Unwritten Rules of Iron Mecca Besides Those Grunting & Weights Dripping

A gym can be an intimidating experience, especially if you’re the first-timers.

Besides those heavy grunting sounds and weights dripping here and there, there are some secret code of conduct that everyone must be aware of, especially if you’re a newcomer and sadly some prominent veterans, too!


At the time of joining, specific written rules are given about the Gym. Nevertheless, other particular laws are not written anywhere on the wall or template, but it has to be followed. Also, called as Gym Manners or Gym Etiquettes.

It shouldn’t surprise you. You’re at a public place, and following proper manners and etiquette is needed even in the Gym – Gym rules and regulations isn’t rocket science.

Furthermore, if you’re a big dude hitting Gym from years and lifting heavyweight, you must be aware of it as you’re not entitled to anything either. Quite saddening, but I’ve witnessed many egoistic bodybuilders lifting heavy, and throwing away weights on the floor instead of re-racking it like they’re doing a massive favor on the entire human race by lifting it. Don’t know whether they’re aware or not, but their behavior doesn’t make them look cool, but they look foolish who must be whipped outside the Gym. NOT SORRY TO SAY YOU LOOK STUPID IF YOU’RE ONE OF THOSE EGOISTIC GYM VETERANS WHO DON’T CARE ABOUT CERTAIN GYM RULES AND ETIQUETTESHowever, if you’re a newcomer and don’t know much about the Gym, you’re welcome to go through the below list of some untold gym rules and etiquettes.

Also, if you’re someone who is hitting Gym for years, then again, you’re welcome to do some revision. You know what you should do to make yourself look respectable instead of those gym meatheads who think they’re doing one of the great and respected jobs of the world by lifting heavy and not caring what the rules are.

Rerack the Weights

Not a big job right. If you’re going from one end of the Gym to another, just to get one plate, then you must also put it back at its right place. It’ll burn some extra calories too. As you aren’t paid to lift some big weights, you won’t be paid for reracking the weight either, but you won’t even become smaller in size by reracking it. Remarkably, many gym members tend not to rerack it, like they’re doing some noble thing by lifting big. Even their behavior is not decent towards the ones who lift fewer weights.

A Gym is a public place—the way you’ve paid fees to the Gym that way other members have given it too. If you have a little bit of decency, you’ll happily keep it back at its proper place. It’s something called common sense, like switching off the lights when you go out of the house.

Now, it’s with every equipment you use, whether its dumbbells, plates, barbells, bands, skipping rope, kettlebells, every damn equipment that you use must be appropriately reracked.

Treat the Gym Like You Treat Your Home

Do you spit on your house floor? Then don’t spit on the gym floor. If you took 10 grams of your favorite creatine and it gives you some explosive side effects of diarrhea, and you blow the toilet at your home, will you leave your shit running down the bowl for someone else to clean? Then don’t do that in the gym bathrooms.

Gym employees aren’t hired to follow you around to make sure that you’re behaving properly. If you behave as you behave at home, which you must without question, other members will enjoy a better gym.

Don’t Flirt or at Least Don’t Be a Creep

In the Gym, it’s relatively easy to find common ground with a potential mate, but that shouldn’t be a purpose. Most people go to the Gym intending to train, or if not, they must – that must be the primary goal. If someone is nice to you doesn’t mean that person is interested in you. It only means that they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

Man or woman, if they’re not interested, leave them alone. If someone is not interested in talking about why you should cross your limits to make yourself look like an ass. And, if the person is married, you’re getting yourself into trouble.

Not many, but some are there who even tries to flirt with the front desk women. She’s there for a job, not to entertain you. It’s her job to talk in a friendly manner with every client. Don’t misinterpret it or make her feel uncomfortable. It’s quite lame and displays how weak you’re.

And some gym trainers too, don’t try to take undue advantage by touching your female clients inappropriately in between sets. I’ve personally seen someone doing it in one of the local gyms I go – Keeping hands-on female client’s leg on the pretext of giving support for seated bicep curls. It’s called GROPING. You look cheap as hell, have some self-respect.

Even ladies, if a guy you’re interested in doesn’t show interest, leave him alone. If he’s not douche, you’ll be respected by doing so, and you’ll be appreciated even more if you mind your Ps and Qs and stay focused on your workouts. On the other hand, if you keep trying to flirt, you come across as easy-going person and nothing else.

Now, if you’re someone who has stepped into the Gym to find some regular hook-ups, they’re relatively easy to spot. So, find those people and make your bad choices and dirty deeds and leave others alone.

Never Block Mirror

Never try to block the mirror when someone is in between the set. Hell, yes, like you want mirror space to check your forms, others need too. Whether you’re lifting big or small, never walk directly in front of someone’s viewing area certainly when they’re doing their sets.

Furthermore, never be that person who grabs a pair of dumbbells and does his three sets inches in front of the rack. There’s an untold and invisible two-foot-no-man’s la-la land in front of the mirror. Only look forward to crossing that path when you want to grab or put it back your dumbbells once you’re done, it’s a no brainer. You shouldn’t be standing there.

Never Distract Anyone Doing Their Sets

Never rack the weights which are in use. Never bump into someone who’s in their mid-lift, getting too close to them or stopping them to ask something. Though you may hate this right now, it even applies to the good things—for example, unsolicited encouragement, or spotting someone without their request. Never do anything that distracts them from their working set, especially when someone is lifting heavy – becomes dangerous, it can hurt, and if the guy big it can hurt you too.

Also, never take out the last pair of plates off before asking them whether they’re done or still using it. The same applies to bands, chains, end clips, and other things. And, for heaven’s sake, don’t bother to ask in the middle of their set!

Lastly, never assume on your own that you’ll be welcome if you start working out with them while dumping all your stuff. Some people do their exercise in specific time manners too like circuits or supersets. If you can’t fit in, then no need to try, you might have heard, first come first served.

Dropping Weights

If you’re using bumper plates, then it’s alright if you let it drop. Because bumper plates are coated with rubber, it’s often used for Olympic Weightlifting, which involves dropping. So, these plates can be safely dropped more carefully. However, if you’re not using bumper plates and instead of using other and dumbbells, then dropping should be avoided. Dropping can hurt you, and if it goes somewhere further, it can be hurtful to others as well.

Using Cell Phones

Using cell phones for listening to music, for tracking your workouts, setting timers, filming your workout form or technique, or using it occasionally for taking pictures or selfies is entirely acceptable. But, avoid yourself from talking loudly on the gym floor or occupying gym space for texting someone, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook while sitting on the bench, or other equipment.

Also, the Gym isn’t your private filming studio. If you’re filming something, at least be considerate to do the way the number of people in your videos gets reduced or else gets eliminated. No one would like to be an extra in your Instagram video! Also, understand have some patience if people walk in front of your video session as they might not know what you’re up to or your phone’s camera is on.

Using the Gym Floor for Drinking Water & Eating Food

Okay, this is not something many might have witnessed it. At least commercial gyms are quite sophisticated in such things nowadays. But still many do it knowingly or unknowingly. If you’re into Whey protein or protein bar after hitting your workouts, it’s completely alright to grab a one or two. But, start munching things or start drinking like you’re making your meal is not proper.

Cafeteria and sitting place in the Gym is for reasons. Make use of those places and not the gym floor. If your Gym doesn’t have a cafeteria, you can wait and grab on whatever you want somewhere else, like a parking lot.

Use Towels & Deodorants

Yes, your workouts are great. It does show results. But, no one would like to smell your sweaty shits. Get some good deodorants and put on those fragrances on your body. Many members cross each other during their workouts to pick the equipment or go from one machine to another. No one would like it if you’re smelling like a dirty pig. Also, there’s something called Gym Towels or Napkins. There are some good reasons behind that. If you’re using equipment or once you’re done, have some courtesy to wipe out that spot. It doesn’t look right; other members have also paid the same amount.

Maintain Proper Spacing

Moving around like you’re at your home won’t do good on the gym floor. In the weight room, walk like your defensive driving. If you’re a bit of experience, you can judge that someone will need space in the front and side if they pick a pair of dumbbells. If you don’t know, then by practice, you’ll become habitual in maintaining proper space.

Getting smacked by a dumbbell is not fun for you or them. Walking blindly through the dumbbell section is not safe. Weights can be lifted or circulated from anywhere at any time. And, it’s your duty to maintain distance, so you don’t get hit by it.

Bonus Pro Tip – Don’t Do Supersets or Circuits When Gym Is Crowded

You want to do supersets or circuits. Great, it gives good results. But, be considerate and do such exercises when the Gym is not crowded. Also, look for equipment nearer to each other and don’t just hop around from one place to another.

Supersets are useful if it’s done correctly. No doubt, it does give results but using at its potential to make it more rewarding, and for that, it has to be appropriately structured.

Furthermore, if you’re going to do supersets or circuits, try to come early in the morning, in the afternoon or later in the evening when Gym is generally not crowded. So, you can do your stuff peacefully without waiting for others to complete doing their workout on the equipment you want to use back to back while at the same time not trying to look douche in front of others and respecting their time too.

Closing Thoughts

No need to stress out or feel overwhelmed on the list of rules and etiquettes, if you’re a newbie, you can refer to it. We’re trying to explain that don’t make yourself look like one of those gym rebels. Everyone likes to have fun, and the Gym is not different.

If you’re a regular gym-goer and reading this, let us know what you think of it, what other members do that annoy you the most. Have you ever witnessed any absurd thing client did? Did we forget to mention anything? The list can go on and on, and it’s not a complete set of rules. If you believe we’ve left out something or encountered some points that are overly exaggerated at any point, please let us know in the comment section below.

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