Easy to Follow Ab Workout Routine That Helps Strengthening & Defining Your Abs

Similar to other body part workouts, you should also be doing ab workout regularly. Ab workout routine doesn’t require to be complicated. A simple two or three times a week ab workout plan with a good diet and protein intake will build a strong and defined core.

Like any other body workout, your abs muscles shouldn’t be overlooked. Sadly, abs aren’t given the same attention and focus as other body parts in a properly structured way. You might have noticed, many workout plans provide a good workout routine that targets different body parts, but many times it loses its focus on abs. The primary reason behind this is that many lifters incorporate randomly after their workout session. But, if you want your abs strong, then efforts will require, and you’ll have to train with equal attention as you do for other major muscle groups.


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Here’s the Best Ab Workout Plan to Follow

However, if you’re not sure about or don’t have any specific ab workout plan to follow, don’t worry. Here we’ve got the 12-week workout plan that you can incorporate every alternate day or at least twice a week after every workout session or else before starting your workout.

Week 1, 2 & 3 – Monday / Wednesday / Friday

1Standard Crunches415
2Oblique Crunches415 / Side
3Bicycle Crunches420
4Reverse Crunches420
5Hanging Leg Raises420

Week 4, 5 & 6 – Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday

1Weighted Crunches415
2Mountain Climbers420
3Twist310 / Side
4Lying Leg Raises320
5Plank31 Minute

Week 7, 8 & 9 – Monday / Wednesday / Friday

1Barbell Rollout312
2Farmers Walk31 Minute
3Hyperextension (Weighted)312

Week 10, 11 & 12 – Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday

1Plank31 Minute
2DB Side Bend412 / Side
3Decline Crunches420
4Stick Twists4100

Wrapping Up

Workout routines don’t need to be complicated, especially ab workouts. Nonetheless, the key to success for building strong abs is consistency with your workouts and a clean diet. As gaining mass or losing fat, you’ve to get consistent with your ab workouts.

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