Elliott Hulse’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Here’s the Podcaster, Master Strongman, YouTuber, Strength Coach, and Mentor Elliott Hulse’s Workout Routine

Those who like watching YouTube videos related to fitness for them, some of the names like Hodge Twins, Scott Herman, and Jeff Cavaliere are known names. Similarly, Elliott Hulse is also one of the famous guys of whom people are fans because of his straightforward and honest opinions related to health, fitness, and diet. Nonetheless, if you’re his fan, you’ve been following for quite a while, and have questions like what Elliott Hulse’s workout routine or diet plan is, then keep reading.

Elliott Hulse Workout Routine

Elliott Hulse is one of the online sensations in the fitness industry on YouTube, especially one who has competed in Strongman competition and is known for providing mentorship and strength training.

Though, we don’t have his exact workout routine as he keeps changing according to his goal. But here, we’ve covered one workout that will provide you with a general idea about his training philosophy.

Elliott Hulse’s Workout Routine

Elliott Hulse isn’t an unheard name, and his fans know he’s a total beast. However, the interesting part is that he isn’t afraid to acknowledge and share the struggles and pain he went through in his journey.

Nonetheless, when it comes to exercise, he likes working out for five days a week, which includes a combination of cardio and strength training both. And here below is one such workout plan:

Monday – Full Body

Exercise Sets Reps
Bent Over 1 – Arm DB Rowing 5 5
BB Back Squats 5 5
BB Bench Press 5 5
BB Deadlift 5 5
Pull – Ups (Weighted) 5 5


Tuesday – Cardio

Exercise Sets Reps
Elliptical Bike 1 Hr
Treadmill 1 Hr

Wednesday – Full Body

Exercise Sets Reps
Chin – Ups (Weighted) 5 5
Hanging Leg Raises 5 5
BB Deadlift 5 5
Weighted Dips 5 5
Push – Ups (Weighted) 5 5

Thursday – Cardio

Exercise Sets Reps
Elliptical Bike 1 Hr
Treadmill 1 Hr


Friday – Full Body

Exercise Sets Reps
Incline BB Bench Press 5 5
BB Back Squats 5 5
Glute Hamstring Raises 5 5
DB Rowing 5 5
Calf Press W/ Leg Press Machine 5 5


Saturday – Active Recovery

Sunday – Rest Day

Elliott Hulse’s Diet Plan

Elliott was once a strongman competitor who liked to give more importance to a high-protein diet for gaining mass. Also, he makes sure that he gets enough carbohydrates and healthy fats. He also tries to eat as much organic food as possible.


Meal 1:

Meal 2:

  • Dark Meat Chicken or Fish
  • Vegetables

Meal 3:

  • Sweet Potato
  • Steak or Grassfed Beef
  • Salad


      • Mass Gainer
      • Fish Oil
      • Creatine
      • Omega – 5
      • Super Greens

      About Elliott Hulse & His Workout Principle

      Elliott’s lifting philosophy is straightforward. He likes focusing on full-body workouts and strength training more often compared to muscle group isolation exercises.

      He wakes up early at 5 AM and likes practicing meditation. Also, he gives credit to his early wake-up with his motivation, focus, energy, and productivity. 

      Further, before starting his fitness career, Elliott used to play football at St. John’s University. Similarly, he used to lift weights and used them to prepare himself physically for the challenges of the football field.

      The weight room of the football is the place where Elliott found out his love for lifting weights, and his passion was also born over there. And as time went on, he even managed to open his own gym named Strength Camp, where he trained with like-minded athletes and also worked with him.

      Wrapping Up

      Elliott Hulse’s workout routine isn’t limited to lifting weights. He goes for a holistic approach to strength and fitness. He focuses on strength, periodization, functional training, the mind-muscle connection, recovery, and nutrition. He gives a comprehensive framework to people for transforming their body and mind both.

      Elliott’s teaching goes beyond the gym and shows the importance of embracing life’s challenges and turning adversity into strength. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or someone looking for growth, his workout plan offers valuable information and a path to explore your potential. Happy lifting!

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