Jon Skywalker’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Here’s a Bodybuilder, Fitness Coach, and Social Media Sensation Jon Skywalker’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Born in 1993, Jon Skywalker is one of the popular internet sensation, comedian, and fitness model from America who’s known for his astonishing transformation from skinny 145 lbs. to a 200+ lbs. muscular guy. Like any Pro bodybuilder, he also started training from the young age of 17 with the hopes of becoming stronger. In addition, he has a huge social media following, and he’s also a source of inspiration to many who want to transform their physique. Hence, fans asking about Jon Skywalker’s workout routine or diet plan is not something new.

Jon Skywalker's Workout Routine

Nonetheless, if you’re also looking for his workout plan or want to know his secret diet, then here we are able to cover gathered through his social media commentary and other platforms.

Early Life of Jon Skywalker

Growing up, Jon was always a skinny kid. He used to be thin and soft because of his high metabolism. He’s one of the self-proclaimed ectomorphs who had almost no interest in playing sports or building a muscular physique.

However, graduating high school, he was merely 140 lbs at the height of 6 ft and 4 inches. Hence, he had dealt with self-esteem issues and anxiety. And from here onwards, he decided to join the gym to grow muscles and to achieve an ideal physique.

Further, he joined the gym, but soon, he had to travel to Uzbekistan with his parents, where he joined a local gym again. Luckily, he got the support of the people from the gym he joined in Uzbekistan, and due to this, he was able to train hard and able to make gains.

Jon Skywalker’s Popularity

Once Jon started getting results, he was able to find out what he wanted to do further to achieve his dream physique. And in the way, he even started positing his updates on social media platforms like Instagram simply to track his overall fitness progress.

People started noticing his well-built physique. And, as he kept progressing, he also gained followers. Now, he has more than 700K followers on Instagram, where his fans are attracted to his physique and sees him as an inspiration to transform themselves physically.

Jon Skywalker’s Workout Principles

For maintaining and building muscles, Jon favors mostly isolation exercises to engage his individual muscles at the time of strength training. Nonetheless, he follows a well-balanced workout program, which helps him build his dream physique and also helps motivate other people to get in shape like him.

Also, his workout plan is quite like old-school weight-lifting workout plans. He usually does high-volume training and likes doing cardio to a limited extent.

Jon Skywalker’s Workout Routine

Jon works seven days a week and likes training muscle groups individually. Also called as Tren Setter, Jon is open about his anabolic steroid usage. Nonetheless, here below is one of the workout routines that we were able to find out according to social commentary:

Day – 1

Exercise Sets Reps
Machine Flys (Standing) 5 8
Lat Pulldown (Wide Grip) 5 8
Incline Press (Machine) 5 8
DB Flys (Incline) 5 8
Cable Crossovers 5 8


Day – 2

Exercise Sets Reps
Lat Pulldown (Wide Grip) 5 12
Cable Rowing (Seated) 5 12
T – Rowing 5 12
DB Rowing 5 12
BB Bent Over Rowing 5 12

Day – 3

Exercise Sets Reps
Seated DB Overhead Press 5 10
Seated Side DB Lateral Raises (Seated) 5 10
Seated Alternate Front DB Raises 5 10
Seated Rear Deltoid Raises 5 10
Incline DB Flys 5 10


Day – 4

Exercise Sets Reps
BB Back Squats 5 10
Leg Extensions 5 10
Seated Leg Press 5 10
Leg Curls – Lying 5 10
Calf Raises (Standing) 5 10


Day – 5 

Exercise Sets Reps
Alternate DB Curls (Seated) 5 10
Triceps Pushdowns (Cable) 5 10
Preacher Curls (Machine) 5 10
DB Triceps Extensions (Standing) 5 10
Cable Curls (Standing) 5 10
Dips 4 Till Failure


Day – 6 

Exercise Sets Reps
Incline DB Press 4 10
Cable Crossover (Kneeling) 4 15
Incline Machine Press 4 10
1 Arm DB Flys (Leaning) 4 8
Machine Reverse Fly 4 10
Smith Machine Shrugs (Behind the Neck) 4 15


Day – 7 

Exercise Sets Reps
Plank 3 Till Failure
Russian Twists 3 30
Hanging Knee Raises 3 12
Crunches 3 25
Oblique V – Ups 4 15
Machine Crunches 3 15


Jon Skywalker’s Diet

As much attention he gives to his workout routine, he gives to nutrition. He goes for a high-caloric diet as cutting down weight is very easy for him due to his high metabolism. However, he makes sure that whatever he eats is clean and healthy. For instance, he avoids eating processed foods and sugars and instead goes for high-protein meals.


Meal 1:

  • Cereal Bowl
  • Whey Protein – 1 Scoop

Meal 2:

  • Ground Turkey (Lean)
  • Spaghetti (Whole Grain)
  • Coconut Oil

Meal 3:

  • English Muffins W/ Honey – 2

Meal 4:

  • Grilled Salmon Fish
  • Rice (Long Grain)
  • Vegetables W/ Grilled Peppers

Meal 5:

  • Chicken or Ground Turkey
  • Spaghetti (Whole Grain)
  • Pasta Sauce (Low Sodium)


    • Fat Burner
    • Mass Gainer
    • Pre – Workout
    • BCAAs

    Closing Thoughts on Jon Skywalker’s Workout Routine

    Jon Skywalker is known for his adaptability and dedication to the fitness world. Nonetheless, his workout routine isn’t something that can be recommended to any beginner. However, if you have experience with workout for some years, you can give it a try.

    Similarly, no matter what workout routine you follow, if you do it with dedication and follow a proper diet, you’ll definitely see results. Happy lifting!

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