Try These Best Hunger Suppressant Foods & Avoid Overeating

Do you try to eat healthy food to take care of your body?

Do you try to stick with a healthy routine for days, weeks, or maybe even months?

I accept it’s not that easy and pretty hard when you have 9 to 5 jobs – especially for the one who has to sit in one place for long hours.

Everyone hates to admit, but many times people indeed end up indulging in overeating, and instead of losing weight, they start gaining weight.

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. Many do the same. I accept I’m no different. 😀

So, what to do?

Trying appetite suppressants supplements is not always a good idea. Some may even get side-effects.

top foods

However, one thing that can work for everyone is trying foods that curb appetite naturally. Yes, many healthy foods are there next to our eyes, which we often overlook, and these are not only appetite-reducing foods but also rich in nutrients.

List of Top 21 Foods That Curbs Appetite Naturally

Below is the list of appetite-reducing foods that you can get easily from any mall or store.

EggsWhey ProteinDark Chocolate
GingerSweet PotatoesGreen Leafy Vegetables
AlmondsFlax SeedsVegetable Juice
ApplesCayenne PepperSkim Milk
TofuVegetable SoupSalad
OatmealWaterGreen Tea

Let’s see what makes each of them one of the healthy ways to suppress appetite.


Eggs often called one of the killer weight-loss food, scores first in our list. Yes, it’s proven, and many dieticians suggest that eggs are one of the appetite-reducing foods. People who eat around one or two eggs for breakfast instead of eating a bagel or something stays fuller instead of giving into unwanted hunger pangs.


Since centuries ginger root has been used for its amazing digestive power, it offers. Whether you like an Indian dish or like to make smoothies, ginger can prove beneficial due to its stimulant type of energy that your body gets from it and also improves digestion, which helps in making you less hungry.


Yes, Almonds is one of the foods that curb your appetite. It has shown to increase appetite suppressants, which helps in weight management, too. A handful of almonds – 20 pc are a rich source of Vitamin E, magnesium, along with other antioxidants making it beneficial for many things, including appetite suppressants.


All types of apples that are low in calories and fats have one thing common. It’s considered among the best hunger suppressant foods due to its high fiber content. Fiber is the major reason why it’s considered among appetite-reducing foods.

The provided fiber content helps you feel fuller for longer duration as it expands into your stomach, making it less food for satisfying your hunger while preventing you from overeating. Lastly, it also helps to regulate your glucose level while boosting your energy level.


Full of creamy texture, and healthy monosaturated fat, avocados take a longer time to get digested, which makes them enlisted among the foods that curb appetite naturally. Also, it’s a good source of soluble fiber, which makes a thick gel that also slows down indigestion. Lastly, the fats of Avocados are the one which sends signals to your brain that your stomach is full, eventually making you feel fuller and preventing from overeating.


A plant-based protein source high in an isoflavone, also known as genistein, has shown to lower food intake by suppressing appetite. For introducing tofu in your diet, try to stir-fry or with a bowl of grain along with tofu and green & healthy veggies.


Perfect for breakfast and also staple among snack drawers. It can keep you satisfied until dinner, making it one of the appetite-reducing foods due to high carbs. Another reason for oatmeal being the best hunger suppressant foods is because of their ability to suppress the hunger hormone ghrelin. Also, it’s low in the Glycemic Index, which makes it healthy as well.

Whey Protein

If you’re hitting the gym, then you already know the importance of whey protein, and you might also know you feel less hungry after having one serving of whey protein, at least for an hour. So, without a doubt, yes, it’s one of the appetite suppressants as it’s considered one of the small meals, which you have it especially as post-workout – some even take in the morning with breakfast.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are pretty known for reducing appetite. It contains a starch that helps resists your digestive enzymes, making it stay in your stomach for longer, which makes you feel fuller resulting in appetite suppressants. Aside from being one of the foods that curb appetite naturally, it’s also rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.

Flax Seeds

This protein-rich Flaxseed is a mixture of essential fatty acids and soluble fiber that makes a perfect addition to your yogurt, smoothies, or salads. Just be sure to grind them as the human body is not capable of digesting whole flax seeds. As being counted among the best hunger suppressant foods, it helps you stay full and prevent overeating.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is the natural herb that aids in losing weight if it’s taken along with your proper diet. Also, it boosts metabolism that helps the body to burn extra calories on its own. Aside from that, this red pepper is also seen as an appetite reducing foods that helps you prevent overeating while speeding up your metabolism that helps burn calories.


Cinnamon, also popularly known as nature’s gastric hand, is proven for its ability to reduce your appetite. Whether you have cereal, fruit, oatmeal, coffee, or even greens, sprinkle some cinnamon on it. Similar to other ground spices like cloves and ginger, cinnamon helps in lowering your blood sugar levels and has said it’s also one of the healthy ways to suppress appetite.

Vegetable Soup

Hot vegetable soup can fill you up in no time and that also in fewer calories. Besides that, it can help you avoid overeating, making it one of the best appetite suppressants food of the list.


People don’t drink enough water, which is needed to keep you hydrated, along with many other health benefits. Healthy adults like you must drink at least gallon a day, and if you drink around 2 or 3 glass of water before your meal, it’ll also work as one of the healthy ways to suppress appetite by making you fuller, which leads to eating fewer calories in a given meal.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, dark chocolates are one of the safe, amusing, tasty, and healthy ways to suppress appetite. Its pure bittersweet taste helps in reducing appetite. It’s even known as antioxidants that help not only in suppressing appetite but also in losing weight. Though, be sure to at least go for 70% cocoa next time when you get the craving for chocolate. A little dark can go the extra mile to decrease your appetite along with the stearic acid as a bonus, which slows down your digestion and keep you feel fuller for a long period.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Those green leafy vegetables are unbeatable if you’re looking for a good nutritious fiber source. Besides, they’re also counted as an appetite reducing foods that can prevent you from overeating. From spinach to kale, these fibrous green leafy vegetables are delicious that can help to keep hunger at bay – can be eaten raw or fried with little olive oil, it’s your choice.

Vegetable Juice

Yes, without a doubt, vegetable juices are a great way to get more veggies into your diet. But, many have seen that it fill you up – yes, not directly. But it did become one of the foods that suppress hunger. The best way to make it work in your favor is to drink it before a meal, and you’ll end up eating fewer calories instead of ending up way more then you should. Just be sure to keep it low in sodium, so you don’t end up being bloated.

Skim Milk

If your hunger stays out of whack all the time, try having skim milk. It’s proven that if you’ve one serving of dairy, it’ll help you prevent eating all those unhealthy junk foods and processed carbohydrates.


Yes, your beloved coffee can reduce your appetite. It’s not a meal replacement, but coffee stimulates thermogenesis, which means reduced appetite and, for a temporary basis, lessen the requirement of food. However, try to avoid sugar and cream, which lessens its effect on appetite suppressants.


Eat a serving of salad before your meal. A cup of one or two salad will make you full signaling your brain that you’ve got enough calories and nutrition, ultimately resulting in eating fewer calories. Eating salad before 30 to 40 minutes before having your meal will be the best bet to go with.

Green Tea

Mostly you know it, and you may have even read about it. But, those who are not aware, yes, green tea help to manage your hunger pangs. Having green tea at odd hours will work like appetite suppressants that will result in less hunger and less consumption of calories. Lastly, it also aids in losing weight.

Closing Thoughts

These are appetite-reducing foods, but it doesn’t mean that you need to have every single thing daily. You can go for one or two, depending upon how easily you can get access to these foods – though it’s found everywhere, sometimes it happens that it might be out of stock or not available due to any other reason.

Also, there’re many other best hunger suppressant foods available. But, it’s not easy to cover every single thing in the post. So, if you think I’ve missed out on some of the important ones, please let me know in below comment section.

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