Nyle Nayga’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

An American IFBB Pro, Fitness Coach, Social Media Influencer & Certified Personal Trainer

Born on 21st August 1997, Nyle Nayga is a Texas, USA-based IFBB Pro bodybuilder famously known as Tik Tok Star, Youtuber, and Instagram Star. Belonging to a well-settled family, Nyle is a talented, strong, and hardworking person who has a huge fan following globally on social media platforms. Famous for bodybuilding videos on Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube, he has millions of fans.

Nonetheless, being a certified coach, he’s more focused on helping his client achieve their dream body with the help of proper workout routines and nutrition plans.

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Nyle Nayga’s Early Life

Nyle didn’t have an easy life. He has faced racism and had battled severe body confidence problems while growing up. Suffering from anorexia, bulimia, depression, obesity, and hormone instability, Nyle has gone through a rough life and turned towards nutrition and exercise to overcome it.

With his 10 years of dedication, he made a remarkable transformation and got involved with bodybuilding to the next level. Similarly, in 2019 at the age of 22 years, he got his IFBB Pro Card.

Nyle Nayga’s Workout Routine

Nyle usually focuses on isolating exercises and targets one muscle group at a time. And one such workout routine is mentioned below. It’s five sessions per week focusing on one body part at a time:

Monday – Chest

Exercise Sets Reps

Incline DB Bench Press



BB Bench Press



Peck Deck Machine 4 10
Incline DB Flys 4 10
Incline Cable Flys 4 12
Chest Dips 3 8

Tuesday – Back


Exercise Sets Reps
Lat Pulldowns (Wide Grip) 4 10
T – Bar Rowing 4 10
Bent Over BB Rowing 4 10

Machine Rowing – Low



Cable Pullovers 4 10
BB Deadlift 4 8

Wednesday – Shoulders

Exercise Sets Reps
Seated Overhead Press –Machine 4 12

Cable Side Lateral Raises – Standing



DB Side Lateral Raises – Seated 4 12
Cable Front Deltoid Raises – Standing 4 12
Bent Over Machine Rear Delt Raises 4 10
Reverse Pec Deck Machine 4 10

Thursday – Legs

Exercise Sets Reps
Leg Extensions 4 10
Leg Press 4 10
Hack Squats 4 10

Hamstring Curls – Lying



Calf Raises – Standing 4 10
Calf Raises – Seated 4 10

Friday – Arms

Exercise Sets Reps
BB Skull Crushers – Incline 3 12
Triceps Pushdowns 3 12
Single Arm Triceps Pulldown 3 12
Single Arm Triceps Extensions 3 12
EZ Bar Bench Press 3 12
DB Spider Curls 3 12
Standing Cable Curls 3 12
DB Isolation Curls 3 12
DB Preacher Curls 3 12

Saturday & Sunday – Rest Day

Nyle Nayga’s  Diet Plan

Like other IFBB Pros and bodybuilders, he prefers eating a large number of calories at the time of bulking and also goes through a deficit at the time of cutting. One such diet plan of Nyle Nayga is:

Meal 1:

  • Whole Eggs – 2
  • Egg Whites – 6
  • Oatmeal – ½ Cup
  • Banana – ½

Meal 2:

  • Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Brown Rice – ½ Cup
  • Green Juice

Meal 3:

  • Protein Smoothie
  • Banana – ½

Meal 4:

  • Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Green Salad W/ Avocado

Meal 5:

  • Ground Turkey
  • Sweet Potato (Baked)

Meal 6:

  • Casein Protein Shake
  • Popcorn (Low Fat)


      • Multi-Vitamin
      • Caffeine
      • BCAAs
      • Whey Protein
      • Creatine
      • Casein Protein

      Wrapping Up

      Helping other people build their physics and mental strength drives Nyle, and it seems he’ll continue doing so for many years. Apart from this, he even has entrepreneurial ventures going well, such as his company Nyle Nayga Fitness where he offers personalized workout programs, customized meal plans, and online coaching. And, if you had questions like what’s Nyle Nayga’s workout routine or his diet plan, here we’ve covered one of them. We hope you would like to give it a try.

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