Jeremy Buendia’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Here’s Prominent Bodybuilding Figure & Olympia Men’s Physique Champion Jeremy Buendia’s Workout Routine

A prominent figure in the competitive bodybuilding world, Jeremy Buendia is considered as one of the finest examples of never giving up and determination. He was in sports for a very long time, but bodybuilding wasn’t something he was interested in from the beginning. He was injured while playing football in his teens, and later, he found bodybuilding to be best suited for him. Similarly, he even managed to make a career out of it and happened to win Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique at a very young age. Hence, being an IFBB pro, it’s natural that many of the fans often try to find out Jeremy Buendia’s workout routine.

Jeremy Buendia Workout Routine

Four-time Olympia champion in the IFBB Men’s Physique Division, Jeremy Buendia, is known for his exceptional physique and also for making it through personal challenges such as physical injuries and mental health struggles. Nonetheless, after a year’s break due to this, he made his way back. In Mr. Olympia 2023, he even became the topic of excitement as well as immense speculation among bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Jeremy Buendia’s Workout Routine

Jeremy likes to keep his workout sessions short. And for cardio, he doesn’t prefer much sitting on the bike for a long time. Instead, his personal favorite is like hitting high-intensity interval training. Similarly, he also changes his workout depending on his goal and tailors it accordingly. However, we couldn’t get our hands on his exact exercise routine. However, here’s one that we found through social commentary that will give you an idea about his workout philosophy.


Exercise Sets Reps
Incline DB Press 4 8 – 12
Incline DB Fly 4 8 – 12
Cable Press 4 8 – 12
Incline Press W/ Smith Machine 4 8 – 12



Exercise Sets Reps
Seated DB Shoulder Press 4 8 – 12
Standing DB Side Lateral Raises 4 8 – 12
Standing DB Front Lateral Raises 4 10 – 12
Incline Rear Deltoid Fly 4 10 – 12
Rope Face Pull 4 15
Seated Smith Machine Press 4 8 – 12


Exercise Sets Reps
Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown 4 8 – 12
Seated Machine Pullover 4 8 – 12
Hammer Strength ISO Pulldown 4 8 – 12
Two Hand DB Rowing 4 8 – 10
Machine Rowing 4 8 – 10
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 4 8 – 12



Exercise Sets Reps
BB Back Squats 5 8 – 10
Leg Press 5 8 – 12
Leg Press 5 8 – 12
Hack Squats 5 8 – 12
BB Stiffed Leg Deadlift 5 8 – 10



Exercise Sets Reps
Bench Press (Close Grip) 4 8 – 10
Seated DB Overhead Extension 4 8 – 10
Reverse Grip Cambered Bar Pushdowns 4 10 – 12
Overhead Extensions W/ Cambered Bar 7 12 – 15
Standing Cable Face Curls 7 10 – 15
DB Hammer Curls 4 8 – 10
DB Spiderman Curls 4 10 – 12


Jeremy Buendia’s Diet Plan

Being an IFBB pro, he knows the importance of diet, and he follows his diet plan like a professional bodybuilder. Also, he ensures that he’s getting enough protein according to his requirements. Similarly, he also likes eating complex carbs and healthy fats, making a proper proportion of carbs, protein, and fats in his meals.


Meal 1:

  • Eggs
  • Steak
  • Protein Shake
  • Fruit

Meal 2:

Meal 3:

  • Sweet Potato
  • Grilled Chicken

Meal 4:

  • Rice
  • Chicken

Meal 5:

  • Steak
  • Steamed Vegetables


  • Fat Burner
  • Protein Shake
  • Vitamins

About Jeremy Buendia

Jeremy Buendia, a name synonymous with dominance in the world of men’s physique, stands tall as a four-time Mr. Olympia champion, showing his sculpted physique and indomitable spirit. Born on October 26, 1990 (Roseville, California), his journey toward the pinnacle of bodybuilding is an excellent example and inspiration for anyone looking to embark on their fitness journey with an aim to make big in it.

Born and brought up with a dumbbell around him, Jeremy has always watched his father (who was a non-competitive bodybuilder through the 70’s and 80’s) lifting weights. Jeremy’s strong foundation, discipline, and love for bodybuilding came at a very early age, like other IFBB Pros. He grew up with a competitive nature and happened to follow in the footsteps of his older brother. He was also challenged to live up to his family’s expectations.

Further, bursting into competition in 2013, he’s one of the youngest to become Mr. Olympia. His dedication to the craft and attention to detail make him different, and he also earned himself Mr. Olympia titles from 2014 to 2017. Similarly, with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches, his physique is a masterpiece of definition, symmetry, and proportion.

Jeremy Buendia’s Journey to Pro

At the very early age of 19, Jeremy won his first bodybuilding title, and it also happened to become his moment of calling for bodybuilding in the National Physique Committee and the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding). Further, in 2012, at the age of 21, Jeremy done transitioned into the Men’s Physique division, where he won multiple shows as an amateur.

In 2013, Jeremy won the NPC Jr. USA as Overall by beating the 150 best amateurs in the nation and earned his right to compete in the IFBB Pro League. Within three months, he won his first Pro show in New Orleans at the 2013 Greater Gulf States and earned his first qualification for Olympia at the young age of 22.

Similarly, in the same year, he got placed 2nd in the IFBB Pro Men’s Physique competition, which was the only loss for him. Since then, he has won 4 IFBB Pro Men’s Physique competitions, two consecutively in 2014 and 2015, while earning the title of the BEST men’s physique athlete globally. Lastly, he also became the first person to repeat Olympia men’s physique champion.

Wrapping Up

Jeremy Buendia’s workout routine, diet, dedication, strategy, and discipline are significant reasons he reached the pinnacle of professional bodybuilding. His commitment to structured periodization, targeting muscle split, high-intensity training, and holistic approach counts to give him a competitive edge in the Men’s Physique.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or aspiring to become a bodybuilder one day, incorporating dedication and discipline like him, along with consistency towards diet, will surely give you the results. Good luck!

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