World Record Holder Powerlifter and IFBB Pro Who Became Interested in Lifting Weights From the Young Age

Born in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia in 1975, Greg got interested in lifting weights from a very young age. Similar to many IFBB Pros, Greg started hitting the gym and became interested in bodybuilding at the very young age of 13.

Interestingly, his love for bodybuilding was discovered sitting on the couch and watching an episode of an American reality television show, “That’s Incredible!” that featured a 13-year-old boy competing in bodybuilding.

In addition, he’s not someone whose world revolves around bodybuilding, but he has also attended Acadia University and graduated with a Master’s in Kinesiology. Further, in 2012, he got his first IFBB Pro Card, and since then, he has never looked back and got completely into the bodybuilding competitions and lifestyle.

Nonetheless, if you’re interested in finding out what Greg Doucette’s workout routine or diet plan is, here we’ve one that you can look upon.

About Greg Doucette

Greg has been lifting heavy weights since the early age of 7. Like Olympic weightlifters he saw on television, he would often pick things over his head and smash them on the ground.

He started training with his dad for several years but wasn’t involved in it like any professional. And, at age 10, he even stopped training altogether when he got injured. However, he started falling in love with bodybuilding as time passed.

In addition, Greg follows balanced training that includes physique and strength building both. He has competed in powerlifting and bodybuilding since his teenage years, and he’s still following the same. Also, he even holds the Guinness World Record in Powerlifting and has trained many clients around the globe.

greg doucette workout routine

Greg Doucette’s Workout Routine

Here below is one of the workout routines of Greg Doucette that have 5-day sessions and 1 rest day.

Day: 1 Greg Doucette’s Chest Workout Routine

BB Bench Press58 – 12
Incline DB Bench Press410 – 15
Hammer Press48 – 12
DB Flys410 – 15
Pec Deck Fly48 – 12

Day 2: Greg Doucette’s Back Workout Routine

BB Sumo Deadlift58 – 12
Hammer Rowing410 – 15
Close Grip Cable Rowing48 – 12
Lat Pulldown (Wide Grip)48 – 12
Bent Over Cable Rowing410 – 15

Day 4: Greg Doucette’s Shoulders Workout Routine

Pec Deck Fly (Reverse)510 – 15
Hammer Strength Shoulder Press410 – 15
DB Side Lateral Raises512 – 15
Front Lateral Raises (Cable)512 – 15
DB Shrugs512 – 15

Day 5: Greg Doucette’s Legs Workout Routine

Leg Press58 – 16
Hack Squats58 – 12
Leg Extensions510 – 15
Lying Hamstring Curls510 – 15
Calf Raises (Seated)415 – 20
Calf Raises (Standing)415 – 20

Day 6: Greg Doucette’s Arms Workout Routine

Preacher Curls (Machine)510 – 12
Cable Curls (Lying)510 – 12
Alternate DB Curls (Seated)510 – 15
Plate Curls (Standing)510 – 15

Rest Day & from Day 7, Repeat

Greg Doucette’s Diet Plan

Meal 1:

  • Egg Whites
  • Toast

Meal 2:

Meal 3:

  • Protein Bread Wrap

Meal 4:

  • Turkey
  • Salad

Meal 5:

  • Fruit


  • Pre-workout
  • Whey Protein
  • BCAA
  • Vitamin E
  • Multi-Vitamin

Wrapping Up

If you’re a bodybuilding fan who is interested in knowing about Greg Doucette’s workout routine or his diet plan, then here we’ve covered one workout and diet routine that you can follow for a couple of months and see how you get the results.

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