Here’s the Youngest Basketball Player in NBA History to Score 40 Points & the Rookie of the Year Award Winner LeBron James Workout Routine

Some athletes are larger than life, such as Kobe Bryant, Tiger, Tyson, and Lebron is one of them. Lebron James is a combination of extreme work ethic, skill & size. He’s the model of a modern superstar athlete who’s also known for following a bulletproof training plan. Hence, it’s not new that many have questions about LeBron James workout routine and diet plan. Nonetheless, he has many skills and is physically strong, which helps him dominate the court.

lebron james workout routine

James has a total of 3 NBA championships, 4 NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, 3 NBA Finals MVP Awards & 2 Olympic Gold Medals. Also, he’s one of the youngest basketball players in NBA history, who’s unbeatable and considered one of the best.

About LeBron James

Born on December 30th, 1984, in Ohio, Lebron James is a professional basketball player for NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers. After being declared for the NBA draft right after high school, he was picked as the number one basketball player in the 2003 draft through the Cleveland Cavaliers, his childhood team. Similarly, he has dominated the NBA for 20 years and is also known as one of the greatest players ever.

LeBron James Workout Principle

Lebron’s workout consists of three strength workout sessions. Similarly, he believes in keeping his resting period as minimum as possible, which helps him gain strength and maximize his endurance. In addition, he believes in a high-intensity workout, which is optimal for an athlete. Lastly, his workout helps maintain a high strength level and endurance while enduring his competition.

LeBron James Workout Routine

LeBron does six sessions per week, including three strength training sessions where he likes to target multiple muscle groups. And for the other three days, he likes doing yoga or Pilates, which helps him maintain his flexibility. And one such workout routine is as below:

Monday – Chest, Triceps & Shoulders

Incline BB Bench Press412
Seated DB Overhead Press412
Seated DB Overhead Triceps Extensions412
Clap Push-Ups320
Triangle Push-Ups315
Plank To Push-Ups310

Tuesday – Plyometric, Spin & Yoga for 30 to 60 Minutes

Wednesday –Back, Biceps & Traps

BB Deadlift412
BB Standing Biceps Curls512
BB Bent Over Rowing412
Wide Push-Ups320
Wide Grip Pull-Ups310

Thursday –Plyometric, Spin & Yoga for 30 to 60 Minutes

Friday –Legs

BB Back Squats412
Leg Press412
Calf Raises – Seated412
Jumping Lunges320
Box Jumps315
Weighted Jumps310

Saturday –Plyometric, Spin & Yoga for 30 to 60 Minutes

Saturday & Sunday – Rest Day

LeBron James Diet Plan

Many might not know, but James likes to have chicken breast with some pasta before the competition, which helps him stay energetic. However, his diet plan includes 6 small daily meals with homemade food like veggies and fruits.

Meal 1:

  • Egg Sandwich
  • Whole Grain Muffin
  • Avocado & Salsa
  • Fresh & Frozen fruit smoothie
  • Greek Yogurt (Low Fat)

Meal 2:

Meal 3 

  • Spinach Salad W/ Veggies
  • Grilled Chicken W/ Dressing of Olive Oil, Light Balsamic or Vinaigrette, paired W/ Fresh Fruit or Sliced Berries or Mandarin Oranges As Salad Topper

Meal 4:

  • Fruit or Vitamins

Meal 5:

  • Grilled or Baked Salmon W/ Crushed Pistachio Topping
  • Steamed Vegetables
  • Quinoa drizzled W/ Lime Juice, Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinaigrette. Also seasoned W/ Dried herbs like chipotle pepper, paprika or rosemary

Meal 6:

  • Veggie Omelet W/ Turkey Bacon


  • Multivitamin
  • Plant Protein

Our Closing Thoughts on LeBron James Workout Routine

LeBron is among the all-around basketball players in the history of the NBA. Similarly, he’s known for having an incredible physique and is dedicated to his workout regime and diet plan. Hence, if you’ve questions about his workout routine here, we’ve covered one of them, which helps you know how many sets and what muscle groups he likes targeting per session. Good luck!


What’s LeBron James Workout Routine?

His workout routine includes three weight training sessions where he likes targeting different muscles group. And he keeps three sessions of Pilates and Yoga that help him stay flexible as well.

How Much Workout Does LeBron James Do in a Day?

Usually, he goes for 6 sessions per week in which he has strength training, classes of versa climber, Pilates, and spin. Similarly, he often wakes up early for a workout.

Why Is LeBron James So Muscular?

Lebron is serious about his workout routine and likes doing three sessions of weight training and three sessions of Yoga & Pilates. Similarly, he gives equal attention to his diet plan.

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