Here’s a Quick Animal Whey Protein Review to Find Out Whether You Should Get One

Animal is part of Universal Nutrition, a New Jersey-based supplement company, and has been in the industry for over 40 years. Known for a multivitamin named Animal Pak, they offer various products like muscle volumizers, pre-workouts, joint support, mass gainers, and the most popular Whey Protein isolate. Hence, if those looking for the highest quality of whey protein come across Animal’s Whey and now want to confirm it on their own by going through the Animal Whey Protein review, then you’re reading the right review article.

Animal Whey Protein

Made with premium ingredients sourced from around the globe, Animal whey protein is a rigorously tested Whey Protein Isolate that meets the quality of the highest standards. It provides 125 calories in 1 serving that includes 25 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat & 4 grams of carbohydrates (in those 3 grams is of fiber).

Here’s a Detailed Animal Whey Protein Review

Let’s review the details and learn about ingredients, taste & mixability, effectiveness, digestibility, and price & value.


It’s delivered with pure & potent protein power. According to the ingredient list, it’s evident that the supplement serves only high-quality protein. UL Certified Animal Whey Isolate comes with 25 grams of protein & only 1 gram of sugar per serving. Similarly, it offers isolate that helps in post-workout and speedy recovery after a heavy workout session. Packed with digestive enzymes, it works quickly and effectively with any high-quality whey protein isolate, as expected.

Taste & Mixability

The focus of Animal Whey is to provide potent whey protein and great taste, and Animal Whey protein stays true to it.

Gym enthusiasts will receive a good taste. It provides a balance between both flavor & authenticity. Similarly, it also prevents excessive sweetness or artificial taste found in many whey proteins. Hence, if you’re looking for a whey protein that gives a natural taste with a subtle hint of flavor, then you’ll likely love this Animal Whey protein.

In addition, it gives impressive mixability. It blends smoothly with milk and water both. So, you can stay assured you’ll get clumps or residue-free protein shakes to enjoy as they dissolve quickly & easily, making a smooth protein shake texture.


Digestibility becomes another concern for individuals when it comes to whey protein. And Animal Whey Isolate is generally easily digestible, and most gym enthusiasts do not have any issues like discomfort or bloating after consuming it.

Price & Value

Animal Whey Isolate falls in the mid to high range category compared to other whey protein isolates found in the market. Though it might seem expensive, knowing that you also receive value in return is essential.

By going with Animal Whey Protein, you’re paying for premium Whey Protein that prioritizes effectiveness and purity. Hence, for those serious about their nutrition and supplementation and who want to buy Whey that can be justified, Animal Whey should be considered.

Nonetheless, if you look it compared with other premium Whey Protein brands, you get fair pricing. It’s even cheaper compared to other protein powders like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard, MusclePharm Combat Whey, and MuscleTech Pro Premium series Gold Whey protein.

Key Takeaway

It’s a solid product that’s also cheaper than other premium brands. Similarly, it offers super low carbs & fats and a higher protein ratio. Again, it mixes well, tastes great, and offers transparent labeling, even providing the weight of every amino acid.

Nonetheless, if you’ve any dietary restrictions, then it’s recommended to look through it as it comes with some soy, lactose, and acesulfame potassium, which can give allergic reactions. But if you do not have any restrictions or are not lactose intolerant, it’s one of the best whey products to go with. Lastly, we hope you get a clear idea through this Animal Whey Protein review, and you can decide it.

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