Bianca Gabriela’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Popular Fitness Personality Known for Her Nutrition Plan, Workout Routines & Instagram Videos

Born on July 30, 1997, Toronto-based Bianca Gabriela is the fitness model known for always striving to become the best version of herself. She’s one of the young athletes who’s getting recognition in the fitness world because of her workouts, nutrition plans, and Instagram videos.

Bianca Gabriela is a popular fitness personality who doesn’t stick with the same workout routines and instead loves mixing up. Likewise, with a bad past where she was into bad habits such as smoking, she decided to get into shape and joined a gym where she happened to change her lifestyle. Further, she used her life’s bad experiences and hurt as fuel to keep pushing forward, which also helped her become a known athlete.

bianca gabriela workout routine

Bianca Gabriela’s Workout Routine

Nonetheless, keep reading if you’re looking for Bianca Gabriela’s workout routine and diet plan. Here below is one of her workout routines, as well as diet plans:

Monday: Quads

Exercise Sets Reps
Leg Extensions 2 15
BB Back Squats 3 12
Sumo Squats W/ Smith Machine 3 12
Leg Press 6 20
Step–Up Lunges 3 12 – 15

Tuesday: Back

Exercise Sets Reps
Lat Pulldowns (Narrow Grip) 3 12
Lat Pulldowns (Wide Grip) 2 15
T – Bar Rowing 3 12
1 – Arm DB Rowing 3 15
Seated Cable Rowing 4 15

Wednesday: Chest & Arms

Exercise Sets Reps
Incline DB Press 3 15
Push-Ups 3 15
Cable Crossovers 3 12
Triceps Rope Pushdowns 3 15
Overhead Triceps Rope Extensions 3 15
EZ – Bar Curls 3 15
DB Hammer Curls 3 15

Thursday: Hamstrings & Glutes

Exercise Sets Reps
Kickbacks W/ Machine 3 12
Reverse BB Lunges 3 12
Stiffed Leg BB Deadlift 4 10
1 – Legged Cable Deadlift 3 12
Hip Bridges (Weighted) 4 20
Leg Curls (Seated) 3 12

Friday: Shoulders

Exercise Sets Reps
Shoulder Press (Machine) 3 12
DB Side Lateral Raises 3 12
Incline Bench Single DB Side Lateral Raises 3 12
Bent Over DB Lateral Raises 4 12
Reverse Cable Lateral Raises 4 15

Saturday: Back – Yoga or Rest Day

Sunday: Back

Bianca Gabriela’s Diet Plan

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Meal 3:

  • White Fish
  • Vegetables (Steamed)

Meal 4:

  • Salad
  • Turkey

Wrapping Up – Bianca Gabriela’s Workout Routine

Though Bianca Gabriela isn’t the mainstream athlete when it comes to winning on stage, but she has influenced many people worldwide with her well-balanced diet plans and workout routines. Nonetheless, if you’re wondering about Bianca Gabriela’s workout routine or diet plan, we hope you’ll like this article.

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