Hunter Labrada Is the Bodybuilder & Entrepreneur From Texas, the USA, Who Started Bodybuilding for a Fast Recovery From His Injury

Hunter Labrada is the IFBB Pro bodybuilder, the son of legendary IFBB Hall of Fame member and athlete Lee Labrada.

Hunter wasn’t into bodybuilding growing up; instead, he wanted to make his name as an American football star. But his dream was shattered due to a serious injury, preventing him from playing football.

And then, after his injury, Hunter got into the gym for a quick recovery. Meanwhile, while strengthening his muscles, he recovered from the injury and fell in love with bodybuilding, eventually making bodybuilding his lifestyle. In addition, after getting results, he quit football and followed in his father’s footsteps of becoming a known bodybuilder.

hunter labrada workout routine

Hunter Labrada’s Workout Routine

Below is one of Hunter Labrada’s workout routines that will give you an idea about his workout philosophy. You can try it out if you’re his fan or want to get the feel of his workout.

Day: 1 Hunter Labrada’s Chest & Triceps Workout Routine

Incline DB Press48 – 12
Incline DB Flys310 – 12
Cable Crossovers315 – 20
DB Pullovers312 – 15
Incline Hammer Press48 – 12
Dips (Weighted)3Till Failure
Triceps Pushdowns38 – 12
Skull Crushers (Seated)38 – 12

Day 2: Hunter Labrada’s Hamstrings & Calves Workout Routine

Calf Raises (Seated)612 – 15
Calf Raises (Standing)612 – 15
Hamstring Curls (Lying)510 – 12
Stiffed Leg BB Deadlift410 – 12
BB Lunges (Walking)320 / Leg

Day 3: Cardio or Off Days

Day 4: Hunter Labrada’s Back & Biceps Workout Routine

Chin-Ups – Weighted38 – 12
Lat Pulldown (Underhand)48 – 12 
T – Bar Rowing48 – 12
BB Deadlift or Hyperextensions410 – 15
Biceps Curls (Straight Bar)310 – 12
DB Hammer Curls310 – 12
Alternate DB Hammer Curls320 (10 / Arm)

Day 5: Hunter Labrada’s Shoulders & Traps Workout Routine

DB Shoulder Press48 – 12
DB Side Lateral Raises Superset W/ Shoulder Press315
DB Side Lateral Raises (Seated)310 – 15
Reverse Pec Deck Superset W/ Bent Over DB Lateral Raises315
BB Shrugs (Behind the Back)415
DB Shrugs415

Day 6: Hunter Labrada’s Quadriceps & Calves Workout Routine

BB Back Squats48 – 12
Hack Squats or Leg Press410 – 15
Calf Raises (Seated)615 – 20
Calf Raises (Standing)615 – 20

Day 7: Rest Day or Cardio

Hunter Labrada’s Diet Plan

Meal 1:

  • Egg Whites – 2 Cups
  • Oats – 2 Cups

Meal 2:

  • Chicken Breast – 8 Oz
  • Sweet Potato – 15 Oz or Brown Rice – 2 Cups

Meal 3:

  • Chicken Breast – 8 Oz
  • Sweet Potato – 15 Oz or Brown Rice – 2 Cups

Meal 4:

  • Post Workout Shake (Glutamine, BCAAs, Creatine, Amino Acids & Protein)

Meal 5:

  • Chicken Breast – 8 Oz
  • Sweet Potato – 15 Oz or Brown Rice – 2 Cups

Meal 6:

  • Egg Whites – 2 Cups
  • Oats – 2 Cups


  • BCAA
  • Amino Acids
  • Glutamine
  • Protein
  • Creatine

Philosophy Behind Hunter Labrada’s Workout Routine

Hunter generally goes for a moderate rep range at the time of training. For instance, he will likely keep his repetition between 8 to 12 rep range per set. And his focus is on doing a high-intensity workout. Similarly, he likes to try out different techniques such as forced reps, super-sets, and drop sets while reducing the resting time in between exercises.

Wrapping Up – Hunter Labrada’s Workout Routine

Hunter Labrada is one of the prime examples of what bodybuilding looks like. For instance, bodybuilding looks glamourous from the outside, but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. And, if you’re someone who’s looking to build strength and size, looking at IFBB professional’s workouts, such as Hunter Labrada’s workout routine, can be a good booster. Similarly, you can give a try to this workout routine for about one to two months and see how much you progress.

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