Daniel Craig Is the Famous British Actor Known for Playing James Bond Role

Born on 2nd March 1968, Daniel Craig is an English actor best known for playing the James Bond role in the series of movies, starting with Casino Royale in 2006 that brought him international fame. Many actors have played James Bond 007, but Daniel Craig’s physical transformation for the role is incomparable.

Craig has been self-disciplined, smart, and dedicated towards his workout routine and diet plans at 50+ years of age, going through grueling, yearlong physical preparation, making him one of the fittest James Bond ever.


Apart from being Hollywood’s biggest celebrity, Daniel is also accredited as the fittest James Bond within the franchise. So, if you’re wondering about pulling out Daniel Craig’s workout routine, then the good news is that we can give out some of his Daniel’s workout and nutrition secret that gave him lean and muscular physique.

Daniel Craig Workout Routine

Here’s the five-day workout routine of Daniel Craig that includes a decent amount of sets and reps, which is enough to sweat you out in the gym.

Monday: Full Body

Clean & Press310
Weighted Knee Ups310
Step-Ups (Weighted)310
Incline Push-Ups310
Triceps Dips310

Tuesday: Chest & Back

BB Incline Bench Press410
Incline Push-Ups410
Incline DB Flys410

Wednesday: Legs

BB Back Squats410
BB Straight Leg Deadlift410
Lying Leg Curls410
Weighted Lunges410

Thursday: Shoulders & Arms

Incline DB Biceps Curls410
Triceps Dips410
DB Side Lateral Raises410
Shoulder Press410

Friday: Upper Body

BB Clean & Press310
Weighted Knee Ups310
Weighted Step – Ups310
Incline Push-Ups310
Triceps Dips310

Saturday & Sunday: Stretching & Light Cardio

Daniel Craig Diet Plan

It may sound surprising, but Daniel is the only one in the James Bond series whose diet involved decreasing body fat while increasing muscle mass. In other words, Daniel has to cut down all the unhealthy carbs and fats and instead has to load up on both natural sources as well as supplemental protein sources. Likewise, he also limited drinking alcohol and quit smoking to prepare for the James Bond role.

Here below is one such sample diet plan of Daniel that helped him achieved his goal of reducing body fat while increasing muscle mass:


  • Poached Eggs – 2
  • Toast – 2 Slices

Snack 1

  • Protein Shake
  • Fruits
  • Nuts


  • Chicken Breast OR Chicken Breast
  • Fish
  • Baked Potato
  • Brown Rice

Snack 2

  • Protein Shake
  • Yogurt W/ Nuts


  • Steak OR  Chicken Breast
  • Fish
  • Leafy Green Veggies

Daniel Craig Movies

Here’s the list of Daniel Craig’s movies:


  • No Time To Die – To Be Release in 2021
  • Knives Out – Released in 2019
  • Kings – Released in 2017
  • Logan Lucky – Released in 2017
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Released in 2015
  • Spectre – Released in 2015
  • Skyfall – Released in 2012
  • Happy & Glorious – Released in 2012
  • The Organ Grinder’s Monkey – Released in 2011
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Released in 2011
  • The Adventures of Tintin – Released in 2011
  • Dream House – Released in 2011
  • Cowboys & Aliens – Released in 2011
  • One Life – Released in 2011
  • How to Lose Friends & Alienate People – Released in 2008
  • Defiance – Released in 2008
  • Quantum of Solace – Released in 2008
  • Flashbacks of a Fool – Released in 2008
  • The Golden Compass – Released in 2007
  • The Invasion – Released in 2007
  • Casino Royale – Released in 2006
  • Infamous – Released in 2006
  • Renaissance – Released in 2006
  • Munich – Released in 2005
  • Fateless – Released in 2005
  • The Jacket – Released in 2005
  • Enduring Love – Released in 2004
  • Layer Cake – Released in 2004
  • The Mother – Released in 2003
  • Sylvia – Released in 2003
  • Occasional, Strong – Released in 2002
  • Road to Perdition – Released in 2002
  • Ten Minutes Older: The Cello – Released in 2002
  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – Released in 2001
  • I Dreamed of Africa – Released in 2000
  • Hotel Splendide – Released in 2000
  • Some Voices – Released in 2000
  • The Trench – Released in 1999
  • Elizabeth – Released in 1998
  • Love and Rage – Released in 1998
  • Obsession – Released in 1997
  • A Kid in King Arthur’s Court – Released in 1995
  • The Power of One – Released in 1992

Wrapping Up

According to his personal trainer, Daniel has never shrunken down in hard work. He’s fully dedicated to his workout and diet plan. Besides, Daniel has kept his workouts short, but the intensity was never compromised. He takes fewer rests while increasing repetitions that helped him in the long run.

Lastly, here we’ve one such workout routine and diet plan of Daniel Craig that helped him achieved his goal of decreasing body fat while increasing muscle mass. So, we hope it might have answered your question as well as help you in knowing about his fitness endeavor.

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