Writer, Fitness Influencer, a Comedian Who Shows Himself As Half Italian & a Half American

Dom Mazzetti is a fictional character Mike Tornabene created, and he’s also popular for the “Bro Science Guy” and “Brofessor.” He is popular for the comedy character, where he’s seen as a half-American and half-Italian college student who likes talking about fitness, women, and college.

Earlier in 2011, Mike created the character Dom Mazzetti; since then, he hasn’t looked back. The character has become an online sensation and has a huge social media following. Similarly, most of his fans know him by the name Dom Mazzetti instead of his real name Mike Tornabene.

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About Mike Tornabene AKA Dom Mazzetti

Mike got an interest in comedy from a very early age. And further, he happens to meet Gian Hunjan, the co-creator of the now Dom Mazetti video channel. Both clicked from the beginning, and they got into business right then and there. From that day onwards, Mike and Gian started writing humorous scripts and acting sketches. Throughout college, both continued pursuing comedy, writing TV scripts and comedy screenplays. And interestingly, it got done online over a video chat.

Dom Mazzetti – From Cooking to Bro Science in Fitness

Initially, Dom Mazzetti’s project was regarding cooking. The character was a dumb middle-aged Italian guy. But it never happened. Then after a year, in 2011, they came up with the UPS bomb scare, where they satirized the process of scaring by handling a bomb. And after that, slowly, once the character got viral, Mike and Gian decided to do something entirely different. And, soon, Mike started uploading videos regarding fitness and life, acting as a Dom Mazzetti. And it even proved successful, which also greatly influenced the online world.

Dom Mazzetti’s Workout Routine

Apart from being a comedian, Mike is also a fitness lover. He regularly likes to train in the gym and stay in shape. And sometimes, he even shoots his workout with other fitness icons like Bradley Martyn. However, Mike has been training from an early age for 14 years and even developed his own workout methods that helped him build his physique.

Nonetheless, if you have questions about his workout routine, then here we’ve mentioned one of his workout routines that you may like to try:

Monday – Biceps

DB Biceps Curls38
EZ Bar Curls310
BB Preacher Curls310
DB Concentration Curls310

Tuesday – Triceps

Straight Bar Pushdowns310
Overhead Triceps Extensions310
Rope Pushdowns310
Close Grip Bench Press310

Wednesday – Full Body Circuit For 3 Times

Push – Ups310
Chin – Ups310
Pull – Ups312
BB Deadlifts310

Thursday – Conditioning

Warm–Up – 10 Min Elliptical or 20 Minute Exercise Bike Ride W/ Intervals

Standing DB Overhead Press410
Single Leg Deadlifts410
Side Planks410
DB Rowing410
Glute Bridges410
Lateral Lunges410
Dead Bugs410

Friday – Abs

Plank31 Min Hold
Side Plank330 Sec / Side
Butterfly Crunch320
Medicine Ball Slams320
Bicycle Crunch310 / Side
Mountain Climbers320
Bird Dogs310 / Side
Leg Raises320
Russian Twists320

Saturday & Sunday – Rest Day

Dom Mazzetti’s Diet Plan

  • Meal 1 
  • Meal 2
    • Protein Shake W/ Peanut Butter
  • Meal 3
    • Grilled Chicken
    • Steamed Vegetables
  • Meal 4
    • Pre–Workout Shake
    • Banana – 1
  • Meal 5:
  • Meal 6:
    • Peanut Butter
    • Poached Eggs
    • Fresh Fruit


Wrapping Up

Looking at the character Dom and Mike play, we can learn that only sometimes you’ve to be serious regarding fitness. Fortunately, he showed it differently. On the other hand, most fitness community people talk about transformation and life obstacles, whereas Mike focuses on humour and light-heartedness by making humorous videos.

Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of him and want to know about Mike’s, AKA Dom Mazzetti’s workout routine or diet plan, here we’ve covered one. We hope you will give it a try.

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