Make Your Own Planet for Fitness by Following Planet Fitness Friendly Workout Routine

You have taken a membership in the planet fitness gym, or you’re questioning whether to join planet fitness near me or not because their rules are quite strict, which isn’t favorable for most gym enthusiasts, especially those who are into fitness. Hence, if you’re one of those, you’re reading the right article. Here, we’re covering two different workout routines by which you can make your own planet for fitness by joining planet fitness near you.

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Go through the workout plans below and figure out on your own does it answer your question of whether you should join planet fitness near you or not.

5 Day per Week Planet Fitness Friendly Workout

It’s a five-day workout routine that you can do in planet fitness or any other commercial gym without worrying about the crazy policies made by the gym. It includes one body part per session, and you can easily do it with minimum gym equipment that is mostly available in planet fitness and other commercial gyms.

Day 1: Chest

DB Incline Bench Press58 – 12
Chest Press Using Machine48 – 10
DB Flys412 – 15
Dips (Chest)48 – 12
Peck Deck312 – 15
Push Ups3Till Failure

Day 2: Back

Pull Ups58 – 12
1 Arm DB Rowing412 – 15
Smith Machine Rowing412 – 15
Seated Cable Rowing312 – 15
Close Grip Lat Pulldowns412 – 15
Straight Arm Lat Pulldown420 – 15

Day 3: Arms

DB Curls312 – 15
DB Triceps Extensions312 – 15
Hammer Curls – DB / Cable312 – 15
Dips – Triceps312 – 15
Preacher Curls – DB312 – 15
Cable Overhead Triceps Extensions312 – 15

Day 4: Shoulders

DB Press – Seated48 – 12
DB Side Lateral Raises48 – 12
Cable Face Pulls312 – 15
Machine Side Lateral Raises315 – 20
Reverse Peckdeck312 – 15
Shrugs415 – 20

Day 5: Leg

Leg Press412 – 15
Goblet Squats312 – 15
Hip Thrusts412 – 15
Leg Curls – Lying312 – 15
DB Lunges312 – 15 / Leg
Calf Raises – Standing425 – 20
Hyperextension (Focused on Glutes)312 – 15

Planet Fitness Friendly 4-Day Upper / Lower Body Workout

Compared to the above 5-day workout routine, if you want to try something different, then you can try this upper and lower body parts workout routine, which is planet fitness friendly. It’s a total of 4 days, one day dedicated to upper body parts and another to the lower body part.

Day 1 – Upper Body

DB Bench Press410 – 15
DB Flys312 – 15
DB Rowing410 – 15
Lat Pulldown410 – 15
Shoulder Press – DB410 – 15
DB Side Lateral Raises412 – 15
Triceps Dips210 – 15
Cable Curls210 – 15

Day 2 – Lower Body

Leg Press412 – 15
Stiffed Leg BB DB Deadlift48 – 12
Leg Extensions312 – 15
Leg Curls – Lying312 – 15
Glute Kickbacks312 – 15
Calf Raises – Standing325

Day 3 – Upper Body

DB Shoulder Press (Seated)410 – 15
Cable Face Pulls310 – 15
Bent Over DB Rowing412 – 15
Pull – Ups48 – 12
DB Press – Incline410 – 15
Cable Flys310 – 15
DB Curls210 – 15
Skullcrushers210 – 15

Day 4 – Lower Body

DB Goblet Squats410 – 15
Hip Thrusts410 – 12
DB Deadlift410 – 12
DB Lunges310 – 15 / Leg
Leg Curls – Seated312 – 15
Calf Raises – Seated325

Closing Thoughts

These two workout routines are the best for those who’re a beginner or have questions like whether to join planet fitness near me. These workouts are mostly beginner-level; hence you won’t be doing any superset, drop set, or any advanced technique. And similarly, if you follow it with a proper diet plan, you’ll definitely get the results.


Will I Be Able to Get a Good Workout by Joining Planet Fitness Near Me?

Yes, you can get a good workout by joining planet fitness near you. These mentioned workouts will make your own planet for fitness within that planet fitness gym you’re considering joining.

What Workout Routine to Do at Planet Fitness to Lose Weight?

Above mentioned 5-day workout routine split with proper nutrition is best to go with if you’re looking to lose weight by joining planet fitness near you.

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