Scott Herman’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Fitness Model, Social Media Celebrity, YouTuber & Entrepreneur

Born in October 1984 in Massachusetts, USA, Scott Herman is a known name and face for millennials who watch fitness-related YouTube videos. He’s a fitness model, entrepreneur, and social media celebrity who has dedicated his entire life to the fitness industry and helping others build their dream physique.

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Similarly, he got his hands on his father’s old weights in his house basement from the very young age of 12 years. And from thereon, he got hooked on it. So, from the beginning, he started training hard, hoping to build his career around the fitness industry and acting.

Scott Herman’s Early Life

Born and growing up in Massachusetts, Scott has played in many sports as a child, such as he uses to wrestle and even plan soccer. Further, his interest in building a muscular physique came from watching his favorite superstars on television.

Being bullied as a child, he always had that inner drive to become the stronger version of himself. After that, though, his family life was normal, but he went through bullying at school. And, being born and growing up in a big family, he has been put in “tough love,” which helped him become independent and hardworking.

Beginning of Bodybuilding for Scott Herman

As mentioned above, Scott got their first taste of bodybuilding when he came across his father’s old weight set in the basement. Further, his dad also helped him get aware of the basics. Further down the road, Scott applied to clean Gold’s Gym every Saturday for 3 hours to get a free gym membership. And, from thereon, he becomes increasingly obsessed with the fitness lifestyle. In the beginning, Scott used to lift weights to vent his anger, but it became an essential part of his life after some time.

Scott Herman’s Workout Routine

Scott likes to implement high-volume training in his workout routine to maximize muscle mass mixed with high-frequency training. He also adds cardio to his two to three workout sessions to build endurance. Here below is one such workout routine of him:

Monday – Chest

Exercise Sets Reps
DB Chest Press 3 8
DB Incline Chest Press 3 8
Cable Flys – High 3 8
Cable Flys – Low 3 8
Cable Flys – Middle 3 8


Tuesday – Back & Shoulders

Exercise Sets Reps
Lat Pulldown 3 8
Reverse Lat Pulldown 3 8
BB Deadlifts 3 8
Wide Grip Pull – Ups 3 8
Low Rows 3 8
DB Shoulder Press 3 8
DB Side Lateral Raises 3 8
DB Front Lateral Raises 3 8
DB Alternate Lateral Raises 3 8

Wednesday – Legs

Exercise Sets Reps
BB Squats 5 20
Leg Extensions 3 8
Single Leg Extensions 3 8
Hamstring Curls 3 8
Single Leg Curls 3 8
Hip Adduction 3 15
Donkey Calf Raises 3 15
Calf Raises – Single Leg 3 15

Thursday – Abs & Arms

Exercise Sets Reps
Straight Bar Bicep Curls 3 8
Alternate DB Curls 3 8
DB Hammer Curls 3 8
Reverse BB Curls 3 8
Close Grip BB Bench Press 3 8
Seated DB Triceps Extensions 3 8
Triceps Pushdowns 3 8

Friday – Shoulders & Abs

Exercise Sets Reps
DB Side Lateral Raises 3 10
DB Front Lateral Raises 3 10
DB Alternate Front Lateral Raises 3 10
Side Planks 3 10
Hanging Knee Leg Raises 3 10
Russian Twists 3 20
Medicine Ball Slams 3 10
Cable Crunches 3 10

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Cardio

  • Quick footwork warm-up to keep ankles strong
  • Treadmill Run @ 3% – A 20 Minutes

Note: To maintain his physique Scott does cardio of 20 minutes at least 3 times a week.

Scott Herman Prefers Free Weights Instead of Machines

Scott accepts the machines are essential, but it’s not that mandatory. He likes using machines for his abdominal workouts; he usually prefers to stick with the free weights. He also likes to keep his workout intense by using free weights while maintaining his physique. Henceforth, he doesn’t think he needs to bulk or cut during the season.

Scott’s Three Favorite Exercise

  • BB Deadlift
  • Seated DB Overhead Extensions
  • DB Bench Press

Scott Herman’s Diet Plan

For building lean gains and muscle mass, Scott likes to eat protein-rich food that includes veggies whenever he can. He claims he’s not an “off-season” person, which means he likes calculating his macros and likes to eat healthy food consistently. Similarly, here, below is one such diet plan of Scott:

  • Meal 1 
  • Meal 2
    • Grilled Chicken
    • Brown Rice
    • Vegetables
  • Meal 3
    • Fish
    • Mixed Vegetables
    • Whole Wheat Pasta


Wrapping Up

Scott’s attitude towards diet and workout is one that beginners can benefit from by emulating it. He likes focusing on his foods macronutrients and keeping his workout intense. However, if you’ve had questions about Scott Herman’s workout routine or diet plan, here we’ve covered one of them that you can try. And, if you stick with it for a certain time, then you’ll definitely get results. Good luck!

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