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EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) is a type of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) that keeps you pounding reps to a different exercise at the start of every minute. Didn’t have much idea about it and still wondering what is an EMOM workout. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, and many aren’t aware of this unique EMOM workout. Similarly, we’ll cover this workout type in detail, so keep reading.

What Does an EMOM Workout Mean?

EMOM workouts are based on principles of reps & time. The idea behind this workout is to select an exercise and set the number of reps you’ll do within a minute—for example, 10 burpees. Further, you’ll set a time to a minute, and you’ll do 10 burpees. And if it’s completed, let’s say, in 40 seconds, then the remaining 20 seconds will be your rest time.

What Is an EMOM Workout

At the end of the minute, you’ll reset the timer and start with the same exercise, or you can even go for another exercise. Furthermore, if you’re willing to do a full EMOM workout, then it’ll require 10 to 45 minutes of exercise, and you can do different exercises to make a complete circuit workout.

Put simply, EMOM workouts are a type of interval-style training technique that uniquely uses time. Other variables of the workout, like the selection of an exercise or load, are also used to design and support the goal.

Also, EMOM workouts are one of the best ways to benchmark performance and measure clearly and precisely how your fitness level is improving. For instance, if your EMOMs are around 20 jump squats, you’ll see that your resting period has also increased. Similarly, if you’re doing weighted exercises, you can complete your EMOM successfully with heavier loads.

EMOM workouts are helpful for your body in learning how to recover more quickly and work harder. Over the period of time, it’ll help build your fitness capacity, along with how quickly you and your heart rate get back to baseline after rigorous workouts.

9 Benefits of an EMOM Workout

Those who have read till here, we hope you’ve got an answer to the question, “What is an EMOM workout?” Now, let’s find out what the advantages of doing an EMOM workout are.

1) Hard Workout in Half of Time

EMOM workouts are good for time management. They’re the best way to push yourself in a set amount of time.

2) Controlled Rest Period

Once the timer begins, you’re in total control of how hard you want to push to maximize your rest time. For example, if you take 30 seconds to complete 20 reps, then you’ll have 30 seconds of rest. And if you take 40 to 45 seconds to complete 20 reps, you’ll barely have resting time.

3) Efficiently Structured

EMOM workouts are designed to encourage the person. For instance, if you’re taking too much resting time in a workout, EMOMs will force you to do your workout more efficiently. Such a structure is useful for multiple types of workouts. For example, if you tend to rest too much between strength sets, like in back squats, trying an EMOM for five squats of each round is more beneficial.

4) Burns More Calorie

Whenever rest intervals are short, muscles use more oxygen, which results in more caloric expenditure. Hence, in an EMOM workout, muscles will keep working, and your body will burn more calories.

5) Promotes Weight Loss

EMOM workout helps burn calories more efficiently, and such exercise elevates your heart rate as well. Hence, your cardiovascular system will constantly work, resulting in weight loss.

6) Builds Muscle & Strength Endurance

With the EMOM workout, you can build strength and muscular endurance both. It’s because the high-intensity exercises coupled with the shorter rest time help increase the hormonal response of the muscles worked.

7) Increased Work Capacity

Whenever you go for a high-volume workout with reduced rest time, it will increase your ability to perform at a higher work rate, even with more rest time. Hence, it will also increase your overall cardiovascular output along with muscular endurance.

8) Limited or No Equipment

For EMOM workouts, you don’t need loads of fancy gym equipment. You’re good to go with it even if you’ve limited access to exercise equipment. Similarly, you can even do your EMOM workout, even if you don’t have any equipment at all.

9) Dynamic

The best part of an EMOM workout is that you can structure it the way you want to. EMOM is a framework for exercise and not exercise itself. For instance, you can do an EMOM circuit that includes push-ups, burpees, squats, lunges, and so on.

5 Reasons to Try EMOM Workout

You know what is an EMOM workout and even what benefits it offers. Now, let’s find out why you should give an EMOM workout a try.

1) Tailor According to Goal

The best part of an EMOM workout is that it isn’t specifically limited to certain exercises. Instead, you can tailor it according to your requirements. For example, you can go for an EMOM workout to increase your cardio fitness level by involving exercises like sprints, high knee runs, and mountain climbers.

Suppose your fitness goal is related to strength, and you want to build muscle. In that case, you can focus on including bodyweight or even weighted exercises, which can be anything, whether squats, deadlifts, or bench presses.

2) For All Fitness Level

Though, it’s not recommended for a complete beginner. However, if you’re someone who’s intermediate or has some gym experience, you can give an EMOM workout a try by tailoring it according to your fitness level.

3) Can Last From 4 to 40 Minutes

You can tailor your EMOM workout based on your fitness level and decide how long you want to keep it. For instance, if you want to work out for 10 to 20 minutes, you can do so by picking 4 to 5 exercises for a short, quick session. And if you want to indulge in the 40-minute proper workout, you can do that by including more exercises.

4) Countless Combination of Exercises

You can include as many exercises as you want. You can make it challenging for yourself by keeping variety. Similarly, you can pick exercises, number of sets, and reps depending on how intense you want to make your workout. For example, 5 sets of 3 different exercises or 3 sets of 6 exercises, both will work fine. Similarly, you can even decide whether you want to do upper body, lower body, full body workout, only kettlebell exercise, or cardio focused.

5) Mentally & Physically Challenging

In an EMOM workout, the faster you finish the reps, the more rest you have in the remaining minute. You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to push your body to move faster when you know you’ll have a longer rest to compensate! The nature of the EMOM workout setup will make testing your body your main goal (since you have a longer break). However, it will also be psychologically tough as you start to fatigue while still attempting to finish each round of exercises within the same time range as the previous round.

Here’s How an EMOM Workout Looks Like

Trainers mostly use EMOM workouts as a finisher in their group class sessions. However, if you’re short on time and looking for a quick workout, then the EMOM workout is good to go with. The best part of an EMOM workout is that you don’t require much time, and your EMOM workouts can get done anywhere within 4 to 20 minutes.

Here’s a Sample EMOM Workout to Try

Below are the sample EMOM workouts you can try based on your fitness level.

EMOM Workout for Beginners

  • Minute 1 – 8 to 10 Barbell Squats
  • Minute 2 – 8 to 10 Push Ups
  • Minute 3 – 8 to 10 Plank Rows
  • Minute 4 – 8 to 10 Jump Squats
  • Minute 5 – 8 to 10 Sit Ups

EMOM Workout for Intermediate or Advanced

  • Minute 1 – 15 Dumbbell Squats
  • Minute 2 – 10 Push Ups W/ Renegade Rows
  • Minute 3 – 15 Jump Squats
  • Minute 4 – 15 Sit Ups
  • Minute 5 – 10 Burpees

Who Shouldn’t Try EMOM Workout

Those who live sedentary lives, don’t have any prior experience of working out, or someone who has just joined the gym should refrain from doing EMOM workouts at present. Similarly, if you’ve any heart-related issues, any chronic injury, breathing issues such as asthma, or you’re on medication, then also avoid doing an EMOM workout.

Wrapping Up

EMOMs are a quick and efficient way to burn calories and improve your muscle endurance in a short period of time. Each exercise is done on the minute and usually with a specified number of reps, with the balance of the time dedicated to rest. Similar to the benefits of a HIIT class, EMOMs train you quickly and hard to achieve maximum outcomes through intensive periods of exercise.

The versatility of an EMOM workout allows trainers or individuals to experiment with time, structure, and equipment selection. This is why EMOMS are so effective at operating at any time of day and from any position with a solid, supportive surface.

Nonetheless, here we have covered in great detail what is an EMOM workout, its benefits, and a sample EMOM workout as well. We hope it’ll clear your doubts about an EMOM workout and help you decide whether you should go with it or not.

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