Here’s Men’s IFBB Pro 212 Division Mr. Olympia Shaun Clarida’s Workout Routine

Shaun Clarida is an IFBB Pro athlete of the Men’s 212 division and sponsored athlete from the United States of America, who’s also popularly known by his nickname “The Giant Killer.” In addition, he’s also popular for showcasing his physique, demonstrating what a Men’s 212 bodybuilder should look like. However, if you’re his fan and want to find out about Shaun Clarida’s workout routine, then keep reading. Here, we’ll dive into the details of the same along with information about his diet plan.

Shaun has competed in several competitions around the world and earned his IFBB Pro card in 2012. He’s known for his awe-inspiring physique and work ethic. His sculpted physique shows the discipline he follows in his workouts and the diet that fuels his journey to the top of the bodybuilding industry.

Shaun Clarida Workout Routine

Shaun Clarida’s Workout Routine

Shaun’s workout is characterized by intensity, focus on hypertrophy, and precision. He believes in pushing the limits in the gym while maintaining strict form to get maximum muscle growth and definition. Below is one such workout routine that will help you get an overall idea of his workout.


Exercise NameSetsReps
Machine Press (Warm Up)320
Machine Press58 – 12
Incline DB Fly58 – 12
Smith Machine Bench Press58 – 12
Cable Flys58 – 12


Exercise NameSetsReps
Alternate Front Lateral Raises (Warm Up)312
Seated DB Front Lateral Raises68 – 10
Seated DB Press68 – 10
Shoulder Machine Press68 – 10
Rear Deltoid Machine Fly68 – 10
DB Shrugs610 – 12
BB Front Lateral Raises68 – 10


Exercise NameSetsReps
Seated Machine Rows (Warm Up)315
Seated Machine Rows58 – 12
Lat Pulldown (Close Grip)58 – 12
Cable Pullovers58 – 12
DB Pullovers58 – 12
Assisted Pullups Machine4Till Failure


Exercise NameSetsReps
Leg Extensions (Warm Up)315 – 20
Leg Press68 – 10
Hack Squats66 – 8
Front Squats68 – 12
Leg Curls (Lying)610 – 12
DB RDLs66 – 8
Walking BB Lunges210 – 12 / Leg
Leg Extensions68 – 12
Reverse Hamstrings Curls612
Leg Curls (Single Leg)612


Exercise NameSetsReps
Dips (Bodyweight)512
Close Grip BB Bench Press510
Triceps Pushdowns510
Incline Skull Crushers510
Cable Pushdown (Underhand)510
BB Curls510
DB Curls510
DB Concentration Curls510
1 Arm Preacher Curls510 / Arm

Shaun Clarida’s Diet Plan

Shaun’s main aim is to gain size. Hence, during his off-season, he focuses on bulking and likes to eat for muscle mass. Though, at the time of competition preparation, he follows a strict diet plan that includes proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Below is one diet plan that will help you understand the type of diet he likes to follow.

Meal 1:

  • Jasmine Rice – 200 Grams
  • Ground Beef w/ Bread Crumbs & Sugar-Free Ketchup – 7 Ounces

Meal 2:

  • White Rice – 200 Grams
  • Ground Turkey – 7 Ounces

Meal 3:

  • Oats – 140 Grams
  • Protein Shake (Whey Isolate & Casein) – 60 Grams
  • Aminos
  • Carbohydrate Supplement

Meal 4:

  • Whey Protein Shake
  • Carbohydrate Supplement – 70 Grams
  • Pasta – 300 Grams
  • Ground Beef – 7 Ounces

Meal 5:

  • Whey Protein Shake
  • Carbohydrate Supplement – 70 Grams
  • Pasta – 300 Grams
  • Ground Beef – 7 Ounces

Meal 6:

  • Mass Gainer Shake

About Shaun Clarida & His Competition Career

Shaun Clarida, born on September 5, 1982, in New Jersey, had a passion for sports since childhood despite being smaller in stature than his peers. Standing at 5 feet 2 inches and weighing 98 pounds, he faced bullying but remained undeterred. In his junior year, he started weight training for wrestling, though muscle building took time to come.

His encounter with a bodybuilder at a local gym ignited his passion for bodybuilding. Over the years, Shaun gained over 70 pounds of muscle, transforming into an elite bodybuilder. He earned the nickname “The Giant Killer” for his remarkable achievements in the 212 division.

Despite doubts due to his height, Shaun’s determination led him to remarkable success. He secured third place at the 2019 Olympia and clinched the championship in 2020. Similarly, Shaun is a humble person who sees himself as an underdog and likes maintaining his work ethic. Since earning his Pro Card in 2012, Shaun has continuously improved, showcasing impeccable muscle, lines, flow, and conditioning, proving that perseverance and dedication know no bounds.

Idols & Influences

In his early bodybuilding days, Shaun looked up to renowned figures like Victor Martinez, Lee Priest, and Flex Wheeler. They inspired him to pursue greatness in his own career.

Closing Thoughts

Shaun is a huge inspiration for many, especially for those who have not been taken seriously due to their physical size. For instance, he has overcome a lot of adversity to become Mr. Olympia in the 212 division. Nonetheless, if you’re a fan who has a question about Shaun Clarida’s workout routine or diet plan, then here we’ve covered one. We assure you that it’ll help you understand his workout philosophy and how he trains.

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