Here’s Canadian Actor and Producer Known for Playing the Role of Oliver Queen on the Series “Arrow” Stephen Amell’s Workout Routine

Stephen Amell is a popular Canadian actor & producer best known for his role as Oliver Quinn in the television series called “Arrow.” Also, he has worked in many popular TV shows & movies, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. However, he’s also popular for his elite fitness level apart from his acting skills. Hence, it’s no wonder why many of the fans often ask about Stephen Amell’s workout routine and diet plan.

Stephen Amell Workout Routine

Stephen Amell’s Workout Routine

Stephen’s workout plan is mostly of bodyweight training to get into shape, which is demanded for the role in the series named “Arrow.” Similarly, he has stated about it in many interviews that he prefers doing bodyweight workouts more often.

His workouts differ mostly, and he also prefers mixing exercises to make them interesting. For instance, he does various exercises to push his body to the limits.

Below is one such Stephen’s workout, which isn’t the actual one, but it’ll give you an overall idea about it.

Day 1

Turkish Get Up W/ Kettlebell13 / Side
Lateral Box Jumps320
Bulgarian Split Squats36 / Side
1 – Arm Flat DB Bench Press36 / Side
TRX Trainer Suspension Rows3Till Failure
DB Side Lateral Raises36
1 Arm Cable Lat Pulldown36 / Side
Hanging Straight Leg Raises3Till Failure

Day 2 – Active Recovery

MMA training such as Kick Boxing and Jiu Jitsu

Day 3

Pallof Press26 / Side
BB Push Press36
1 Leg DB Deadlift36 / Side
Cable Chest Flys (Standing)36
Bent Over BB Rowing36
Handstand Push – Ups3Till Failure
Pull – Ups (Medium or Wide Grip)3Till Failure
Russian Twists3Till Failure

Day 4 – Active Recovery

MMA training such as Kick Boxing and Jiu Jitsu

Day 5

Cable Wood Chop (Half Kneeling)26
1 Arm Kettlebell Snatch320 / Side
BB Back Squats36
Push – Ups3Till Failure
1 – Arm Bent Over DB Rowing36/ Side
1 – Arm DB Shoulder Press36/ Side
Standing Cable Low Rows36
V – Sits3Till Failure

Day 6 – Active Recovery

MMA training such as Kick Boxing and Jiu Jitsu

Day 7 – Active Recovery

MMA training such as Kick Boxing and Jiu Jitsu

Stephen Amell’s Diet Plan

Stephen believes abs are “made in the kitchen,” and he takes good care of them through his proper diet plan, which is strict as well as clean. He avoids getting involved in sugar, dairy, and gluten.

Similarly, he focuses on going for a clean diet that includes proper portions of lean protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

  • Fruits & Nuts
  • Protein Shake

Meal 3:

  • Vegetables
  • Fish

Meal 4:

  • Lean Protein
  • Olive Oil
  • Avocados

Meal 5:

  • Protein Shake

Stephen Amell’s Workout Principle

Stephen likes performing his stunts in movies. Hence, his training is tailored to maintain the balance between strength and fitness. He majorly focuses on bodyweight workouts, core, and high-intensity cardio. Similarly, he likes to change his workout plan to challenge himself and not get bored of doing the same workout.

About Stephen Amell

Born on May 8, 1981, in Toronto, Ontario, Amell attended the private college St. Andrews College and graduated in 2000. He’s the first cousin of popular actor Robbie Amell, who’s famous for his roles in series like The Tomorrow People, The Flash, and also as Fred Jones in the movie Scooby Doo.

Further, he got into fame through his iconic role of Olive Queen in the popular TV series “Arrow.” Apart from the archery skills he showed on the screen, the audience also loved his magnetic presence and commitment to his craft.

Wrapping Up

Discipline is not limited to Stephen’s acting skills; he’s equally dedicated and disciplined towards his exercise. And Stephen Amell’s workout routine is proof of how much dedicated he needs to be to achieve a physique like a superhero required according to the demands of the role.

Using strategic periodization and a resilient mindset, he continuously delivers a captivating portrayal on screen. Similarly, his fans also continue to be inspired by his commitment to health and fitness. Whether he’s donning the Green Arrow suit or looking to achieve his fitness journey off-screen, Stephen’s workout plan is truly an inspiration for those looking to achieve a physical and mental peak.

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