Follow This Simple 4 Week Home Workout Routine Without Leaving Your Home

This pandemic COVID-19 hasn’t brought anything good to the human race. In today’s date, most of the countries are in total lockdown, or some are about to open up. But, still, the danger is there, and no one can predict when things will get back as it was earlier.

People like you and me, who regularly hits the gym, might be thinking when gyms will open. Some may even be doing home workouts if you’ve your workout plan. But, if you’re struggling to find workout regime for yourself or don’t know from where to start as you don’t have any equipment at home, then here’s the total 4-week bodyweight workout plan.

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Total Bodyweight 4 – Week Workout Plan: Without Any Equipment or Leaving Your Home

Workout Day – 1

Sr. No.Exercise NameSetsReps
2Dips (Hands between chairs)512-15
3Diamond Push-ups512-15
4Close Grip Push-ups512-15
5Bicycle crunches512-15
6Lying leg raise512-15
7Rope Skipping / Jumping Jacks750
8Superset W/ Bodyweight calf raise725

Workout Day – 2

Sr. No.Exercise NameSetsReps
11.5 Rep Body Weight Squats512-15
2Pause Bulgarian Split Squats512-15
3Reverse Lunges512-15
4Side Lunges512-15
5Bicycle crunches512-15
6Walking Lunges512-15

Workout Day – 3

Sr. No.Exercise NameCounts
1Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks50
2Bicycle Crunches50
3Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks45
4Wide Stance Squats45
5Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks40
6Leg Raises40
7Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks35
8Narrow Stance Squats35
9Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks30
10Triceps Bench Dips30
11Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks25
12Wide Push-ups25
13Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks20
14Reverse lunges20
15Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks15
16Jump Squats15
17Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks10
18V Crunches10
19Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks5

Day – 4: Rest Day

Workout Day – 5

Sr. No.Exercise NameSetsReps
1Hindu Push-ups10Failure
2Between Chairs Dips512-15
4Lying Leg Raises612-15
6Rope Skipping1050
7Superset W/ Bodyweight calf raise1025

Workout Day – 6

Sr. No.Exercise NameCounts
1Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks50
3Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks45
4Jump Squats25
5Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks50
7Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks50
8Bicycle crunches25
9Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks50
10Reverse Lunges25
11Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks50
12V Crunches25


  • For day 3 & 5: Try to finish as early as possible.

Closing Thoughts

It’s a 5-day bodyweight workout plan with two rest days. If you’re not able to work out thinking there’s no access to the gym or you don’t have equipment at home, this may prove helpful.

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