Here’s the 4 Week Dumbbell Workout Routine to Try at Home

Do you’ve set of dumbbells at home? Have you tried working out with that? But, it’s possible that you might be getting bored or not able to figure out how to do in a proper way – the way you use to follow a certain routine at the gym.

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Don’t worry if you’re one of those who are struggling to find the right routine or not able to come up with a proper workout program that can help you keep busy as well as entertaining. Here we’ve got a six days workout routine you can follow for 4-weeks at the comfort of your home with just one pair of dumbbells, and the best part is that you’ll feel like you’ve done a proper exercise.

4 – Week Dumbbell Workout Routine: One Pair of Dumbbell Is More Than Enough

Day – 1: Chest
Sr. No.Exercise NameSetsReps
1Decline Push-ups512 – 15
2Floor dumbbell press512 – 15
3Floor dumbbell fly512 – 15
4Dips (Between chairs)512 – 15
Day – 2: Back
Sr. No.Exercise NameSetsReps
1Single Arm DB Rows512 – 15
2Bent over DB Rows512 – 15
3Renegade Rows512 – 15
4DB Pendlay Rows512 – 15
5Lying Leg Raises715 – 20
Day – 3: Arms
Sr. No.Exercise NameSetsReps
1DB Kickbacks512 – 15
2Double Hand Overhead DB Extension512 – 15
3Single Hand Overhead Extension512 – 15
4Alternate DB Curls512 – 15
5Side Hammer Curls512 – 15
6Concentration Curls512 – 15
7Zottman Curls512 – 15
8Planks51- 2 Min
9Burpees510 – 20
Day – 4: Cardio
Sr. No.Exercise NameCounts
1Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks50
3Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks45
5Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks40
7Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks35
81.5 Squats35
9Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks30
10Split Squats30
11Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks25
13Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks20
14Reverse lunges20
15Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks15
17Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks10
18V Crunches10
19Rope Skipping or Jumping Jacks5
Day – 5: Shoulders & Calves
Sr. No.Exercise NameSetsReps
1DB Press512 – 15
2Single Arm Side DB Raise512 – 15
3Front DB Raise512 – 15
4Bent over lateral raise512 – 15
5DB Upright Rows512 – 15
6Standing Calf Raise1015 – 20
 7Superset W/ Donkey calf raise1015 – 20
Day – 5: Shoulders & Calves
Sr. No.Exercise NameSetsReps
1Bulgarian Split Squats512 – 15
2Goblet Squats (1.5 Rep )512 – 15
3DB RDLS512 – 15
4Walking Lunges512 – 15
5Side Lunges512 – 15
6Reverse Lunges1015 – 20
 7Standing Calf Raise Superset W/ Donkey calf raise1015 – 20

Closing Thoughts

It’s a 6-day workout routine that you can follow with the help of one pair of the dumbbell at the comfort of your home. If the dumbbell is not heavy enough to make you feel like you’re workout out, then you can adjust with the reps and sets, for instance, instead of doing 12 or 13 reps, go for 15 reps of 5 sets or maybe more than that.

Also, if you do not have a dumbbell, then you always have the option of doing bodyweight workouts. All you’ve to do is keep trying different variations and methods, so your body stays active, and if you keep your workout routine different, it’ll also help you to avoid plateau if you hit any.

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