Known as a Compton’s Superman, CT Fletcher Is a Former Powerlifter & a Bodybuilder

When it comes to badass gym-goers, very few can stand against CT Fletcher. Known as the Superman of Compton, California, CT Fletcher is a former powerlifter and bodybuilder known for his ruthless workouts that aren’t easy for any newbie to follow. But amazingly, CT Fletcher’s workout routine philosophy makes him the juggernaut of the weightlifting game.

ct fletcher workout routine

Workout Principles of CT Fletcher

CT loves focusing on his chest and arm workouts a lot more. His arm and chest workout are effective, and looking at his physique, anyone will agree. Similarly, if you’re an experienced lifter, you can use his workout to build muscle mass and strength.

Besides CT Fletcher’s workout routine, his diet plan includes high protein and carbohydrates while having 10% of fat in his entire daily food intake.

CT Fletcher’s Workout Routine

CT Fletcher is popular for knowing how to transform physically and mentally. The workout plan of CT Fletcher includes traditional reps and a set style of training. In addition, he mostly relies upon his instincts and continues doing till he reaches failure.

Nonetheless, if you’ve been questioning his workout plan, here is one workout routine involving his OMW (One Movement Workout) method surrounded with high reps and high-volume training.

Day 1 – Arms

Triceps Pushdowns Superset W/ Standing Biceps Curls1010
1 – Arm DB Preacher Curls2Till Failure
Seated DB Triceps Overhead Extensions4Till Failure
Incline DB Biceps Curls2Till Failure
DB Triceps Kickbacks240 / Arm
Chin – Ups2Till Failure
Decline Triceps Extensions (Pyramid Set)120

Day 2 – Chest

BB Bench Press120 (1 – 20)
Incline DB Bench Press35
Push–Ups (Close, Normal & Wide)110
Cable Flys (Incline)512

Day 3 – Back

Bent Over BB Rowing2 – 310 – 12
Seated Cable Rowing (Close Grip)2 – 38 – 10
Straight Arm Cable Pushdowns1 – 310 – 15
Lat Pulldowns (Hammer Strength)2 – 310

Day 4 – Shoulders

BB Overhead Press1010
1 – Arm DB Press1010
DB Side Lateral Raises4 – 515 – 20
Bentover DB Lateral Raises520

Day 5 – Legs

Seated Leg Curls3 – 410 – 12
Hack Squats4 – 56 – 10
BB Squats2 – 310 – 12
Sled Push4 – 630 – 40 Meters

Day 6 & 7 – Rest Day

CT Fletcher’s Diet Plan

CT Fletcher isn’t into any fancy diet plans. He likes to stick to a basic diet plan that gives him all the essential nutrients and keeps him ripped. He doesn’t follow the exact macro plan, but he likes eating optimal protein and carbs in his meals. One sample diet plan of CT Fletcher is as below:

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

  • Salad – 1 Large Serving
  • Albacore Tuna – Can

Meal 3:

  • Ground Turkey

Meal 4:

  • White Rice – 2 Cups

Meal 5:

  • Chicken Breast – 8 Ounce

Meal 6:

  • White Rice – 2 Cups


  • Whey Protein
  • Multivitamins
  • BCAAs
  • Pre-workout

CT Fletcher’s Workout Routine – Our Closing Thoughts

CT Fletcher is a retired powerlifter and bodybuilder who is known for his intense workout routines. His workout routine is designed to help individuals build strength and muscle mass quickly. CT Fletcher’s workout routine involves heavy lifting and high-intensity training. Similarly, his training style is about pushing beyond your limits and achieving what you never imagined. He gives importance to mental toughness and visualization in his training, which helps him push his body to new heights.

Overall, CT Fletcher’s workout routine is not for beginners but for experienced ones who are committed to pushing their bodies to the limit and achieving their fitness goals.

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