Ashley Nocera’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

A Pro Bikini Model, Social Media Influencer & Prestigious WBFF Athlete Ashley Nocera’s Workout Routine

Ashley is a WBFF pro bikini model, YouTuber, and athlete who got into the spotlight due to her social media fame for her amazing physique and workout plans. She has a massive fan following due to being active, which inspires her fans and motivates her to be her best. Similarly, due to this, many of her fans asked about what’s Ashley Nocera’s workout routine and diet plan. Hence, if you’re also having the same question, then keep reading.

Ashley Nocera’s Workout Routine

Further, in this post will show you about what inspired her and what keeps her leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Ashley Nocera’s Workout Routine

Ashley’s physique isn’t the result of amazing genetics. She has worked really hard to achieve and maintain it. She prefers doing high-volume workouts. She aims to go with a higher number of repetitions with light to moderate weights.

Similarly, she follows six-day a six-day-a-week workout routine, where she does weight training for five days and dedicates one day to cardio.

Monday – Lower Body

Exercise Sets Reps
BB Back Squats 5 6 – 8
DB Lunges 3 20
Straight Leg BB Deadlift 4 10 – 12
BB Good Morning 4 10 – 12
Leg Curls 4 10 – 12


Tuesday – Arms & Abs

Exercise Sets Reps
DB Curls 3 10
DB Hammer Curls 3 10
Skull Crushers 3 10
Triceps Pushdowns 3 10
Dips 3 Till Failure
Russian Twists 3 20
Cable Chops 3 15

Wednesday – Lower Body

Exercise Sets Reps
Cable Kickbacks 4 15
Hip Thrusts 3 15
Box Jump 4 10
Step Ups 3 10
Adduction Machine 3 15
Calf Raises (Standing) 3 20


Thursday – Shoulder, Back & Abs

Exercise Sets Reps
DB Shoulder Press 3 10
DB Front Lateral Raises 3 10
Pull – Ups 3 Till Failure
Cable Pull Over 3 10
Seated Cable Row 3 12
Weighted Decline Crunches 4 15
Hanging Leg Raises 4 15


Friday – Lower Body

Exercise Sets Reps
BB Back Squats 5 8
BB Deadlift 4 8
Leg Press 4 12
Leg Extensions 3 12
BB Lunges 3 20
Abduction Machine 3 15


Saturday – Cardio

Exercise Sets Reps
Stairmaster 20 Min
Treadmill 15 Min


Sunday – Rest Day

Ashley Nocera’s Diet Plan

She usually goes for 5 to 6 meals a day to keep her metabolism high. Similarly, she knows the importance of diet and likes to include lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Nonetheless, she changes her diet according to her goal and likes to follow a tailored diet based on that.


Meal 1:

  • Oatmeal
  • Protein Shake

Meal 2:

  • Fruit Smoothie

Meal 3:

  • Brown Rice
  • Chicken
  • Vegetables

Meal 4:

  • Salad
  • Tuna

Meal 5:

  • Eggs


    Ashley Nocera’s Workout Principle

    She works with the goal of achieving her dream physique. Similarly, training is one of her biggest passions. She started her bodybuilding career quite early. In addition, she trained regularly, due to which, at the age of 18, she already had a fantastic physique.

    About Ashley Nocera

    Similar to pro athletes, Ashley was an active child. For example, she started learning swimming at the age of 4, and then she also did competitive swimming for 10 years. In addition, her family is quite serious about fitness and health. So, it’s no wonder it comes so naturally to her.

    Further, her connection to bodybuilding begins through the legacy her grandfather shares, who was a bodybuilder. Lastly, her fitness journey and getting introduced to weight started at the age of 15. And, due to her dedication, she managed to reach an incredible milestone and earned a Pro Card.

    What Motivates Ashley Nocera to Push Harder?

    She likes receiving messages on social media telling her how much someone got inspired by her. It encourages her to push harder every day.

    Does Ashley Bulk or Stay Lean Throughout the Year?

    She doesn’t bulk or cut. She prefers to maintain her lean body throughout the year. And during the offseason, she does less cardio and focuses on building strength. For instance, she focuses on developing muscle while putting on less amount of body fat. Also, she keeps her diet clean even in the offseason, though she enjoys it once in a while by not being strict.

    Wrapping Up

    Her journey from a young fitness enthusiast to a pro-level athlete and known social media influencer is an inspiring example of what you can achieve with the right mindset and effort. Also, Ashley Nocera’s workout routine is proof of her dedication and consistency with a holistic fitness approach. By sharing her workout and achievements, she continues to motivate and inspire countless people who want to move forward in their fitness journey.

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