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Weighing 160 lbs and 5 ft 9 inches in height, Frank Medrano is a fitness expert quite popular for his shredded physique and calisthenic skills. But the interesting thing is that, like pro bodybuilders or athletes, Frank didn’t get into fitness from a young age. Instead, he started quite late in his post-30s. However, once in 2006, he joined the gym and saw tremendous results; it became a turning point for him.

frank medrano workout routine

Further, he did get bored from the workouts he used to do in the gym, but it didn’t stop him, and he found his new interest in calisthenic exercises. As a result, he became quite advanced in his calisthenics exercise, changed his diet & became vegan at the time. As a result, he also got millions of social media followers and a huge fanbase besides his workout and diet results. Similarly, he kept promoting his fitness journey and adopted a vegan lifestyle. And many even started getting interested in Frank Medrano’s workout routine and diet plans.

Workout Principles of Frank Medrano

Frank enjoys high-intensity workouts and likes to perform as much as possible without equipment. As a result, he’s quite deeply involved with high-intensity interval training, and sometimes he even likes to combine it with his calisthenics routines.

Frank Medrano’s Workout Routine

If you’re among those interested in Frank’s workout routine or want to know what type of workout he does, then keep reading. Here we’ve covered one of the workout routines of Frank Medrano. It’s five sessions per week, in which one session is entirely dedicated to core training.

Chest & Back

BB Bench Press315
DB Press315
DB Flys315
Cable Crossovers315
Weighted Push – Ups315
Weighted Chest – Dips315
Lat Pulldown315
Weighted Pull – Ups315
Muscle – Ups315
Cable Rowing315
1 Arm DB Rowing315

Shoulders & Traps

Military Press315
DB Press315
DB Side Lateral Raises315
DB Front Lateral Raises315
Rear Delt Flys315
Rear Deltoid Raises315
Wide Grip Push – Ups315


Isolate DB Curls315
DB Curls315
BB Curls315
Preacher Curls315
Triceps Weighted Dips315
Triceps Pushdowns315
Triceps Extensions315
Skull Crushers315


Weighted BB Squats315
Box Jump Squats315
Weighted Lunges315
Leg Press315
Leg Extensions315
Leg Curls315
Calf Raises315
Seated Calf Raises315
Glute Kickbacks315
Hip Thrusts315


Crunches330 Sec
Plank Jack W/Push–Ups330 Sec
Leg – Up Raises330 Sec
Planks W/ Leg Ins330 Sec
Side Plank Crunches330 Sec
Elbow Plank W/ An Explosive Push–Ups330 Sec
Walking Plank330 Sec
Star Plank To Standing Plank330 Sec
Russian Twists330 Sec
Flutter Kicks330 Sec

Frank Medrano’s Diet Plan

Being a vegan, Frank’s diet plan is also quite different from the typical bodybuilding diet plan. Nonetheless, here’s one diet plan for him that includes four meals in a day. Though, he does change his diet according to his physique goals.


Meal 1:

  • Whole Grain Bread
  • Fruits

Meal 2:

  • Nuts

Meal 3:

  • Soybeans
  • Vegetables
  • Olive Oil

Meal 4:

  • Quinoa
  • Beans


Frank doesn’t rely heavily on supplementation. And he goes for two dietary supplements most of the time and they’re:

Wrapping Up

He’s quite popular for his vegan diet and calisthenic exercises; besides, he has a huge fanbase. Similarly, many look at him as an inspiration and even like to follow in his footsteps. He’s an example of someone with an impressive physique that he builds through different calisthenic exercises.

Nonetheless, if you’re wondering and want to know what Frank Medrano’s workout routine or diet plan is. Here we’ve covered one of them. And, if you’re an experienced gym enthusiast with basic knowledge of workouts and want to try them, then you can do so. Good luck!

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