Era. Though many might not know, he started his bodybuilding workout with a full body workout plan, and to date, he suggests, especially to new trainees, that full body workout for beginners is a good option. And, the name of his full body workout plan was Golden Six.Here’s Arnold’s full body workout routine “Golden Six” that you can follow:

arnold schwarzeneggers
Sr.Exercise NameSetsReps
1Regular Stance Barbell back squats410
2Barbell bench press using a wide grip310
3Pull-ups3Till Failure
4Behind the neck barbell press410
5Bicep barbell curls310
6Sit-ups with bent knees3-4Till Failure

3. Steve Reeves – Legendary Bodybuilder, Actor & Philanthropist

Steve Reeves (1926 to 2000) was one of the respected bodybuilders of his time, which is favorite in today’s date for many, and he was also quite known for his all-time physiques. His body was also counted as one of the reasons behind his success. He was one of the jewels which were considered ahead of his time. And at that time, fitness was neither culture nor popular like now.

steeve reeves

Like others, he was also quite famous for his full body workout routine. The only difference was that he used to perform three different full body workout routines in a week, which is like:

Sr.Exercise NameSetsReps
1Barbell military press38 – 12
2Bent over barbell rowing38 – 12
3Bench Press38 – 12
4Standing Calf Raises38 – 12
5Abdominal crunches38 – 12
6Back Squats38 – 12
7Deep Squats38 – 12
8RDLs (Romanian Deadlifts)38 – 12
9Barbell Curls38 – 12
10French Presses38 – 12
Sr.Exercise NameSetsReps
1Barbell deadlift312
2DB Military Press312
4Alternate DB Curls312 Each
5Seated Calf Raises312
6Lying Triceps BB Extensions312
8Front Squats312
10DB Lunges312
11Hanging leg raises312
Sr.Exercise NameSetsReps
1Barbell deadlift38 – 12
2One arm DB rowing38 – 12
3BB Upright rowing212
4Incline BB Bench press38 – 12
5Standing Calf raises312
6BB Front squats212
7Nordic hamstring curls38 – 12
9DB lunges28 – 12
10Lying BB Triceps extensions212
11DB Concentration curls38 – 12

4. Reg Park – An English Bodybuilder, Actor & Businessman

Reg Park, quite well known for his numerous Mr. Universe titles under his belt, was a famous bodybuilder, actor, and businessman of his times from the ’50s to ’60s. Like many other bodybuilders, he also started with a full body workout routine based on the 5×5 principle. It means five sets and five reps per exercise and a resting period of 60 to 90 seconds between every set.

Sr.Exercise NameSetsReps
1Barbell back squats55
2Pull-ups or Chin-ups55
3Barbell Bench Press  or Dips55
4Barbell Curls210
7Deep Squats38 – 12
Sr.Exercise NameSetsReps
1Barbell front squats55
2Barbell Rowing55
3Standing Military Press55

The training schedule was three times a week, with a different combination, like week 1: A, B, A, week 2: B, A, B, week 3: A, B, A.

5. Vince Gironda – Bodybuilder, Author, Co-founder of the NSP Nutrition & Personal Trainer

Vincent Anselmo Gironda, also known as “Vince,” was one of the respected bodybuilders of his time. He was quite famous for his brilliant full body workout routine that involved the training method of 8×8, similar to GVT (German Volume Training where it’s 10×10). The training method gives enough room to hit every body part three times a week within a short period.

vince gironda

He kept his program quite simple with basics like:

  • Perform 8×8 means 8 sets and 8 reps per exercise in every training session.
  • Train three times a week.
  • Create a full body workout routine that involves push-pull order.
  • Prioritize your weak body parts first.

Sample Full Body Workout Routine of Vince Gironda’s 8×8

Sr.Exercise NameSetsReps
1Barbell bench press88
2Pull-ups or Lat pull down88
3Overhead triceps extensions88
4Drag curls88
5Side lateral raises88
6Hack squats88
7Standing calf raises820

Closing Thoughts

These full body workouts are samples that you can make use of it. It’ll help you make better gains, but it doesn’t mean that you keep pushing the same workout routine forever and get results. You’ve to try verities and stay consistent. For instance, you follow one of these routines and, after sometimes, try making variations in reps, sets, and order of exercise. Also, try doing other full body workout routines

Though it’s not that popular these days, it’s not limited to beginners. Even if you’re an advanced lifter, you can try doing a full body workout routine. It’s done for various reasons. Though some quotes have come out like eat, train, and repeat. But, it doesn’t make sense in real life. Everyone has other priorities. If you’re some with the time constraint, then the full body workout is the right choice.

Lastly, in this information age, you can find most of the things online. So, if you don’t want to try with these or else you don’t like going to the gym, you can search something like a full body workout with dumbbells, full body workout at home, and you can easily find tons of workout routines.

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