Know What Does Swole Means & How an Average Joe Can Become Swole Looking Dude

Lifting weights helps build muscle size, but only some know how exactly it works or how to get the most out of their workouts. Hence, people often keep questioning on the internet how to build good muscle size, have a great body, what does swole means, or how you can become a swole.

what does swole mean

Nonetheless, if you aren’t following pro bodybuilders religiously on social media platforms or just hitting the gym to stay fit and keep your body moving, in that case, you might not know what does swole means.

Technically swole means swollen, but in gym culture, it’s referred to as temporarily pumped muscle when they’re full of lactic acid and blood right after a workout session. In other words, it’s often used for someone who’s jacked, whose physique is incredibly muscular. It’s the term that comes from the person’s swollen appearance.

Origin of Slang Term Swole

Swole is a slang term that gained popularity in the 1990s because of its usage in the 1991 song The Tower by the rapper Ice-T. However, in the 2010s, the popularity of the term swole started skyrocketing among the bodybuilding community on social media platforms.

Are You Swole?

Now you know what does swole means in gym culture. Hence, if you’re among someone training for some years, you might be wondering whether you’re a swole or how to know if someone’s a swole.

Being known as a swole can mean different things. It can mean that you’re either larger than most gym enthusiasts or temporarily pumped up and looking bigger compared to when you’re not working out and resting at home.

Someone may even describe you as feeling swole, which means you’re not looking like someone who lifts, and you’re currently experiencing some form of muscle pump by accidentally pushing yourself to the failure of the set.

However, legit swole people have certain disadvantages. For instance, it becomes difficult for swole bodybuilders to find jeans that fit them correctly. Similarly, they must stay ready to sacrifice comfort to get swole.

5 Tips to Get Swole

Alright, you got the answer of what does swole means, where it originated from, and whether you’re one or not. Hence, if you’re not a swole-looking guy and want to become one, here below are five tips to help you become a swole. However, ensure consistency with your diet and workout because it’s not a one-day process.

Choose Workout Program Based on Your Goals & Lifestyle

At the beginning of the year, people make fitness goals to better their life as a New Year’s Resolution. Many even make goals of becoming swole as well. However, only some people stick to it and, most notably, know how to become one by following a proper fitness regime and diet plan.

Hence, to get swole, you must first analyze your lifestyle and try to follow a workout program that fits in and sticks with it. Instead of working out aggressively for 2 to 3 months and after that quitting, it’s recommended that you start slowly and make adjustments accordingly and stick with the workout as a part of your lifestyle, as it takes years to build muscles and look swole.

Be Real With Training Volume

Spending hours in the gym every day or training isn’t your number 1 priority unless you’re planning to compete in a bodybuilding competition. Hence, ensure you follow a training volume on which you can stick. Instead of trying to become a swole bodybuilder in a day, try to get your body composition right, increase strength, and adjust as you progress.

For example, when you start in the initial phase, stick with less training volume and keep your workout session between 45 to 60 minutes. And, once your body gets used to that, you can increase it. Similarly, it’s also best to try different training techniques like superset and drop set.

Starting with a minimalist approach gives you time to adjust to the workout session without feeling drained. Hence, you can further improve your training volumes and keep getting results without risking injury or feeling demotivated.

Follow & Maintain Nutrition Habit Instead of Following Meal Plans

Your diet is equally important to your workout plan. Hence, if you’re struggling with some distractions like emotional eating and not eating enough protein or according to your macronutrient, then it won’t work. You’ll have to follow proper nutrition, make it a habit, and look at it like a lifestyle.

Those who are new to workout should look for overall calories and, most importantly, eat their proteins adequately, which helps build muscle mass.

Stay Focused on Progress

Most of the time, people will say the good workout plan is the one that gets you feeling burned or how exhausted & sweaty you get. However, in terms of a good workout plan, you should see an increase in strength and physical difference, assuming your diet is going well. Similarly, make small goals and achieve them. For instance, making a goal of losing 50 pounds, first focus on losing 5 pounds, and so on.

Similarly, you’ll have some low days and may not feel like working out, but that’s okay; everyone goes through it. However, ensure you’re staying consistent and focused on your goal.

Master Basic Movements

Confusing your muscle and rotating your workout to prevent your muscle from getting used to the same exercise is becoming quite popular. But before moving in that direction, ensure you’ve mastered your basic movements.

For instance, master some compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, which will always be there no matter your chosen workout program. Similarly, get used to isolation exercises like calf raises, lateral raises, and bicep curls.

A combination of compound and isolation workouts makes an ideal workout plan that helps target the overall muscles of your body. Also, make sure you’re chasing pump and not trying to do ego lift, where you lift more weight than your body can handle.

Here’s One Sample of a 5×5 Workout to Start With

Workout – 1

  • BB Back Squats – 5 x 5
  • BB Bench Press – 5 x 5
  • BB Deadlift – 5 x 5

Workout – 2

  • BB Back Squats – 5 x 5
  • BB Military Press – 5 x 5
  • BB Bent Over Rowing – 5 x 5

Perform 5 sets of 5 reps of each of the single exercises. Try training at least three times a week and alternate between A & B workouts. Similarly, start with light weights initially, master the form, and then add five pounds to the bar.

Wrapping Up

On a serious note, if your goal is to make a swole and muscular physique, then it’ll take a lot of dedication and consistency. You’ll not become a swole by simply following it for a year. Similarly, you’ll have to stick with the workout and diet plans religiously instead of figuring out what does swole means or how to become one if you want to see results immediately.

Your goal should be to focus on the workout plan and diet as a part of your lifestyle. Hence, over the period, you will see progress and increase your strength, making it possible for you to become a swole.

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