An Australian Fitness Model & Athlete Who Started His Career by Playing Cricket & Tennis in His High School Days

Nick Cheadle is an Australian fitness model and athlete who started his career as an athlete in sports, Cricket, and Tennis, but later he shifted towards fitness and became a successful fitness influencer and personal trainer.

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In his younger days, he was heavily into playing cricket, rugby, and tennis. However, his routine changed after high school, and he became less active. Similarly, he started gaining weight after moving away from home despite working as a personal trainer. He even started eating processed food, and he was becoming like one of the regular guys who doesn’t do much physical activity. Finally, he decided to change and started adopting strict fitness and nutrition routine.

Nick Cheadle’s Workout Routine

Nick believes in traditional bodybuilding, such as supplementing his workout with main lifts, like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. Similarly, he also includes workout techniques like supersets and drop-sets frequently to keep his workout intensity high. Here we’ve one of the workout routines that you can look upon:

Monday – Chest, Shoulders & Moderate Deadlift

BB Deadlift58 – 10
Snatch Grip BB Deadlift310 – 12
Incline DB Bench Press412 -15
Decline Cable Fly’s420
DB Shoulder Press48 – 10
DB Side Lateral Raises412 – 15

Tuesday – Legs

BB Back Squats55
Walking Lunges – Weighted430
Leg Extensions420
Leg Curls420
Calf Press – Weighted510

Wednesday – Chest, Back & Shoulders

Incline DB Bench Press510 – 12
Decline Cable Fly’s520
Weighted Wide Grip Chin – Ups46 – 8
Lat Pulldowns412 – 15
1 – Arm DB Rowing410 – 12
Machine Rowing412 – 15
Standing Overhead BB Press46 – 8
Seated DB Shoulder Press412 – 15
Bent Over Rear Delt Fly’s415

Thursday – Cardio, Abs & Calves

BB Rollouts315
BB Rollouts315
Weighted V- Sit Ups315
Hanging Leg Raises320
Medicine Ball Oblique Crunches315
Cable Woodchoppers35
Russian Twists350
Calf Press – Weighted512

Friday – Back & Chest

BB Deadlifts55 – 6
Rack Pulls38
Incline BB Bench Press48
Incline DB Flys412
Decline Cable Fly’s420
Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns412 – 15
Bent Over BB Rowing412 – 15
Seated Machine Rowing412 – 15
Straight Arm Cable Pushdowns312 – 15

Saturday – Leg Day

BB Back Squats58 – 10
Leg Press350
Leg Extensions425
Leg Curls425
Calf Raises515

Sunday – Rest Day

Nick Cheadle’s Diet Plan

Nick likes sticking with clean food. Though, sometimes he likes to have cheat days as long as he hits his daily protein, carb, and fat requirement. He usually goes for 5 meals a day with 3 hours gap in between. Similarly, he drinks around 5 to 6 liters of water to keep himself well-hydrated. Here below is one such diet plan of Nick Cheadle:

Meal 1:

  • Oats
  • Eggs
  • Fruits

Meal 2:

  • Soy Lin Toast
  • Protein Shake

Meal 3 – As Pre-Workout:

  • Tuna
  • Brown Rice

Meal 4:

  • Chicken
  • Rice Cakes

Meal 5:

  • Protein Shake


  • Whey Protein
  • Pre – Workout
  • BCAAs
  • Creatine

Our Closing Thoughts on Nick Cheadle’s Workout Routine

Nick Cheadle is a popular fitness coach, personal trainer, and nutritionist who has gained immense popularity due to his effective workout routines. His workout is based on science-backed principles and designed according to individual goals.

Nonetheless, if you’re his fan or just heard about him and are interested in Nick Cheadle’s workout routine or diet plan, here we’ve covered one. Good luck!

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