Known As the Giant Killer, Who Has Been Inducted Into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2009

Danny Padilla, also famously called the Giant Killer, is a former IFBB pro bodybuilder of the golden age. From the beginning of his training days in 1958 to being inducted in the prestigious IFBB Hall of fame in early 2009, he has made his name like other globally popular bodybuilding legends.

Famous for his perfectly balanced and carved physique, he’s been known as one of the greatest bodybuilding athletes in the lightweight division history. During the eminent days of his career, he won several championships and continued to compete till his late 50’s.

Though, that’s also true that it wasn’t as glittery and smooth a path from the beginning. For instance, Danny was judged unfairly simply because of his short height in 1974 and even cut off from competing in the next year’s 1975’s Mr. Universe competition.

About Danny Padilla

Born and raised in the Big Apple, New York, in 1961, Danny grew up with his older brother and cousin, who used to train in the gym regularly. So, it’s obvious he was always fascinated with fitness while growing up.

Similarly, during a walk with his father, once he came across a muscle magazine with Larry Scott as the cover model, further inspiring him to become Mr. America and Mr. Universe. Unbelievably, at the age of 7, Danny found his life’s calling and became aware of what he wanted to do in his life.

danny padilla workout routine

Nonetheless, here’s one of Danny Padilla’s workout routines that will help you gain perspective on his training philosophy.

Danny Padilla’s Workout Routine

Monday & Thursday: Chest & Back Workout

BB Bench Press512
Incline BB Bench Press512
DB Flys512
DB Pullovers512
Chin – Ups50
Bent Over BB Rowing512
Cable Pulls512
BB Deadlift (Once A Week)512

Tuesday & Friday: Arms & Shoulders Workout

DB Shoulder Press512
Cable Side Laterals512
DB Rear Delt Raises512
Front Raises or Upright Rowing512
DB Curls58
BB Curls58
DB Concentration Curls or Preacher Curls58
Triceps Extensions – Lying512
French Press512
Triceps Pushdowns or 1 – Arm DB Overhead Extensions512

Wednesday & Saturday: Legs & Abs Workout

Leg Extensions512
BB Back Squats512
Leg Press512
Leg Curls – Lying512
Leg Curls – Standing512
Calf Raises – Standing520+
Calf Raises – Donkey525+
Calf Raises – Seated525+
Leg Raises or Crunches520+

Physical Statistics of Danny Padilla

  • Height – 5 Feet and 2 Inches (157.5 Cm)
  • Weight – 165 to 175 Lbs (74.8 to 79.4 KG)
  • Arms – 17 Inches
  • Waist – 28 Inches

Olympia Results

  • 1978 – Placed 3rd (Lightweight – IFBB, Mr. Olympia)
  • 1978 – Placed 6th (Overall – IFBB, Mr. Olympia)
  • 1979 – Placed 5th (Lightweight – IFBB, Mr. Olympia)
  • 1980 – Placed 10th (IFBB, Mr. Olympia)
  • 1981 – Placed 5th (IFBB, Mr. Olympia)
  • 1982 – Placed 12th (IFBB, Mr. Olympia)
  • 1985 – Placed 16th (IFBB, Mr. Olympia)
  • 1994 – Placed 7th (IFBB – Masters, Mr. Olympia)
  • 2000 – Placed 10th (IFBB – Masters, Mr. Olympia)

Danny Padilla’s Idols & Influences

In 1970, Danny was heavily influenced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Likewise, for him, Arnold was the first tall bodybuilder that had a complete physique. Also, he considered Sergio Olivia as the greatest bodybuilder that has been witnessed in bodybuilding sports ever.

In the modern bodybuilding era for Danny, Ronnie Coleman is the greatest bodybuilding because of his massive size and fantastic symmetry.

Wrapping Up – Danny Padilla’s Workout Routine

Danny Padilla has been an inspiration for many short-height bodybuilders. Being at 5’2, he has done everything that any successful bodybuilding legend does. And, Danny never let his height become his obstacle. Likewise, he’s known for staying ultra-focused on his dream, regardless of the negative experiences he has gone through.

However, if you’re his fan or have questions about his training, here we’ve covered one of Danny Padilla’s workout routines that you can look through.

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