A Fitness Model From Denmark Who Gained Popularity for Her Unique Looks

Born on October 11, 1987, Mia Sand, popularly called Miss Mia Fit, is a Denmark-based fitness model that believes in “Defy the norms of today.” Mia is a new name in the fitness industry known for her extraordinary personality and physique. She’s a sponsored athlete with a number of high-profile fitness companies.

Mia has done an admirable job representing women in weightlifting sports. Similarly, many fans worldwide admire her hard work and dedication in the bodybuilding industry.

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Some Information on Mia Sand’s

Married to a bodybuilder named Rune Jacobsen, Mia is also a mother of a child, Norr. She started her journey in fitness a few years ago after giving birth to a child. Still, with her dedication, she’s able to establish herself in the fitness industry and even sponsored athletes for top brands like Workout Empire.

Mia Sand’s Workout Routine

She believes in mixing heavy compound exercises and isolation movements to maintain her physique while staying strong and feminine. Simultaneously, she doesn’t do cardio regularly and instead likes to reduce her resting periods between the set that keeps the heart pumping and blood flowing, which mimics the cardio routine. However, if she’s focused on fat loss, she’s keeping cardio for one day, like the workout routine mentioned below.

Monday – Arms

BB DB Bicep Curls Superset W/ Hammer Curls310 – 12
Cable Bicep Curls310 – 12
Assisted Chin–Ups510 – 12
Skull Crushers312
Cable Triceps Pushdowns38

Tuesday – Lower Body

BB Back Squats310
BB Front Squats310
BB Romanian Deadlift35
Lunges312 / Leg
Curtsy Lunges312 / Leg
Lateral Lunges315 / Leg
Glute Kickbacks312 / Leg
Glute Bridge315

Wednesday – Upper Body

Lat Pulldown312
Pull – Ups312
DB Incline BB Bench Press312
Cable Side Lateral Raises315
Seated Cable Rowing312
DB Curls312
Triceps Overhead Extensions312
Machine Biceps Curls312
Triceps Rope Pushdowns312

Thursday – Abs & Glutes

Russian Twists415 / Side
V – Ups410
Single Leg Raises410 / Side
Mountain Climbers425
Bicycle Crunches420
Clamshell420 / Side

Friday – Cardio

  • Warm-Up Ride on Exercise Bike
  • Rowing Machine – 5 Minutes
  • Treadmill –20 – 30 Min Sprints W/ Intervals

Saturday & Sunday – Rest Day

Mia Sand’s Diet Plan

Mia is into heavy lifting, and she believes & likes to have nutritious and protein-rich meals to fuel her body. Therefore, she follows a balanced diet structurally designed with heart-healthy fats, carbohydrates, and lean proteins.

  • Meal 1 
    • Eggs – 3 
    • Spinach – 1 Cup 
    • Mixed Berries
  • Meal 2
    • Grilled Salmon
    • Baked Sweet Potato
    • Green Salad
  • Meal 3
    • Ground Beef Salad
    • Steamed Veggies
    • Brown Rice


Wrapping Up

Mia is a proven example that it’s not mandatory to conform to society’s norms and standards to achieve success in life. For instance, Mia didn’t let her image influence her and crafted her own unique looks, which helped her succeed. Nonetheless, if you’re her fan and want to know about Mia Sand’s workout routine or diet plan, here we’ve covered one that you may like to try.

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