A Belgian Actor, Fight Choreographer, Retired Martial Artist & Filmmaker Known for Martial Arts Action Movies

Born on 18th October 1960 in Belgium, Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg, popularly known as Jean Claude Van Damme, is a famous movie star and director known for martial arts action movies.

Keen for learning Martial Arts and starting with Karate since the age of ten, Jean Claude Van Damme has also practiced Kickboxing and Shōtōkan Karate for years and has also studied ballet for five years.

jean claude workout routine

Popular for Martial Arts and other action movies, Jean Claude Van Damme is also famous for his muscular physique. Though not massively muscular like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dwayne Johnson, but he has gained and maintained a decent muscle size throughout his career with his intense workout routine.

Jean Claude Workout Routine

Here below is one workout routine of Jean Claude that he has followed. It’s a six-day routine where he follows one workout routine for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and another workout routine on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

The first workout routine consists of five body parts: chest, back, legs, calves, and abs, whereas another workout session includes shoulder, arms, forearms, calves, and abs.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: Chest, Back, Legs, Calves & Abs

BB Bench Press48 – 10
Incline BB Bench Press48 – 10
DB Flys38 – 10
Parallel Bar Dips310
DB Pullover312
Chin – Ups48
Chin-Ups (Close Grip)410
T – Bar Rowing412 – 15
Bent Over BB Rowing48 – 12
BB Squats515
BB Front Squats48 – 10
Hack Squats310
Lying Leg Curls410
Leg Curls (Standing)410
Straight Leg BB Deadlifts310
Donkey Calf Raises410
Calf Raises (Standing)410 – 15
Bent Over Twists1010
Machine Crunches325
Half Crunches1010

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday: Shoulders, Arms, Forearms, Calves & Abs

BB Behind The Neck Press515
DB Side Lateral Raises48
Bent Over DB Raises48
DB Shrugs 310
BB Curls510
Incline DB Curls48
DB Concentration Curls38
Lying DB Triceps Extensions410
Triceps Cable Pushdowns38
1 – Arm DB Triceps Extensions310
BB Wrist Curls310
Reverse Wrist Curls310
Seated Calf Raises410
Reverse Crunches425
Seated Twists1010
Vertical Bench Crunches425

Wrapping Up

Unlike other muscular and famous stars, Jean Claude avoids eating meat and doesn’t even go for egg whites. He usually prefers food that’s rich in Omega 3, and it’s not all about fish. It can be from any food source. Also, if you’re a fan of him and wondering what Jean Claude’s workout routine is, we hope this article may help you out with that.

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