Ladies Lift Heavy Weights Because Strict Cardio Isn’t the Key to Desirable & Healthy Physique

Luckily, many women have started lifting weights, and they aren’t afraid of it. But, many still avoid going heavy—however, heavy means trying at optimal capacity without losing form and not ego lifting.

Hormones and diet make the gender difference, but women can lift heavy and gain strength without looking like a bulky or she-hulk. Another shocking truth is that many times ladies benefit more than men if they lift heavyweights.


Reasons Why Every Women Should Lift Heavy

Some benefits every woman who lifts heavy gets are:

Better Metabolism

Boost in their metabolism is the main convincing reason why every woman should lift heavy because heavy weight lifting equals increased metabolism, which means increased and effective fat loss.

Better Bone Density

Lifting regularly increases bone density. In the 20s and 30s, many don’t think about it, but when you start getting older, you’ll feel the difference. And, it doesn’t need to be said that you’ll be proud of yourself that you allowed yourself to lift weights and cared about your bone density.

Independence in Daily Chores

Women are often seen as they need help. It’s not right. And, if you’re lifting heavy, instead of asking for help, you may go out and help someone, or you may carry those 10-15 bags of groceries all alone in one trip of your car.

Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone

It helps you prevent being a victim to those fitness insanity traps and doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. If you’re trying to lift heavy for the first time, it may seem scary, but if you want to see the results you haven’t seen before, then you’ve to overcome your fear, and you have to put yourself out of your comfort zone. Likewise, it’ll also allow you to test how capable you’re physically, and lifting heavy is one way to challenge yourself.

Increased Confidence

Confidence isn’t something you get only on being capable of lifting heavy, but it’ll radiate in every area of your life, and it’s among the most important perk that never fails. Usually, it happens because you can see on yourself how much capable you’re physically.

Lowered Cortisol Level

Too much cortisol elevation becomes negative. It decreases your musculature and sadly increases abdominal fat, resulting in something you don’t want. On the other hand, exercise is one form of stress reliever. It also helps manage cortisol release, which means regular strength training will help burn your body’s glycogen storage that stimulates cortisol release.

Desirable Physique

As the name implies, lifting heavy will give you those fit chick looks, which will make you more physically attractive. Muscle mass on women does look beautiful and if you’re squatting heavy, then be ready to take your beauty to another level by adding some mass on your glutes that every girl likes to have.

Prevents Injuries

Lifting heavy increases your strength. So, if you’re involved with any other physical activity becomes easier. It means it becomes less risky. For instance, if you’re a runner, it can prevent knee injuries and pain as stronger muscles support your knee joints.

Increases Flexibility

No doubt, Yoga helps to build flexibility but lifting weight properly also does so. If you’re lifting weights properly without losing form means to go full range of motion, all the way up and all the way down, then your body will become flexible.

Boost Your Heart Health

Cardio exercise isn’t only helpful for keeping good heart health. Strength training also helps you a lot. If you’re lifting heavy in proper form, then it should be beneficial in cardiovascular health also. Instead, strength training enhances your heart health. For instance, it helps in keeping blood pressure in control.

Here’s Why Women Won’t Look Bulky Even if They Lift Heavy Weights

Everybody responds differently. Some get quick results, and some don’t. However, the gender difference is one of the apparent reasons. Unlike the male body, which depends on testosterone for gaining benefits from weight lifting, the female body mostly depends upon growth hormone.

Usually, women don’t have the necessary testosterone level that’s required to build a bulky physique. Furthermore, women who have a massive muscular body is generally supplementing with hormones.

And, women who do regular workouts and free weight training utilizing compound exercise benefits by increasing their lean mass and decreasing fat simultaneously, instead of packing on muscle mass.

Wrapping Up

Lifting heavy weight is often frown upon among women as there’s a myth lingering around, it’ll make you bulky. But the reality is the opposite. Women who lift big weights get their all-time favorite toned body.

Besides, here we’ve mentioned some of the top reasons why every woman should lift heavy. If you have any questions, then we hope this article will help you get clearance. If you think we’ve missed out on anything, please let us know in the comment section below.

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