Oatmeal Cookies With Chocolate to Treat Yourself & Freshen Your Mood Differently

Are you tired of eating regular oatmeal in post or pre-workout or even in morning breakfast? Are you bulking? Hence, if you’re looking to try something different, a get-to-go, sweet, and delicious cookie, then this homemade Oatmeal cookies with chocolate would be one of the best oat recipes you can go with.

Similarly, it’s a delicious and comforting treat for all occasions. It contains the wholesome goodness of oats with chocolate’s rich and decadent flavor for a delightful treat that everyone will love.


Ingredient List

  • Sugar – 2 Cups
  • Butter or Margarine – ½ Cup or 1 Stick
  • Milk – ½ Cup
  • Cocoa or Chocolate Powder – 1/3 Cup
  • Oats – 2 ½ Cups
  • Peanut Butter – 1/3 Cup
  • Peanuts (Chopped & Unsalted) – ½ Cup
  • Vanilla – 2 Tsp


  • Add sugar, margarine, cocoa or chocolate powder, and milk in a medium pan.
  • Cook on medium heat and keep on stirring until the mixture starts boiling.
  • Remove the pan and then add oats, peanuts, peanut butter, and vanilla.
  • Drop the mixture using a teaspoon onto foil or wax paper and let it cool.
  • Store it on a plate covered with plastic wrap or foil. And keep it in a cool and dry place.


What’s the Difference Between Oatmeal Cookies With Chocolate & Regular Cookies?

It’s high in fiber than regular cookies or chocolate cookies. In addition, oatmeal cookies have more minerals, like iron, calcium, magnesium & potassium, which are essential for overall health.

Is Oatmeal Cookies With Chocolate Healthy Compared to Regular Chocolate Chip Cookie?

It’s healthier compared to chocolate chip cookies. And chocolate chip cookies have a lesser amount of fiber, protein, and more fat compared to oatmeal cookies.

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