Here Are Some of the Reasons Why Real Athletes Don’t Do CrossFit, Especially, Bodybuilders Even After Its Immense Popularity

Since CrossFit has gained popularity, thousands of people have started doing it, and even local gyms have dedicated places only for CrossFit. However, it’s still debatable whether elite athletes are doing CrossFit or not, especially someone who does bodybuilding competitions like any IFBB Pro. Put simply, on today’s date also, elite-level athletes like to stay away from it. Hence, it’s an obvious question many people ask, why real athletes don’t do CrossFit? And, if you’re among those who want an answer to this question, keep reading as we’ll cover the topic.

why real athletes don't do CrossFit

But before we go with the reasoning and debate about CrossFit, let’s first understand the basic definition of the sport. Put simply, an activity that involves physical exertion & skill where an individual or team competes with others for entertainment. For instance, a contest of athletic prowess played based on a set of predefined rules for mass entertainment.

Let’s get to the point and try to understand the question about real athletes not engaging in CrossFit.

Why Real Athletes Don’t Do CrossFit?

It’s a more debatable and controversial statement because options differ. For example, some athletes prefer to avoid it due to different training goals, while others prefer to do CrossFit workouts.

However, here are some possible reasons why some athletes prefer to avoid getting involved in CrossFit.

Specialization in Specific Sport

As discussed, some athletes like to focus on one sport or fitness activity. Hence, they must stay completely dedicated to it to get higher mastery or skills in that area. For instance, bodybuilders competing in bodybuilding will likely be more focused on building aesthetic physiques and likely be more inclined towards learning posing skills.

Similarly, divulging into different areas and incorporating themselves into CrossFit will hinder them from achieving the results they desire from bodybuilding.

Risk of Injury

CrossFit workouts are quite intense. Hence, it increases the chance of injury if the proper form and technique are not taken care of. Therefore, some athletes may like to avoid CrossFit or won’t like to participate to avoid the risk of injury that’s involved with it.

Different Goals

Different athletes have different goals. For instance, powerlifter is more inclined towards their 1 rep max, or bodybuilders are more likely to build their physique and look more muscular. So, CrossFit workouts will only be effective and efficient in achieving desired results based on training goals.

Coaching & Programming

Many athletes like to train under coaches & trainers who specialize in tailoring workouts according to the demand of activity & sports. Therefore, they follow a specialized workout program that’s designed specifically for them.

Excessive Soreness

Those familiar with the workouts know that muscle soreness does come the next day, especially when you do heavy intense workouts such as squats, military presses, or deadlifts. However, that’s also true that you’ll get more than needed muscle soreness with CrossFit sessions. I don’t think anyone would like to get so sore that they can’t do any other workout or activity for an entire week.


Most of those who do CrossFit follows the Paleo diet. For those who don’t know, the Paleo diet revolves around meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, fruits, nuts, herbs, healthy fats, and oils. Similarly, you’re not allowed to have dairy products, even some fruits.

Though many are flexible with their diet, when it comes to being a competitive CrossFit athlete, the diet will be strict, as it’s part of competition preparation. Hence, other athletes may prefer to avoid seriously getting involved in CrossFit and the Paleo diet.


Actual CrossFit workouts are quite short, ranging from 5 to 20 minutes per session on average. However, it gets stretched up to an hour, including early stretching and warm-up classes. Similarly, foam sessions after CrossFit workouts mean it needs a good tie commitment, which isn’t that flexible for everyone for four to five days a week.

No One to Look Up to

No doubt you’ll respect those who are serious about CrossFit, everyone does. But, that’s also a fact that you won’t find iconic bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler, or any other bodybuilders who are globally respected and known for their body parts. For instance, in modern bodybuilding, Phil Heath is known for his best back muscles.

Body Composition

No doubt CrossFit athletes have great bodies. But, from a bodybuilding perspective, you’ll see they don’t carry enough muscle mass, which he required for competing in bodybuilding shows. Similarly, constant muscle soreness is another reason many athletes run away from it.

More Conditioning & Not Speed

CrossFit mostly improves your conditioning rather than your speed. Though you’re encouraged to go as fast as possible during your CrossFit workout, it doesn’t mean it improves your speed. Also, it doesn’t focus on one sports drill that is designed for athletic performance and speed.

Compromise With Technique

Anyone who tries pushing their limits knows technique can get compromised easily. Further, with CrossFit, the chances are higher as you get fatigued quickly, which easily risks worsening your technique.

Closing Thoughts

CrossFit is the best option for those looking to tone their body, lose weight, and increase their endurance. However, if you’re wondering why real athletes don’t do CrossFit, we’ve given some reasons why they’ll avoid it. Similarly, players such as basketball players will try to improve at dribbling, assisting, & defence, and not in barbell cleans.

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