Six-Time Ms. Olympia Winner Cory Everson Is One of the Greatest Female Bodybuilder Who Kept Herself Placed at the Top for Decades

Given female bodybuilding, only a handful of people have successfully separated themselves from others and experienced true greatness and popularity. And, one name that comes to mind is Corinna “Cory” Everson, one of the known names of the golden-era bodybuilding days.

American national Cory Eversion was one of the talented female bodybuilders of her heydays, popularly known for her six consecutive wins of Ms. Olympia from 1984 to 1989.

About Cory Everson

Cory was an athletic kid who had a love and passion for track & field and gymnastics from childhood. Nonetheless, later when she graduated from college, she discovered bodybuilding through a competitive bodybuilder and coach, Jeff Everson. – To whom she later married and even divorced.

From her college days after being introduced, she started taking bodybuilding seriously and worked her butt off to become ready for the competition. Finally, in 1980, she competed for the first time, and from there on, she never looked back.

However, if you have questions such as what Cory Everson’s workout routine is, then here, we’re going to answer your question.

cory everson workout routine

Cory Everson’s Workout Routine

Workout – 1: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

BB Bench Press38 – 15 (Warm-Up)
BB Bench Press58 – 15 (Working)
DB Press (High/Low Incline)38 – 10
DB Press (Seated) / Behind The Neck Press38 – 15 
DB Side Lateral Raises38 – 15
Upright Rowing38 – 15
Bent Over DB Lateral Raises38 – 15
Dips or Triceps Pushdowns38 – 15

Workout – 2: Legs

BB Back Squats38 – 15 (Warm-Up)
BB Back Squats58 – 15 (Working)
Leg Press or Hack Squats38 – 15
Leg Extensions38 – 15 
Leg Curls (Lying or Standing)38 – 15
Calf Raises (Donkey)315 – 25
Calf Raises (Standing)315 – 25  
Calf Raises (Seated)315 – 25

Workout – 3: Back & Biceps

Bent Over BB Rowing38 – 15 (Warm-Up)
Bent Over BB Rowing58 – 15 (Working)
Lat Pulldowns38 – 15
Low – Pulley Rowing or 1 – Arm Bent Over DB Rowing38 – 15
Standing BB Curls38 – 15
DB Concentration Curls / Cable Curls38 – 15

Abs – 3 to 4 Times / Week

Cable Pulldown Crunches3 – 425 – 40
Sit-Ups (Decline)3 – 4100
Leg Raises3 – 420 – 40

Cory Everson’s Run for Ms. Olympia

For the first few years, Cory competed, and later she went ahead with her first IFBB contest in the 1982s North American Championship. Nonetheless, she won that show, which was one of her greatest won, and she even gathered a lot of attention due to that. But, again, it was just the beginning, and, from thereon, she found out that she would be continuing in making a career within the fitness industry.

Similarly, from 1984, her career began as a Pro female bodybuilder as she won the NPC Nationals, following up by her debut in Ms. Olympia that she won cleanly. Further, due to her impressive physiques and clean lines, she consecutively defended the title until 1989.

Olympia Results

  • 1984 – Placed 1st (Ms. Olympia – IFBB)
  • 1985 – Placed 1st (Ms. Olympia – IFBB)
  • 1986 – Placed 1st (Ms. Olympia – IFBB)
  • 1987 – Placed 1st (Ms. Olympia – IFBB)
  • 1988 – Placed 1st (Ms. Olympia – IFBB)
  • 1989 – Placed 1st (Ms. Olympia – IFBB)

Wrapping Up

Cory Everson was the golden eras female bodybuilder known for six consecutive winnings of Ms. Olympia of her time, like Lee Haney, who had won around eight titles back-to-back. And, if you had questions about what’s Cory Everson’s workout routine or what workout she used to do, then here we’ve mentioned one of her workout routines. We hope you may find it helpful. Good luck!

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