Quick Guide to Know What Is Considered Broad Shoulders & How to Know You Have One

Broad shoulders on a man look desirable, & powerful. Further, the broad shoulders of men are usually seen as a sign of strength and power. Since World War II, it was looked upon like broad shoulders make the man; the wider the shoulder, the better, was one of the common beliefs of that time. Hence, such remarks often make people wonder what is considered broad shoulders or how to have one.

what is considered broad shoulders

Those looking to build broad shoulders or want to find out whether you’ve broad shoulders, keep reading. Here, we’ll provide details that will help you find out whether you’ve broad shoulders and guidance on how you can build if you don’t have one.

Here’s What Is Considered Broad Shoulders

The connection of board shoulder is with aesthetic beauty as well as health. The ratio that shows someone has a broad shoulder is 1.618.

Here the goal should be to get a shoulder-to-waist ratio of 1.618 or better than this one. Again, you’ll need a tailor’s measuring tape to measure around your back and shoulders. Similarly, note down the measurements on paper.

Secondly, measure your waist through the narrowest point, such as around your belly button. And note down that measurement on the paper.

To know whether you’ve broad shoulders, divide both. For instance, the shoulder’s circumference is 52 inches, and the waist measurement is 30 inches. The resultant ratio will be 1.73. It’s a good ratio, which means broad shoulders.

How to Get Broad Shoulders?

Though, it’s not possible to change your bone structure. But you can broaden your shoulder by building muscle mass. And the best way to build big shoulders is through strength training. Nonetheless, you’ll need to ensure you follow a healthy lifestyle and eat clean food.

Your shoulders are majorly composed of three parts, and they’re:

  • Anterior Deltoid (Front part)
  • Lateral Deltoid (Side part)
  • Rear Deltoid (Back part)

Similarly, for a full three-dimensional shoulder, you’ll have to focus on all three sides of your shoulder. And you’ll also need to build strength for the exercises that target these three shoulder muscles.

Common Reasons Behind Having Broad or Narrow Shoulders

There’s no specific reason why someone has broad or narrow shoulders. However, mostly it’s considered based on factors like:

  • Testosterone level
  • Overall health
  • Essential minerals for good bone density & health

Genetics is another possibility that plays a role in the width of your shoulders. However, you can’t overlook your environment by focusing entirely on these factors. For instance, comparing the shoulders of a swimmer and a pitcher.

Best Exercises to Build Stronger & Broader Shoulders

You should aim to gain overall muscle mass. However, you can target your shoulders more frequently, which helps build stronger and broader shoulders. Similarly, it’s recommended that you switch for variations so you don’t end up at a plateau or have a backup option if you feel any shoulder pain.

In addition, ensure you’re using heavy compound movements to build your shoulder muscles, such as overhead press, along with some lighter and isolated exercises to cover overall shoulder muscle.

Best Exercises for Front Shoulders

  • Landmine press
  • Barbell incline press
  • Barbell overhead press
  • Dumbbell overhead press

Best Exercises for Side Shoulders

  • Upright rowing
  • Butterfly lateral raises
  • Dumbbell overhead press
  • Barbell overhead press
  • Unilateral cable lateral raises

Best Exercises for Back of the Shoulders

  • Rear deltoid dumbbell flys
  • Reverse Bayesian fly
  • Face pulls
  • Chin – Ups
  • Lat pulldowns
  • High rows

Sample Workout Routine to Gain Muscle Mass on Shoulders

As discussed above shoulder-to-waist ratio includes your chest and back muscles. Hence, it’s essential that you hit your chest and back regularly using compound movements. Similarly, hitting shoulders hard in one workout session is recommended. And ensure you have a controlled nutritional intake and eating habits.

Nonetheless, here below is one such sample workout plan for building broad shoulders:

  • Heavy barbell standing overhead press – 5 x 12, 12, 9, 7, 5
  • DB Around Press – 6 x 10
  • DB Side Lateral Raises – 6 x 10
  • Cable Face Pulls – 6 x 10

Closing Thoughts on Broad Shoulders

Broad shoulders are desired by many as it gives attractive looks. Similarly, men’s shoulder often meets the golden ratio’s criteria or is more expansive than broad shoulders. Further, the broad shoulders of females are perpendicularly 90 degrees in angle. Nonetheless, we hope this article may prove beneficial if you have questions like what is considered broad shoulders, knowing whether you’ve one, or how to build broad shoulders. Good luck!


What Types of Shoulders Are Considered Broad for Men?

Those men whose collarbone is wider than the waist have broad shoulders. However, you must also have a narrow pelvis in terms of bone structure.

What Types of Shoulders Are Considered Broader for Women?

Females usually don’t aspire to have broader shoulders like men. However, they’re concerned about whether their shoulders match their body or not. Hence, if the shoulder of the female is perpendicular to a 90-degree angle and it’s not rounded. It means she has broad shoulders. Moreover, women who are into lifting weights and have V-shaped torsos will also have broader shoulders.

What’s the Average Size of Considering Broad Shoulders?

On average, for women, 14.4 inches are considered broad shoulders; for men, 16.1 inches are considered broad shoulders.

Can You Be Skinny & Have Broad Shoulders?

The clavicle bone is a bone that lies horizontally and connects with your chest to your shoulder blades. Hence, you can be skinny and still have broad shoulders if you have long clavicle bones and a narrow pelvis in bone structure.

Does Weight Gain Causes Broad Shoulders?

Your upper extremities can get affected by weight gain. For instance, fat can get stored in the shoulder area along with arms for both men and women. Hence, it can lead to flabby or soft-looking upper arms & thick forearms.

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