4-Day PHUL Workout Routine to Build Both Size & Strength – Based on Basic Principles

Bodybuilding is mainly about being aesthetic, which means being as big as you can get while being ripped. Similarly, most of the time, strength is not the focus subject when it comes to bodybuilding. And, as you progress towards your bodybuilding journey, you would like to gain power as well with size and shredded body. Many even believe size without strength isn’t meaningful. Hence, if you’re someone who’s looking to build strength as well, we’ve covered a 4-day structured PHUL workout routine that helps build strength and muscle mass both.

PHUL Workout Routine

It’s based on the basic principles, namely frequency, compounds, hypertrophy, and power size, that help you maximize results on both strength and size in an easy and adaptable routine.

What Is PHUL Workout?

PHUL is an abbreviation for Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower. It’s one type of workout routine that involves 4-day sessions per week. It’s tailored for increasing strength and muscle mass.

Put simply, the Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower workout routine involves a total 4 sessions per week in which:

  • Two training sessions for building power.
  • Two training sessions for building muscle mass.
  • Compound exercises.
  • Assistance exercises.
  • Isolation exercises.

Further, the first two workout sessions are focused on power-based movements that involve compound exercises like squats and bench presses with assistance and isolation exercises such as lateral raises & Lat pulldowns. The last two days are for hypertrophy, where the volume of the workout is increased, which helps in muscle growth & endurance.

The PHUL Workout Routine is structured in:

  • Day 1: Upper Power training session.
  • Day 2: Lower Power training session.
  • Day 3: Rest Day.
  • Day 4: Upper Hypertrophy training session.
  • Day 5: Lower Hypertrophy training session.
  • Day 6: Rest Day.
  • Day 7: Rest Day.

PHUL Workout Routine

The PHUL workout plan is a balanced workout method for fitness. It gives benefits of both the world, strength, and muscle mass. Alternating between hypertrophy and power gives a dynamic and engaging workout routine that helps overcome plateaus. It’s a versatile workout option for any intermediate to advanced-level lifter.

Day 1 – Upper Power

BB Bench Press3 – 43 – 5
Incline DB Bench Press3 – 46 – 10
Bent Over BB Rowing3 – 43 – 5
Lat Pull Down3 – 46 – 10
Overhead Press2 – 35 – 8
BB Curls2 – 36 – 10
Skull Crushers2 – 36 – 10

Day 2 – Lower Power

BB Back Squats3 – 43 – 5
BB Deadlift3 – 43 – 5
Leg Press3 – 510 – 15
Leg Curls3 – 46 – 10
Calf Exercises46 – 10

Day 3 – Rest Day

Day 4 – Upper Hypertrophy

Incline BB Bench Press3 – 48 – 12
Flat Bench DB Flys3 – 48 – 12
Seated Cable Rowing3 – 48 – 12
1 – Arm DB Rowing3 – 48 – 12
DB Side Lateral Raises3 – 48 – 12
Seated Incline DB Curls3 – 48 – 12
Cable Triceps Extensions3 – 48 – 12

Day 5 – Lower Hypertrophy

Front BB Squats3 – 48 – 12
BB Lunges3 – 48 – 12
Leg Extensions3 – 48 – 12
Leg Curls3 – 48 – 12
Seated Calf Raises3 – 48 – 12
Calf Press3 – 48 – 12

Day 6 & 7 – Active Rest Day

Note: Abs workouts can be done on your rest days or at the end of the workout session.

4 Principles Followed in the PHUL Workout Routine

Here below are the 4 main principles of strength & size on which the entire PHUL (Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower) workout plan is developed.

1) Frequency

MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) stays elevated for up to 48 hours after workout. Hence, it’s ideal to hit each muscle group more than once a week. The PHUL program does the same. It’s designed to hit every muscle group twice a week.

2) Compounds

The PHUL workout program focuses on the main compound exercises for optimal progressions. Similarly, isolation exercises are included in the program as assistance exercises. The main goal of the workout plan is to increase your performance in main lifts while building muscle mass.

3) Power

Out of 4 workout sessions, 2 workouts have been dedicated to building strength. The key is to get stronger and bigger by utilizing progressive overload & time under tension. These 2 workout sessions help you to build strength so you can use more weights on your hypertrophy days.

4) Hypertrophy

The remaining 2 days in these 4 days a week PHUL workout routine is for hypertrophy – a typical bodybuilding style workout. Hence, you’ll see your muscle size increase along with strength.

9 Reasons PHUL Workout Enhances Muscle Growth

Here below are 9 reasons to stay assured you’ll get muscle growth by following the Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower (PHUL) workout.

1) Balanced

PHUL workout has a balanced approach to training. It combines both hypertrophy & strength workouts. It provides a balance of gaining strength and building muscle size simultaneously.

2) Strength

The power days of the PHUL workout go with low rep ranges and heavy weights. Hence, it’s ideal to build strength. And consecutive lifting of heavy weights helps build strength on a significant level.

3) Muscle Growth

Similar to strength days, there are dedicated Hypertrophy days that have workouts built around building muscle groups. Similarly, you go for higher reps and more volume, which stimulates your muscle growth while giving you better muscle size and definition.

4) Variation

PHUL workout focuses on hypertrophy and strength days, which prevents you from getting bored. Similarly, it also reduces the injury risk and maintains workout engagement.

5) Time Efficient

PHUL Workout, in total, includes four workout sessions in a week. Hence, it’s an efficient workout program that anyone can follow, whether they have a busy schedule with time constraints or not.

6) Flexible

The PHUL workout is tailored for intermediate to advanced lifters, depending upon the goal. Hence, it’s a flexible workout plan that allows you to adjust weights, reps, and exercises to match individual fitness goals and abilities.

7) Improved Physique

PHUL emphasizes both strength and hypertrophy. Hence, you can lift more weight while having a more defined and aesthetically pleasing physique.

8) Tracking of Progress

PHUL workout works on both strength and muscle gain. Hence, it’s easier to track and also becomes a motivational source for fitness goals.

9) Functional Strength

Compound exercises, like deadlifts, squats, and bench presses, are focused on the PHUL workout routine. Hence, it improves functional strength and becomes beneficial for sports performance and daily activities.

4 Advantages of Following PHUL Workout Routine

Here below are 4 benefits you’ll get by following PHUL workout splits.

1) Short Workout Length

Your training session might include 20 sets if you’re concentrating on the shorter rep range in some PHUL routines. You would normally spend no more than an hour and a half in the gym if you use these 20 sets to target the low rep range. Similarly, it involves arranging your program to incorporate a quick warm-up and a cool-down stretch.

2) Helps Build Strength & Power

A lot of exercise programs usually concentrate on one thing at a time, such as power, endurance, weight loss, cutting, bulking, or strength training. But in PHUL, you exercise for both strength & power at the same time as encouraging an increase in muscle growth.

3) Ample Recovery Time

You can safely target your main muscle groups twice a week without running the risk of overtraining with PHUL. With enough recovery time between workouts, this method lets you challenge yourself during each session and still keep your overall fitness at its best.

4) Variations

Compound and isolation exercises are both incorporated into the PHUL method, offering a variety of activities to keep your workouts interesting and avoid getting bored.

6 Tips to Make PHUL Workout Routine More Effective

The PHUL workout plan is effective in enhancing muscle mass and strength. However, here below are six tips that will help you avoid some common mistakes and make your workout more effective.

  1. Make an effort to adhere to the specified sets and reps for the major compound exercises in the training plan. If certain equipment isn’t available in the gym, you can always do isolated exercises instead.
  2. Make sure you are getting enough protein; one gram should correspond to one pound of lean muscle.
  3. To properly fuel your strenuous exercises, think about including carb loading on training days, especially during power sessions.
  4. Make sure you get 7-8 hours of good sleep every night in order to promote the best possible muscle repair and growth.
  5. Make the most of your recovery days by combining light aerobic, stretching, and mobility exercises.
  6. Drink enough water and always maintain enough hydration to promote general well-being and productivity.

For How Long to Follow PHUL Workout?

A PHUL workout plan should be followed for at least 6 weeks. However, you can also do it for 12 weeks or even longer if you want. Similarly, like other workout programs, you’ll see progress slowly and steadily over time. Nonetheless, make sure you don’t get discouraged, as it’s a serious weightlifting protocol that needs proper effort in the entire duration of the workout plan to get the best results.

Can Beginners Do PHUL Workout?

The PHUL workout is usually suitable for intermediate to advanced lifters. Most beginner-friendly workout routines are focused on full-body workouts to make sure all the fundamentals of exercise are cleared, and the body gets ready to handle heavier weights for targeted muscle groups.

Nonetheless, if you’re a beginner who has their basics clear, such as technique and form in the major exercises like bench press, squats, overhead press, and deadlift, then you can try the PHUL workout plan.

Closing Thoughts

Putting the PHUL workout routine into practice is a great way to build strength and make sure you’re recovering enough to keep going. When you combine intensive sessions at the beginning and end of the training week with workouts that are centered on hypertrophy in between, you should see improvements in strength and muscle mass.

Nonetheless, the PHUL workout can be a helpful step forward if you’re looking to add variation to your workout routine or have reached a plateau in your training.

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