Kellan Lutz’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Here’s a Comprehensive Look at American Model and Actor Kellan Lutz’s Workout Routine

Kellan is a popular American actor and model who gained popularity through the series “Twilight” and movies like Immortals, Legend of Hercules, and The Expendables 3. Similarly, he’s also known for his ripped body within the movie industry as well as among his fans. And due to his physique, many questions about Kellan Lutz’s workout routine and diet plan. Hence, if you’re among those who want to know about his workout plan or diet plan, then keep reading, as we’ll cover the same.

Kellan Lutz Workout Routine
One of the unique parts in all the movies he has worked on so far has one thing in common. In all the movies, he had a role that required a superhero body, which amazed audiences globally. For instance, Lutz is 6’1/4″, which makes him on the taller side. And the addition of muscle mass due to his intense workout and tailored diet gives him more attention beyond his role in the movie.

Kellan Lutz’s Workout Routine

Kellan likes hitting weight and also goes for HIIT cardio. Similarly, he involves supersets in his workout whenever he can, which helps him to keep his workout intense. Nonetheless, it is not exact, but here’s one workout routine that’ll give you a general idea about his workout:

Monday – Cardio & Full Body

Exercise Sets Reps
Treadmill Run 10 Min
Medicine Ball Slams 5 10
BB Bench Press 5 5
Pull – Ups 3 5
1 – Arm DB Rowing 3 12
DB Hammer Curls 3 10
Triceps Cable Pushdowns 3 10
Farmer’s Walk 3 40 Yards
Kettlebell Swings 5 10
Burpees 5 10


Tuesday – Abs

Exercise Sets Reps
Treadmill Run 20 Min
Battle Rope 5 Min
Reverse Crunches 4 15
Medicine Ball Side Toss 4 10 / Side
Burpees 4 10
Rolling Medicine Ball Push–Ups 4 10

Wednesday– Bodyweight

Exercise Sets Reps
Treadmill Sprint Interval of Every 7 Min 20 – 30 Min
Push – Ups 4 25
Sit Ups 4 20
Box Jumps 4 12
Pull – Ups 4 10


Thursday– HIIT

1 Hr HIIT training.

Exercise Sets Reps
Rowing Machine
Stair Climber


Friday– Lower Body Circuit & Cardio

Exercise Sets Reps
Slow Jog 2 Min
Sprint 1 Min
Catch Breath 30 Seconds
Bear Crawls 10 25 / Leg
Dips 10 20
Box Jumps 5 8
BB Back Squats 5 5
Romanian BB Deadlift 3 8
Standing Calf Raises 3 20
Walking Lunges 2 20
Goblet Carry 3 40


Saturday – Upper Body and Cardio

Exercise Sets Reps
Slow Jog 2 Min
Sprint 1 Min
Catch Breath 30 Seconds
Bear Crawls 10 25 / Leg
Dips 10 20
Medicine Ball Side Toss 3 10
Incline DB Press 3 12
Lat Pulldowns 3 12
BB Push Press 3 5
Skull Crushers 4 12


Sunday – Rest Day

Kellan Lutz’s Diet Plan

Kellan knows the importance of diet in building muscles and follows it properly. It’s rich in vegetables, lean protein, and carbohydrates, which helps maintain proper portions of each. Similarly, he drinks enough water, for instance, at least 1 gallon a day, which helps him keep his body well hydrated and his metabolism high.


Meal 1:

  • Eggs – Boiled
  • Protein Shake
  • Oatmeal
  • Green Juice

Meal 2:

  • Chicken or Salmon
  • Vegetables (Steamed)
  • Eggs

Meal 3:

  • Fish or Steak
  • Fresh Green Salad
  • Vegetables


  • Fat Burner
  • Pre – Workout
  • BCAAs

Kellan Lutz’s Workout Principle

Kellan prefers to train regularly and eat according to the diet plan that’s made for him exclusively. However, he isn’t overly strict with his diet like any professional bodybuilder but prefers to keep it healthy. Lastly, he also goes hard on exercise to meet his goals.

About Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz is a charismatic American model and actor who made his name on his own efforts through his impressive acting and astonishing good looks. Born on 15th March 1985 in North Dakota, USA, he got widespread recognition through his role in the “Twilight” series as Emmett Cullen, where he had played the role of a lovable and powerful vampire. Further, due to his fitness level and sculpted physique, he even managed to earn the title of fitness icon.

Wrapping Up

Though, we can’t compete with this shirtless Lutz pumping iron. But we all can agree that he’s certainly someone who’s worth starring in movies and TV with a sculpted physique. Kellan takes his workout as a part of his job, and his sculpted physique is earned through his hard work. Also, Kellan Lutz’s workout routine and diet plan are proof of this.

However, those who think his workout routine is intimidating. In that case, we suggest going through a workout routine that’s easy for you, especially if you’re a beginner, and gives equal attention to cardio. And, if you stay consistent along with a healthy diet plan, we assure you you’ll get results.

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