Know What Is a Bro Split and What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of It

Those who go to the gym and also go through fitness-related videos on social media platforms like YouTube may have come across many terminologies of gym community such as What’s Natty, Push, Pull Leg split, types of workout sets, and one such is a bro split. Many even question what is a bro split and, whether it’s an effective training split or not, and whether it’s a good or bad idea. Hence, if you have the same type of doubts, keep reading. Here we’re going to cover this bro split topic.

what is a bro split

What Is a Bro Split?

The bro split is a slang term often used for dividing one’s weekly training routine. In other words, bro split divides your training routine across all the major muscle groups. It’s a training split where you focus on one group of muscles per session, usually spread over five or six days a week. This term “bro split” became popular mostly among recreational bodybuilders who are also often called as gym “bros.”

The Most Common Bro Split Example

  • Monday – Chest
  • Tuesday – Legs
  • Wednesday – Shoulders
  • Thursday – Back
  • Friday – Arms
  • Saturday & Sunday – Rest Day

As you can see above, each muscle gets one whole workout session. For instance, Monday is dedicated to chest muscles.

Below is one such bro split workout routine you can follow if you’re thinking about it.

Monday – Chest

DB Chest Press310
Incline DB Flys310
Decline BB Bench Press310
Pec Dec310
Push – Ups310

Tuesday – Legs

BB Back Squats310
Hack Squats310
Leg Press310
Leg Extensions310
Leg Curls – Lying310
Calf Raises310

Wednesday – Shoulders

Seated Military Press412
DB Arnold Press312
DB Side Lateral Raises312
Upright Rowing312
Reverse Pec Dec315
DB Shrugs315

Thursday – Back

BB Deadlifts412
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown412
1 Arm DB Rowing312
Seated Cable Rowing312
Straight Arm Lat Pulldown315

Friday – Arms

BB Biceps Curls412
DB Preacher Curls412
Incline DB Curls312
Triceps Dips312
Skull Crushers312
Rope Pushdowns415

Saturday & Sunday – Rest Day

Advantages of a Bro Split

Now, you know what is a bro split, and you even have a bro split workout to follow. Nonetheless, let’s find out what advantage you’ve over other types of workout splits:

High Volume Sessions

Bro split is the high-volume training split dedicated to one muscle group per workout. Hence, it allows maximum muscle stimulation, which helps achieve hypertrophy at its best with a combination of high training volume and moderate & heavy loads.


With a bro split workout split, you can easily focus on one specific muscle group at a time, making it focused and intense. And such focus and intensity can prove beneficial as you can maintain proper exercise form and maximum muscle stimulation during each workout session, primarily when you focus on the range of motion.

Proper Recovery

As you train only one muscle group per week using bro split, each muscle gets ample time to recover from the intense workout. Similarly, recovery is crucial for muscle growth, and you must ensure you don’t over-train yourself; and the bro split helps you achieve the same.

Disadvantages of a Bro Split

You know the pros of using a bro split, and now you might be wondering if there is any disadvantage to using it, as many times have heard that it’s not a good training split. Nonetheless, let’s figure out some of the disadvantages you may encounter if you plan to use a bro split workout routine.

Not Optimal for Natural or Beginner Lifters

One of the major disadvantages of using a bro split is that your training frequency will be low, as you’ll be training one muscle group for once in each week. Further, small muscles, such as the biceps, deltoid, and calves, can handle two to four weekly workout sessions and recover quickly. Hence, using bro split, these muscle groups won’t grow optimally as they can.


Bro splits tend to focus more on upper body parts than lower body training. For instance, you get 4 days for the upper body and only 1 day for the lower body in a week. So, due to this scenario, you may face an imbalance in muscle groups like your lower body part like hamstrings, glutes, and quads won’t get optimal focus, and it’ll lag compared to your upper body part.

Lesser Time Efficiency

Bro split is less time efficient than other training splits like full body workouts or upper & lower training splits. Since you’re doing an entire workout of one muscle group, you’ll often spend more time in the gym every week compared to other training styles.

Wrapping Up

Those who have read till here, we hope you’ve got an idea about what is a bro split and its advantages and disadvantages. Invented in the context related to Bro Science, it has been tested for decades by bodybuilders & lifters. Some excellent principles are involved in this approach, like maximizing your workout volume while allowing your muscles to recover optimistically. However, that’s also true that there isn’t anything magical, nor you’ll see any dramatic transformation in your body immediately.

The bro split is a good alternative to other types of workout splits like Upper & Lower splits or Push & pull. But, you must ensure that you follow the concept of progressive overload and workout smartly. Similarly, it’s also recommended that you customize your workout program according to your situation.


Below are answers to some of the commonly asked questions regarding a bro split that will help you understand about it better.

Are Bro Splits Good for Skinny Guys?

No, the bro split isn’t good for skinny guys. Usually, bro splits are a poor choice for smaller and weaker guys. It cannot create muscle damage or fatigue in a single session, which is needed to grow, as one muscle gets one session in a week.

Are Bro Splits Good for Beginners?

Bro split can be effective for beginners, providing a simple training structure focusing on one muscle group per session. However, it’s recommended that beginners follow a full body workout and focus on mastering the technique first using a small amount of compound movements.

Can You Modify Bro Split Workout?

You can modify your bro split workout, but it will be limited. For example, you can reduce or increase sets, reps, or even exercise related to a muscle group you’re about to train. For example, if you’re training biceps and you do 4 exercises of 3 sets for 10 reps each, you can modify to 5 exercises containing 4 sets of 12 reps.

Are Bro Splits Good for Women?

Technically bro split is effective for women interested in increasing their muscle mass. However, many women benefit more from full body, upper-lower, or push-pull & legs workout splits as it gives higher training frequency compared to each muscle group done in a bro split workout.

How to Prevent Muscle Imbalance That’s Often Seen in Those Who Follow a Bro Split?

You’ll require more time and effort towards a muscle group like glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps to prevent muscle imbalance while following a bro split workout method. Also, it’s recommended that you train your deltoids and biceps more frequently, around 2 to 4 times per week, for maximum growth.

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